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Strange Sounds in Canada Continue to Spook

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Strange Sounds in Canada Continue to Spook


Across the globe, people report hearing strange, unexplainable sounds. TSW has reported on a number of cases involving strange sounds which witnesses blame on everything thing from Skyquakes and solar flares to electromagnetic energy.

Other theories are sometimes stranger than the sounds themselves. These include:
–> Bigfoot

–> UFOs

–> Inter-dimensional planetary shift

–> Expanding Earth Theory

Though the sounds occur all over the world, they are more often recorded in wooded, rural, and suburban areas. A perfect example of this element is the numerous sounds heard across Canada.

Listen In to These Sounds…

The video below, dated January 2013, includes a couple of hikers recording a barreling sound in a Canadian forest. With the exception of the date, the video offers little information about when and where the hikers were when they recorded the sound. There are some clues as to what the sound could be.

The lack of information and the execution of the video makes it seem a little on the hoaxy side. However, if the clip is real, then the most plausible answer would be something biologic making a low bellowing call that is echoing through the crisp cold forest.

The sound could possibly be a moose call distorted by an echo. Since the polar ice has been melting, the polar bear has been driven south. Could it be a polar bear? First, listen to a moose call and a polar bear call and then watch the video, so you can decide for yourself.

–> Moose call

–> Polar bear call

The second video is a little more disconcerting at first listen. It almost sounds as if someone or something is dying in the Canadian woods near Conklin, Alberta. The sound has such a human element to it that it even instills a little fear into the listener.

However, not everyone is impressed. When asked about the disturbing sound in the video, producer and recording engineer Phil Anderson, told Gig City, “It’s definitely a synth.” (8)

Though a recording engineer’s opinion is not definitive proof of every strange sound heard around the world, it does lessen the credibility of this particular video.

The third and fourth videos are eerily the same even though there were recorded more than 760 miles from each other. The low, slow moans that seem to emanate out of nowhere actually woke up one of the witnesses. Many have claimed these videos are both hoaxes. However, to date, no one has offered an explanation on how the hoax was perpetrated. Nevertheless, these sounds could very well be a natural phenomena. Listen to them both and compare the sounds to see what you think!

The Cause of Eerie Sounds

Some or all of these sounds could originate from the ice. The combination of ice, snow, and water has the ability to create all sorts of sounds that many of us are not used to hearing.

For example, Silent Listening posted a recording of a frozen lake cracking and creating synthesizer-like noises. The phenomena could account for why the recording engineer thought the second video was created using a synthesizer. According to the site, “The ice sheet acts as a huge membrane across which the cracking and popping sounds spread.” (3)

In the video above, the ice is making more synthesizer-like sounds. However, ice can make all sorts of sounds. For example, in the video below, the ice sounds like an animal making some sort of high-pitched call.

Geologists also have a name for the deep moans the ice can make: ice yowling. Ice Yowling is described as low, drawn out moans that are very reminiscent of whale calls. These sounds are quite similar to the sounds heard in the videos.

Ice Yowling could be a pretty good culprit for the spooky sounds being heard across Canada. Some of the videos are obvious hoaxes; however, there is no mistaking that strange sounds are being heard across Canada.

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