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The Strange UFO Sighting by KLKN Meteorologist Sean McMullen

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The Strange UFO Sighting by KLKN Meteorologist Sean McMullen
For anyone that has followed the topic of UFOs long enough, then you know just how ridiculous some of the UFO stories and UFO sightings can be. Just look at the Billy Meier story to see how crazy the field of Ufology can get.

It’s enough to make people who are actually interested in the phenomenon from a scientific standpoint throw up their hands and give up. There’s just so much madness and noise, that it becomes virtually impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. At least, it might seem impossible.

The reality is that many of these sightings are truly unexplainable from the perspective of a laymen or anyone who is unaware of the possible technologies or natural phenomenon that’s occurring. Some of the sightings are caused by events on the ground, and it can take some time to piece two and two together. A craft using advanced flight technology (such as in the case of advanced military craft) might look like an alien technology to anyone that sees it. Just imagine how an automobile of today would look to an American colonist during the early 1800’s.

So, it goes without saying that there’s a great deal of scientific and intelligence value to the examination of UFO sightings – particularly mass UFO sightings – for anyone interested in uncovering the true nature of the phenomenon. As always, Top Secret Writers is here to help extract the madness from the science. The following is a fascinating UFO sighting that took place in Nebraska, and was captured on camera by KLKN news, an ABC affiliate.

Some proposed causes are included – feel free to offer your own theories in the comments section at the end of the article.

Nebraska UFO Caught by News Towercam

In September of this year, the towercam of ABC’s KLKN television affiliate captured video of what appeared to be a very odd, triangular shaped object in the sky not very far from the location of the station itself. Surprisingly, the news organization decided to cover the story in detail, and KLKN reporter Jenn Schanz made an on-air report about the sighting.

In his live report, meteorologist Sean McMullen described the odd, floating object as having an, “…acorn shape to it, black striations in the middle. At times, it seemed to have tethers hanging from it, but I really think that’s just an artifact — I think it’s light being refracted through the dome that covers our lens.”

The object was recorded in the same spot for an impressive 45 minutes – even reported live on the air for part of those 45 minutes – before it disappeared at sunrise.

Interestingly, the sighting was supported by a second witness in the area. According to the local Mutual UFO Network representative Rich Webb, there was a “triangular-shaped UFO” reported the same morning, but that sighting was 200 miles away in Lee’s Summit, MO. On the air, McMullen reported that the object appeared to be “very far away” and stated, it’s to the “up and right, which means, I think, it is part of whatever is out there in space, and I think light is just being refracted through the dome over our camera.”

KLKN reporter Jenn Schanz reported on the object and said that the FAA had no record of any unusual activity in the skies during that time. She even spoke with Professor Timothy Gay at the University of Nebraska, who told her that he suspected the light was either the light of a star being refracted by the dome over the lens, or it could be a government aircraft of some sort.

In a follow-up report, Jenn Schanz posted everything the station had looked into in order to figure out the origin of the strange light in the sky. She said they considered a Chinese lantern, hot air balloon, Jupiter or even an aircraft, but told viewers that “so far, nothing’s added up”.

Meteorologist Sean McMullen reiterated that he had never seen anything like this phenomenon before (which is surprising coming from a meteorologist). According to the follow-up report, the object was gauged as floating almost directly over the capital city. They had also found a viewer who had captured identical footage on video – removing the notion that the artifact was caused by a refraction of light on the TV camera’s dome.

Proposed Causes

Here are the facts about this sighting:

  • – The UFO sighting took place on September 4th of 2013.
  • – There were multiple witnesses to the diamond-shaped light in the sky.
  • – The object had a very obvious strobe-like effect to it.
  • – The light faded and then disappeared as the sun rose and the sky filled with sunlight.

To explore potential causes of this sighting, it’s important to take all of those facts into account, and then search for related facts in the area of the sighting to see if those facts can be connected. Here are some important facts Top Secret Writers investigators uncovered about events going on in and around Lincoln Nebraska (the capital city where the light was seen floating over).

  • – European Motorcycle Bike Night was taking place
  • – A number of shows were taking place that night, which could have been using strobe lights.
  • – Farmers use beacons or strobe lights to scare off foxes. (see reference)
  • – Ironically (and unrelated), Dr. Harold Edgerton of Aurora, Nebraska was the inventor of the strobe light!

The most important clue in this case is the fact that the strobing UFO faded as the sun rose, implying that it was an artifact of light reflecting on the clouds in the sky. The second important clue is the observations of “black striations in the middle”, which imply that the strobe light was being filtered through windows with cross-pieces, which would have created the odd “black striations” in the middle of the reflection.

The odds are pretty good that this particular sighting was a trick of lighting – an artifact of some event going on in the Capital City, and no one realized those events on the ground were creating those phenomenal effects being recorded by the news station far away. And, until someone in Nebraska puts two-and-two together, this mystery will likely remain unsolved.

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