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5 Unexplained Ancient Mysteries That Will Make You Wonder

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5 Unexplained Ancient Mysteries That Will Make You Wonder

sky god footprints

There is one thing that most people cannot refute, the world is full of mystery. As the centuries passed and humans became the ultimate thinkers on the planet, the world has become a little less mysterious. We know why the grass is green and the sky is blue. We have figured how to swim like a fish and fly like a bird.

Even though our critical thinking skills and our ability to innovate has made the world a little smaller, a little less enigmatic, there are volumes that we do not understand. Especially when it comes to figuring out the customs and knowledge of our ancient forefathers. Much of this has been lost to time and we may never figure it out. A few weeks ago, TSW writer Gabrielle Pickard took a close look at intricate paintings in the Cave of Altamira. Below are five more unexplained mysteries that we may never solve.

Ancient Mysteries Still Unsolved

1 – The Sky God Footprints of the Piska Nagri Village

Two sets of footprints, which have been carved into solid granite, were discovered in the Indian village of Piska Nagri. The carvings portray footprints of wooden sandals that were worn in that area during ancient times. Local folklore tells that these are the footprints of the sky gods from when they landed in the area. As the story goes, the gods Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana traversed the area in search of a wife. Additionally, the footprints are accompanied by another carving that seems to depict some sort of winged object.

2 – Tarim Mummies

Roughly 200 mummies were found in the Tarim basin located in Xinjiang, China. The mummies are roughly 4,000 years old, dating back to about 1800 BCE to 200 CE. However, what is most mysterious about these mummies is that they all possess very European appearances. Moreover, DNA tests were conducted on many of the mummies confirming that they are Eurpoid in nature. Though some ancient texts describe similar groups of people, there are no texts (to date) that describe who these people were or what brought them to that area.

3 – The Roman Dodecahedrons

These mysterious bronze objects, sometimes made of stone, have been found across Europe from Wales to Hungry to Italy with a particularly high concentration of them being found in Germany. It seems that they date back to the 2nd or 3rd centuries CE. However, no one seems to know exactly what this item was used for or by whom. Speculation about its function has swirled from being a religious artifact to being an engineering tool. Moreover, this seemingly common device is not mentioned or described in any ancient texts.

they voynich manuscript

4 – The Voynich Manuscript

Yale University is home to one of the most mysterious medieval texts, the Voynich Manuscript. This codex dates back to the 15th century and its vellum pages contain writing in a bizarre language or code and is illustrated with almost child-like drawings. No one knows the subject of the book because since its discovery by the modern world in 1912, no one has been able to decipher the mysterious texts.

Additionally, the pictures are no help in ascertaining the subject matter, because they appear to depict plants of an unknown species to strange astronomical diagrams. The book has been studied by scholars and cryptographers, but no one knows the message of the text…or even if it has one.

5 – Lemuria

No list of ancient mysteries would be complete without mention of a lost continent. As ancient legends and lore discuss ancient people and cities, the story of Lemuria (sometimes know as Mu) is that of an entire lost continent. Said to have been located in the Pacific Ocean, Lemuria is often cited as the land that Polynesia folklore describes as the motherland of all mankind. Yet, to this day, no one knows for sure if Lemuria was nothing more than an ancient myth or if there was some credence to the stories.

Even though mankind has come a long way in acquiring knowledge about the world around us, there is still so much that eludes us.

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(2) Wikimedia: Voynich Manuscript

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