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Craziest Conspiracy Theorists You Never Want to Meet – Part I

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Craziest Conspiracy Theorists You Never Want to Meet – Part I

richard dolan

Discussing contemporary dissent and adding a UFO perspective takes attention to detail and much care. Hence, to aid my research, I have consciously melded the best of folks like Greg Bishop, Mark Pilkington, Steve Broadbent, Ryan Dube, Martin Cannon, Larry Hancock, Don Ecker, Barry Greenwood, Nick Cook, Bob Hastings, and Phil Coppens. These lads serve as my references and guides, when I wander down this path.

One person missing from this collective consciousness is Richard Dolan. This article discusses how Dolan in trying to bridge the gap between ufology and earthbound conspiracy, has used nonsense like the 1987-1992 collection of MJ-12 papers and their fraudulent claims concerning JFK to try to reach the terrestrial conspiracy.

Richard Dolan

Dolan’s first book, UFO’s and the National Security State 1941-1973, circa 2002 is his best. It provides a handy timeline for UFO events and has some helpful information. Indeed, Don Ecker praised it. While buying into the crud about RFK and Marylin Monroe’s murder. (Dolan, “Assassination and Secret Doings: 1963-1964,” para, 4)

Dolan avoids the MJ-12 Kennedy link and appears to come down on the side of the documents being a fake contrived by Richard Doty and the Aviary. However, Dolan appeared hopeful that, despite Doty, there was a real MJ-12 group, hiding beneath it all. (Dolan,“MJ-12: Yes or No” para, 1+)

In 2009, Dolan released a sequel “UFO’s and the National Security State 1941-1973”. This provided a more in-depth history of the MJ-12 issue. There is also mention of Kennedy but not in regard to any MJ-12 stuff. However, Dolan again struggles with the idea of the documents being dishonest. He also appears to lend credence to a liar like John Lear about the documents premise. (Dolan, “MJ-12” para, 28-30.)

By 2011, Dolan was plugging DVD’s of Bryce Zabel’s corny 1996 show “Dark Skies” based on the MJ-12 bilge. It was thus clear he believed in the fake JFK/MJ-12 documents, especially the ones in which the two supposedly discussed UFOs. A giveaway was his support of the incredulous Robert M. Wood. He then teamed up with Zabel for their book “After Disclosure” which rehashed it all.

CTKA researched the claims of Dolan, Zabel, and Woods and invited them to discuss the issue of MJ-12/JFK. Neither Dolan nor Woods replied, but Dolan’s pal Bryce Zabel did; however, he distanced himself from any expertise on JFK. He also downplayed his relationship with Dolan as merely a professional one.

Nevertheless, words are cheap. Dolan recently wrote a forward to Zabel’s new book “Surrounded by Enemies: What if JFK had Survived Dallas?” This is an unoriginal and poorly researched offering totally inferior to the “Virtual JFK” book and documentary. Hence, Dolan’s comment made on the Tim Binnall show (at around 49:30) is so inflated as to be laughable.

“I am not comfortable with people who are not careful with their sources, and who jump to conclusions.”

In light of his past and current projects, not to mention the company he keeps. These sentiments are famous last words indeed.

jim marrs

Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs’ 1997 work “Alien Agenda” become a significant influence on Dolan; indeed Mars provided the foreword for his and Zabel’s “A.D.” book.

Marrs is a likeable character, and before the formation of the ARRB (which he had a hand in creating via his influence on the film “JFK”), his JFK research was popular. Ironically, the information emitting from the ARRB superseded many of his views. Moreover, his associations (Project Camelot/Jim Fetzer/Dolan) not to mention the source material he chooses nowadays have undermined his early efforts.

Thanks to the cult followings of JFK, and subsequently the X-Files. Marrs’ move into the paranormal field gave some clumsy ufologists carte blanch to make a meal of earthbound events. Hence, Marrs’ endorsements of the bogus MJ-12/JFK/Monroe memos were a mini disaster for serious JFK researchers.

Marrs lost a lot of credibility but gained a friend in Dolan. Nonetheless, Marrs is mild when compared to the aforementioned others in Part II, whom Dolan endorses. Thus, his inclusion is merely an example of whom Dolan tends to emulate.

Read about the rest of the craziest conspiracy theorists in Part II of this series.

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(2) Wikipedia: Jim Marrs

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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