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Mission Unboxable Inspires the Imaginations of Young Spies

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Mission Unboxable Inspires the Imaginations of Young Spies

spy kits for kids

On the popular storefront website known as Etsy, you’ll find all sorts of interesting things to buy like vintage clothes, jewelry, art and dishware, but did you know that hidden within all of those mainstream shops, you’ll also find a little-known shop called Mission Unboxable?

We’ve covered fun spy websites for kids, but Mission Unboxable offers actual “secret agent spy kits” for kids. These are brilliant kits that are tailored to spark the imaginations of young children who dream of one day becoming a secret agent for their own country.

What would such a kit include? Well, everything a real spy would need of course! You’ll find spy gear, disguise kits, fingerprint analysis kits, decoder tools and more. Kits even come with missions that kids need to solve by thinking creatively and outside the box. One kit – the 12-month subscription – even takes kids through an entire year of monthly missions, culminating in a final “grand finale” mission where they must catch the bad guy!

An Interview With Mission Unboxable

I was so inspired by this shop that I had to sit down and chat with the owner, Lisa C, who runs the Etsy shop with her own children out of Geneva, Illinois!

Ryan: Can you share a little about what inspired you to start a Top Secret spy kit for kids?

Lisa: Like most kids today, my 8-year-old son was obsessed with electronics. Over the summer, I took Tuesdays off of my full-time job and we spent the day together. We started talking about cool ideas for starting a company and he mentioned spy kits. Every Tuesday, we worked on new missions and then over the weekend, we tested them out with his younger sisters. Before we knew it, we had a dozen missions that my kids loved and we wanted to share them with other kids.

spy kits for kids

A Spy Kit Developed by Kids, For Kids

Ryan: Did you get any input on what the kit should include from anyone, or did you come up with the items yourself?

Lisa: For the most part, my kids (ages 8, 6, 5 and 2) gave me their ideas on each Mission and what items they wanted to put into each Top Secret package. It’s amazing what they came up with! Then, I took their input, researched the costs, and decided what fit in our budget. Together we wrote each mission, with me adding my two cents as a parent. We also get a lot of great feedback from parents and kids who have tried the missions, and I take all their recommendations to heart and modify and incorporate their suggestions into each Mission as best as I can.

Ryan: What’s your most popular selling item?

Lisa: We get a lot of orders for the 6 month subscription — which includes a disguise kit, fingerprint analysis, decoders, create your own spy gadget, and solving a bank heist.

We also get a lot of single orders for the Top Secret briefcase that comes with two Missions — Mission 1 is Master of Disguise, which teaches the agent-in-training how to disguise himself/herself and Mission 2 is Operation Incognito, which assigns the agent a code name. Parents and kids all love the Missions and have a blast pretending to be secret spies.

spy kits for kids

A Spy Mission Every Month

Ryan: Have you heard any stories back from customers about how kids are using the top secret spy kits?

Lisa: My favorite story is how an 8-year-old boy redecorated his family’s library and made into a “Top Secret Headquarters” — he posted wanted signs of criminals all over the walls and wore a mustache for days!

Ryan: How does the subscription work? Do kids get regular missions every month or so?

Lisa: Parents can subscribe to 3, 6 or 12 months of Top Secret Missions that are mailed to the child’s doorstep the first week of every month. The first month’s package comes with a personalized letter to the agent-in-training telling them they received an amazing gift. For the kids (or parents!) who can’t wait to try the missions, we also offer a one-time mailing of the first four missions and a one-time mailing of the first six missions. In addition, you can try a few of our missions a la carte for $12.

Ryan: Do you have any plans for any new products soon?

Lisa: My 8 year old and 6 year old have dozens of missions they’re working on. They really want to put together a “holiday package” where each holiday a Top Secret Mission is mailed, so we’re focusing in on a Valentine’s Day mission. They have a lot of energy and a million ideas, and I can’t wait to get them all written up!

**Please Note: This is a sponsored interview of Mission Unboxable. Thanks for reading this interview and enjoy the Top Secret spy missions for kids!

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