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China Seeks NASA Secrets – Part I

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China Seeks NASA Secrets – Part I

chinese space race

China has expressed a willingness to collaborate with NASA and their space program. What could be prompting the Chinese to do such a thing? After all, they have repeatedly threatened the US and consider us their biggest threat. This being the case, why do they want to work with us so badly?

Does Beijing see this as a way to share tech secrets for the good of all mankind? Based on the fact that the communist party only acts to preserve their rule over China, it is doubtful they are looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement. What is China’s endgame?

Are they really opening up and want to share their technology and secrets or merely looking to pilfer more of ours? In light of the fact that a great percentage of China’s space technology was stolen from the USA, one has to wonder what they have to offer us. After all, how much value is there in studying how they have reverse engineered so many of our secrets.

As for the Chinese, however, partnering would be a gold mine. Not only can they upgrade their space program, but more importantly, their weapons as well. When one considers the military use of much of NASA’s work, China’s goal seems abundantly clear – they seek next generation, dual-use tech goodies.

Would the US Collaborate with China?

The US government has rules prohibiting collaborating with China on space projects which have military applications as well. The reason for this is that the US possesses the most advanced technology and China has shown an insatiable appetite for pilfering our secrets.

Washington knows that restricting Chinese access to our most precious technology allows us to maintain our high tech edge but also keep our citizens safe. This last point is increasingly important given the bellicose nature of China’s anti-America rhetoric. Recall that China’s new leader has essentially threatened the USA and told his soldiers to prepare for war. It is little wonder that America’s leaders view a tie-up with China as dangerous, or do they?

According to Chinese news sources, some form of collaboration between the USA and China may soon be in the offing. With our national security at risk, one has to wonder why the US would even consider such a thing. After all, it was only a few months ago that we refused to allow Chinese scientists to attend a special NASA science seminar. If our government considered these people to be such a threat that they would even consider banning them from such an event, then why would we risk any sort of collaborative effort with such people?

China today is America of the 60’s. China has recently launched manned craft into space and subsequently landed a robot on the moon.

Popular press has had a field day with the news and claims it shows China has staked its claim among world powers. I could not have agreed more if they had done this in the 60’s. I fail to see how this proves China to be anything more than a super slow follower today, however.

What the Chinese just achieved, the US accomplished over 52 years ago. As for China’s lunar lander, the Soviets did that 54 years ago and of course the only humans to walk on the moon come from America.

space shuttle

Why the Chinese Space Race

Once again, one has to wonder just what the Chinese have to teach us. Americans were hopping around on the lunar surface before personal computers became household items and China is still over a decade away from accomplishing this.

Perhaps I am biased and am blinded by yellow fear. I am nothing more living with a cold war mentality, or so you may think. So, what is the big deal, right?

By collaborating with China is the only risk that they catch a sneak peak of our NASA goodies? China cannot be worse than the former Soviet Union, with whom we collaborated in space, right?

Well, not exactly, this is China and not the former Soviet Union. The Soviets have fallen and their lunar goals never materialized, but that is history. The Chinese are more ambitious than the USSR and they have the money to accomplish their master plan and it includes arming space.

Think this is farfetched?

“A display to promote China’s Jade Rabbit Moon rover includes a background photograph of a mushroom cloud over Europe, a startling detail which some have interpreted as an indication that Beijing’s space program is a cover for the militarization of space.”

Really? Chinaas a nuclear cloud of Europe? The world needs to wake up to the reality of what China has in mind.

The Chinese are pursuing next-gen arms to combat US military superiority. Beijing knows that their weapons do not stand a chance against ours, after all, most of their equipment is merely knockoffs of US gear.

That being the case, the Chinese have had to look for other means to be able to defeat America in the war they are sure is coming. In order to achieve this goal, Beijing has taken to cyberwar and non-conventional attacks from space.

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(1) The Atlantic
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