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The Day We Fight Back Anti-NSA Campaign Kicks Off Today

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The Day We Fight Back Anti-NSA Campaign Kicks Off Today

the day we fight back

You’ve read all about Edward Snowden and his slow release of secret documents that detail the surveillance of Americans by the NSA. You’ve heard all of the gory details about NSA spying, and President Obama’s recent promises that he plans to overhaul NSA surveillance procedures.

The shocking revelations have led to a grass roots effort to fight back through a web campaign called The Day We Fight Back. You might have noticed the banner at the bottom of the TopSecretwriters web page – this was loaded this morning in support of the effort to fight back against NSA domestic spying activities.

Much of the surveillance activity is a direct or indirect result of the Patriot Act signed into legislation under President George W. Bush, but there is a major bill that Congress is considering, and the “Fight Back” campaign is seeking to get as many people as possible to call or write in to their representative leaders in support of it.

Whether the Internet protest pays off remains to be seen, but there were in fact thousands of websites across the Internet that posted the banner in support of this effort.

Major Legislation to Stop Surveillance Abuse

The bill is one proposed by Congressman Jim Brenner of Wisconsin. It’s called the USA Freedom Act, and seeks to curtail NSA surveillance abuses by what it calls, “rein[ing] in the dragnet collection of data by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies, increase transparency of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), provide businesses the ability to release information regarding FISA requests, and create an independent constitutional advocate to argue cases before the FISC.”

Major sections of the bill include things like ending bulk collection of Americans’ communications records, reforming the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, increasing transparency, and “National Security Letters” – which ensures that the Administration can’t try to use “different authorities to support bulk collection.”

FISA Improvements Act

The “Fight Back” effort opposes the FISA Improvements Act that was passed in October of 2013, even though the bill itself was touted as a way to protect the privacy of Americans. Civil Liberties groups and those running the “Fight Back” campaign refer to it as an Act that “legalize[s] bulk data collection of phone records”.

The website provides tools on the site where visitors can actually connect to their elected leaders in Congress via a phone call or an email. The process is automated straight from the website. There are also tools provided on the website for webmasters to load the banner onto their own sites. The banner includes the same tools, embedded right onto the hosting page so that visitors to the remote page can also use the same phone/email automation to contact Congressional leaders.

Whether this effort has the same impact and success of the well-known SOPA and PIPA online protests remains to be seen, but “The Day We Fight Back” effort was well organized and well planned enough that it will very likely show up on the radar of major media outlets in tonight’s news.

And, even if it doesn’t – it does show just how quickly and effectively an online community can come together in support of, or against, a particular cause.

We at Top Secret Writers support The Day We Fight Back campaign to curtail NSA surveillance and abuse of power, and we hope you will support the effort as well, even after today’s protest has concluded.

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