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Fukushima Radiation Report Covered Up By the DOE

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Fukushima Radiation Report Covered Up By the DOE
It’s being called Plume-Gate by Internet bloggers and non-mainstream news media, but there’s no mention of it in major news media. Some call it a media blackout while others call it nothing more than yet another conspiracy theory.

What do you think? Did the DOE (Department of Energy) place Americans in danger by covering up reports about radiation fallout from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster?

It may surprise most people to learn that the Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis was closely monitored around the world and is still being monitored. In fact, few people know that there is a network known as the International Monitoring System (IMS). It’s not a big secret, it’s just not well publicized so that the average person isn’t aware of its existence.

The IMS kept tabs on the radiation and other particulates that traveled across the planet. The organization also generated reports to update world governments. The DOE has reports posted on its website, easily available to anyone to download. These are short PowerPoint presentations and cover the time period from March until May 2011.

Also available is a report on Alaska findings in Amchitka that appears to show impact of Fukushima radiation on lichens. Amchitka has been closely monitored for decades due to the three underground nuclear bomb testings conducted on the island with the last occurring in the 1970s. Amchitka is located near the end of the Aleutian Islands chain.

Just the Facts

A report titled “WOSMIP II – Workshop on Signatures of Medical and Industrial
Isotope Production” mentions the Fukushima event in Section 7 of the 74-page report. This report states that overall the noble-gas stations and the IMS particulate did a good job of tracking and detecting radiation from the Fukushima event. It also indicates that all stations in the Northern Hemisphere detected something. The reports states:

“Airborne analyses conducted by the USA revealed results identical to those obtained from the IMS particle samplers, demonstrating the value of systems dedicated to test monitoring to support crisis management and population protection following nuclear accidents/incidents. IMS data enabled NDCs to assess the severity of damage to the Fukushima reactor cores and to calculate accurate source terms.”

It’s clear that the WOSMIP II is an assessment of the world’s nuclear reactors and the emissions of each during normal operations. However, the report does address the changes brought on by Fukushima.

fukushima power plant

DOE Coverup

The website ENENews features an article titled “Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required — U.S. had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined — Oklahoma lab reached overload (MAP): and states that “More than 400 Level 5 [multiple fission products detected] samples. overload of work for MIS laboratories [Mishima, Japan] and WMO [Wichita Mountains, OK], not all requested. Special handling of few hot samples (1 kBq per m3 in air result to 20 MBq at particulate).”

This last part (bulleted) of the article can’t be found anywhere within the cited report of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (located on the pnnl.gov website). However, the data is found in a report on the National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia website, Batan, and titled “US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor Accident”. Unlike the report cited in the article, this one has no link to the PNNL website credited for creating the 25-page report.

There are quite a few claims made in the article and the report that have been reposted on various non-mainstream news media. It’s difficult to validate such claims without documentation to substantiate.

nuclear fallout map

Discerning Facts from Internet Rumors and Myths

At the end of the day, if the truth is not evident in the searching, then all that can be done is to present available documentation that depicts the events or subjects and allow individuals to draw their own conclusions.

It’s very easy with instant communication to fabricate, distort or misrepresent facts. On the other side of that coin, it’s just as easy to become a whistleblower and shout out the truth to inform the uninformed.

Certainly, there have been reports about radiation contamination in the US, such as the April 9, 2011 Forbes article titled “Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk”.

It’s easy to cloud the issue of the accusation of a DOE cover-up with whether or not there’s been radiation contamination from the Fukushima disaster. In the case of an alleged DOE cover-up, the question remains: Is it true or is it just another conspiracy theory or ruse perpetrated by fear mongers? Is there irrefutable documentation and proof of such a cover-up? What do you think?

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