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Giorgio Tsoukalos And Why Ancient Aliens Needs to Be Taken Off the Air

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Giorgio Tsoukalos And Why Ancient Aliens Needs to Be Taken Off the Air
In my previous article, Jason Martell – Alien Lies and the Snake Oil Salesman Routine, I discussed Jason Martell. In this article, I will discuss a friend of his – the notorious Giorgio Tsoukalos, the History Channel’s new pin up boy of the absurd.

Tsoukalos looks like a bloke who mugged a sunbed and then tried to stab the power socket with a butter knife. Needless to say, he came off second best. However, Giorgio is the kind of schmuck who would claim sunbeds were invented by aliens to cook meat taken from Mars for long journeys. This sounds absurd and, of course, I have made it up. Yet, this type of garbage is standard fare for Giorgio, an ex-bodybuilding promoter. Indeed, Giorgio’s line of work in self-promotion has served him far better than any real background in research.

He also calls himself a publisher and author, yet, as Jason Colavito has pointed out, Tsoukalos is a liar, and has done little to nothing of the sort. To top it all off, Tsoukalos is the Director of convicted con-artist Erich Von Daniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research, or the A.A.S. R.A. – Archaeology, Astronautics, and SETI Research Association. Oh, how birds of a feather flock together.

The Crystal Skull Credibility Challenge

My favorite laugh in new age conspiracy/alien kookery is the infamous Crystal Skull. Since I was a kid, some people’s fascination with the object bemused me. I remembered thinking, “So what if some early Americans made a skull? It doesn’t do anything.” Hence, later on in life when I learned the skulls were frauds, I used their legacy as something of a barometer to test the credibility and intellectual integrity of crappy pseudo-scientists ever since.

So, let’s give Giorgio the “Crystal Skull Credibility Challenge.” In an episode of Ancient Aliens, he proclaimed.

“Sky Gods…sky people came here in the remote past with these crystal skulls in order to jump start our civilization. Which means they were brought here by extra-terrestrials?” He goes on to say about being ridiculed as a fantasist, “I think it’s about time that we reverse this way of thinking.”

First, according to history professor Philip Jenkins, crystal skulls were never a feature of any meso-American societies (indeed this a general view of practically all credible professional historians). Furthermore, there are no references to the veneration of crystal skulls anywhere in ancient America. Anthropologist Jane McLaren Walsh, at the Smithsonian, has stated Meso-American tools of the era were incapable of creating the objects. This may lead Ancient Aliens fans to get excited. However, McLaren Walsh believes the skulls to be fakes.

So, Giorgio, how did Meso Americans “jump start” our civilization exactly? Did the Mayan’s invade trade and intermarry with Europeans in ancient times? The answer to that is a resounding no. When they encountered the West, for all of their ingenuity, the only things we considered useful were their gold, tobacco and foodstuffs. Meso Americans had never seen horses; let alone blokes in armor with steel swords, spears and guns riding upon them.

Speaking of advanced aliens, if they gave the ancient Meso Americans crystal skulls, why did they source the crystal from Madagascar, Mexico, and Brazil? Surely, if they could cross space and time, crystal would be as common as plastic. I also have to ask why they used metal drills and grinders. How come the Sumerian’s (a culture Martell and Tsoukalos routinely mention with great excitement) never got them?

ancient astronauts

David Hatcher Childress: Crystal Skull Crackpot and Conspiracy Failure

Quite clearly, Giorgio has failed the test (it’s a pass in his world). So have others like his old pal David Hatcher Childress. Hatcher Childress would have to be one of the worst perpetrators of bull outside Alex Jones. In many ways, he is even more heinous as he mixes alien bilge (which Jones avoids) with areas of legitimate conspiracy research (which Jones fails at). He launches his attacks on credible researchers via his own hack publishing company Adventures Unlimited Press.

I have reviewed and destroyed two of Childress’ published books about JFK at CTKA. One of the interesting things about my review of his pal Joseph Farrell’s book was the flagrant lies, misquotes and plagiarism his book contained. Some months after I wrote the review, Jason Colavito noted much the same thing in Hatcher Childress’ own writings.

To make matters worse, Jim DiEugenio and I have even challenged him, his authors and supporters to a neutral moderated public debate. Hatcher Childress and his lads bravely ran away to snipe another day. Hence, I anticipated any number of cowardly attacks in the comments section from Tsoukalos and Childress fans after this article.

In denouncing these energetic frauds, I have to say that not all of the Ancient Aliens group are completely rudderless. Phil Coppens, a crystal skull man, has actually done some useful work on some generally undiscussed areas of the UFO phenomenon. However, he is a rarity in the field as he has actually done something useful. Sadly, his understanding of ancient history and his penchant for things like the crystal skull bring to mind the saying “one swallow does not make a summer”.


The History Channel: An Insincere Alternative

There have been many legitimate conspiracies throughout the span of human existence. We do not need to embellish, twist, or make up any of them as many of them are far worse than the fiction. One of the only History Channel offerings I bother watching is the historically strained, yet fun Vikings drama. The production values are high and the show is popular. The folks at History Channel are making stacks of cash; hence, there’s no excuse for not hiring top line researchers if they are truly serious about history.

Yet, the standards of research and the levels of balance in many of their documentary shows are strictly amateur. Why would I want to watch a program about secret societies when balanced folks like Alexandra Robbins are lumped in with Daniel Pipes and David Icke? The History Channel unashamedly backed the ludicrous “magic bullet theory” and in their bogus JFK special “Inside the Target Car”.

When it comes to shows like Ancient Aliens, the History Channel has let the lunatics run the asylum unopposed. Therefore, one cannot help but feel something deeper and uglier is going on. It sounds outrageous, and it goes against commonly held views for people with little or no knowledge of history.

Yet, it has such a bogus bottom line, it’s a rebellion going nowhere except the bank accounts of History Channel execs. Thus, anybody who thinks Ancient Aliens is a shot in the arm against the establishment is as deranged as Tsoukalos and Hatcher Childress.

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  • BrokusDickusMaximus

    C’mon man! I find the show entertaining as you have to take everything on this planet with a grain of salt. He is well dressed and his hair kills me as it gets crazier as the show progresses. David Icke is a true nut job!

  • Seamus Coogan

    Hahahahaha! I love your name. Sadly BrokusDickus, there are not enough people out there like you. Far too many people take this crap seriously. Furthermore, DHC is a veritable disaster the crap he talks about in other serious areas gets my goat.

  • ivory

    It just seems like you are hating. It is another way of thinking. Facts have to be proven but there are a lot of weird artifacts that suggest main stream science is wrong. Now does that mean everything that Giorgio or Erich say is correct but they do have some interesting things to say, and it does indeed make way more sense then a bunch of people just making up stories and writing gibberish on the walls. Why do some want people to believe that all the people in ancient times just made up fairytales and wrote fables down??? Does that make sense to you???? Or maybe the ancient people where trying to write their history down through there own eyes and through the only way they knew how to describe what they were seeing. And maybe modern day people like us don’t understand just what they were saying?

  • The GRIM!

    Ancient Aliens Debunked shows how this clown and daniken tell outright lies! The whole theory is a joke!

  • The GRIM!

    Childress is a moron with his “they were using powers tools” bs and Giorgio with his moronic “the answer is yes” not to mention his stupid comment “the only way the ancient alien theory will be disproven is when aliens land and say we were never here.” Really that is so frikkin stupid! The whole theory is based on lies, ie Sitchin, who never even knew Sumerian, and all the crackpots!

  • MsA

    Doesn’t our modern society just make up fairytales and write down fables? The last time I checked the fiction genre was pretty big. People are the same over all time. People like stories, and humans are a story telling breed. It’s the same then as it is now. What I find most surprising is people’s insistence that things written down thousands of years ago or oral traditions of the far distant past MUST be true. Why? Why must it be true? People like to be entertained, period.

  • Blue Beam

    lol! Science with its another planet hit the earth and that is how the moon was made. As if the proto-planetary disc BS wasn’t hard enough to swallow, they topped it off with the moon formed by collision baloney. Science is just as bad you idt.

  • Janet Witt

    I saw something as a child that made me wonder if any of this is real.I saw a creature that looked as much like a man as it did a lizard.I swear I am not lying.My entire family of 6 saw it too.I did not know what it was and when we first saw it no one spoke of it.Till I the youngest was grown and married.I guess I finally felt safe enough to say something.Sure enough they all remembered it. Yet none of us can explain why we didn’t say anything then. When it was happening I did not feel any fear nor did I wonder if I would see it again.Seems odd to me.The only real fear I felt was in not knowing what it was all those years.I have not seen or heard of anything that resembles it since.Except maybe reptile aliens.I know it sounds crazy and believe you me. If I had not seen it with my own two eyes I would not either.I saw something! It could have very easily been a creature from this planet yet to be identified.Anyway if you want to talk about it.I’m on facebook that’s my name and my real picture.I don’t care who knows it.If you think I’m crazy that’s okay too.

  • Joseph

    As someone with a deep though admittedly amateur interest in psychology, mythology, and anthropology, I can tell you that you’re not giving ancient humans and their stories enough credit. Ancient humans used their imaginations to try to figure out the world, and to make stories which represent the way they thought of the world. They weren’t just writing “gibberish” fairytales out of nowhere. They were writing stories, and stories tell things from a purely fictional perspective. Modern humans do it all the time, without any help from space aliens. Why do you support the idea that aliens are responsible for the myths and legends and advancements of ancient humans who were very inventive and imaginative and capable on their own?

  • Joseph

    People with a deep fascination for history and mythology and anthropology should not just agree with or support all the nut jobs who undermine their work. That’s like if I were to destroy something you took forever to make, and I just told you to suck it up and not get mad at me.

  • Joseph

    Perhaps his hair gets crazier because he himself gets crazier.

  • lynn

    david hatcher childress did not use to talk so douche. There’s film in his early years he did not drawl out his words.

    These people that are on this show have become ridiculous.

    Now on aliens Childress he does this fake valley girl voice. It’s now like a yuppie.

    The wired hair guy wasn’t so silly either. I find it hard to enjoy knowing the history channel has put such jokers on the show. Sorry but it ruins what could be a good show.


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