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Jason Martell – Alien Lies and the Snake Oil Salesman Routine

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Jason Martell – Alien Lies and the Snake Oil Salesman Routine
In our ongoing Crazy Conspiracy Theorists You Never Want to Meet series, we finally take a look at the appalling “Ancient Aliens” show on the History Channel. In Part I of this episode we focus on a one Jason Martell.

Jason Martell is a crank of the first order. However, he is also a highly successful one. Famous for making up all kinds of crap about aliens interacting with early man, he has also developed something of a cult. So much so, he urges his followers and fans to harass his critics like the extremely thorough Jason Colavito.

You see, Mr. Martell believes himself to be something of a modern Copernicus and Galileo. Like them, he faces persecution from Colavito and others who denounce his insights.

The reality is quite the reverse. Martell’s zealots harass people like Colavito and groups like Top Secret Writers in a manner similar to Billy Meier’s cult. Furthermore, Copernicus and Galileo were mathematical geniuses. Martell is a cheap hustler with only a genius for a big scam.

Ancient Aliens: A Cranks Infomercial

Since its debut in 2010, “Ancient Aliens” would have to be one of the biggest travesties on television. Not only does it trivialize ancient religious beliefs, it is also insulting to the genius and innovation of our forebears. Not to mention qualified archaeologists, astronomers, physicists, historians and theologians of today.

Needless to say, the theories concerning the origins of our planet have been some of science’s great “whodunits”. We are intrigued over the theories about how we evolved into being and what inspired us.

Kaku (one very cool dude himself) has pondered the possibilities of aliens visiting us in the past as observers. Because he is not a knee jerk reactionary fantasist, he gets credibility and he gets you thinking.

There is no thought with Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin (the fathers of the ancient alien builder’s thesis). The History Channel has put these fools, on an equal footing with those involved in their excellent 2006-2007 series “Engineering an Empire”.

This stupefies me. One of EaE’s narrators was Professor Paul “Robocop” Weller (another cool person). His show discussed how ancient civilizations formed, and it examined the amazing structures they created. It was a good history show made easy for folk to understand. Ancient Aliens has covered this award winning series in a layer of confusing crap all in the name of ratings.

jason martell

Commercial Reality always trumps the Historical

Conspiracy is now a huge market and channels like History have to adapt to the times. They don’t seem to care about quality but have simply developed “conspiratainment”; hence, they chuck in any old crud. This destroys the work done by genuine researchers, scientists and historians and provides legitimacy to all manner of frauds. A recipient of the channel’s largess is Mr. Martell.

Before he hit the big time, Martell once chewed code for a number of dating sites. He is now the owner of a mobile phone application company. Apparently, he also owns, a site where Christians can share content together. This is highly ironic as Colavito points out:

“Interestingly,, founded by Martell, prohibits Martell’s own ancient astronaut claims from being reported on its website, as given in its original terms of service (since changed by Salem), which forbade any claim ‘contrary to the evangelization of Jesus Christ and His teachings, or constitutes blasphemy, or is otherwise offensive to our online Christian community.’ Martell wrote that the ‘original source’ of the Bible’s stories, like Noah’s Ark, was ‘Sumerian’, and that the Bible stories were really tales of the ‘Anunnaki’, whom he identified as extra-terrestrials.”

Martell, obviously a man of conviction, is now selling his snake oil musings concerning alien visitations and has made himself another fortune according to his press kit.

“Jason Martell is a researcher and lecturer specializing in the ancient Sumerian culture, Sumer’s advanced technology, and how it relates to Planet X.”

As a keen amateur classicist and historian myself, I have found ancient Sumerian culture interesting. The available documentation we have from them provides an important insight into the ancient history of the Middle East. The problem is Martell’s expertise is based on Von Daniken and Sitchin’s bull, and as many professional historians, physicists and engineers state. They can find no references to any documented evidence in either author’s works and term their junk pseudoscience.

ancient aliens

Scorned by Genuine Researchers – Adored by Bimbo Celebrities

However, with Martell you can screw the academics! After all, they are the ones intentionally dumbing us down with their closed minds. Yes, the ridiculous “you don’t like me because you have a closed mind” is one of Martell’s weapons in his arsenal of factually based argument. Martell and his followers must feel more at home with the stunning intellects of Katy Perry and Megan Fox, who recently declared “Ancient Aliens” amongst their favorite shows.

The good news is there are numerous sites dedicated to debunking Martell’s BS. Alongside Colavito’s webpages, the Ancient Aliens Debunked site, featuring Dr. Mike Heiser (linked earlier), is excellent. You can also indulge in the antics of his idiot pal Giorgio Tsoukalos in my next article.

Image Credits:

(1) Doha Sam via Compfight cc
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  • Ray Hudson

    The article was OK until you invoked Kaku and called him a “cool dude.” The guy is a media whore, and he has done more than a little idle speculation about such poppycock as “alternate parallel timelines” a la the same kind of BS that was used in the John Titor story. Kaka is kaka that just like the camera on him.

  • Seamus Coogan

    Its Kaku not Kaka (that is the name of a native bird in New Zealand). His discussions concerning “alternate parallel timelines” is not fringe scientific thought either. Indeed, he was not even the originator of the idea. Besides, Kaku is no more a media whore than any of the other celebrity scientists I have named. So why choose him? Furthermore, he is asked by the media to present his views. He doesn’t throw himself at them. He is also a hell of a lot more credible than anyone or anything on “Ancient Aliens.”

  • justsayno

    You’re only saying that because you think Kaku has more authority than you. It’s a known phenomena in psychology that small minded people always tend to look up to those that they think are smarter than themselves and try to discredit those they think are stupider than themselves. Personally I find there are many people out there who have stories to tell that never make it to the media. I do my own research instead of relying on some “authority” figure. Do you do the same?

  • Sue Smith

    Jason Colavito lost all credibility with as a skeptic and promoter of truth when I stumbled upon his blog and was confronted with misinformation. Mr. Colavito is incapable of fact checking locations, which with the availability of maps via the internet should be one mistake that is not made.

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