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Spy of the Chinese Army – Huawei Technologies – Part I

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Spy of the Chinese Army – Huawei Technologies – Part I
If ever there was a poster child for the deceitful and dangerous relationship that many US government officials and advisers have with communist China, this is it. Theodore H. Moran played the dual role of offering advise to the US government while simultaneously doing the same with a company which is alleged to be a spy arm of the Chinese army – Huawei Technologies.Not only did Mr. Moran sit in on meetings to determine the future of US intelligence and security, but also provided guidance on allowing Chinese investments into the USA. It is disconcerting to know that he consulted for a company that the US government has banned due to security concerns. It is even more worrying that our government has waited so long to relieve him of his duties due to a potential conflict of interest.

What is particularly alarming about this story is Huawei’s role in Internet technology and China’s aggressive cyber war against the USA. Huawei has been hyper assertive in targeting the US market at the same time a special unit of the Chinese army has launched repeated cyber attacks on the US government, infrastructure and key companies.

It is no wonder that Washington does not trust Huawei. This should not come as a surprise as it has been shown that Huawei has worked alongside a hacker group for the Chinese army. Aside from this, Huawei is alleged to have hacked into strategic systems of countries such as Switzerland, the USA , India and more. It has also been shown that Huawei has taken part in espionage for the communist party in Beijing.

Unconscionable Actions

With so much at stake, it seems unconscionable that Mr. Moran would work for such a firm and be privy to classified US information. But then again, everyone is free to make a buck, which is what Mr. Moran is clearly doing.

Before proceeding, you should know that there is no proof that Mr. Moran did anything illegal or that he jeopardized US national security in any way. As a matter of fact, he claims he was transparent in his relationship with the company and there is no proof to the contrary.

What this article does is to point out how, by virtue of his position(s) people like Mr. Moran could be jeopardizing US security. What Mr. Moran did should be looked at with a broader lens with a focus on the potential for abuse and or obfuscation by people whose responsibility it is to provide guidance on US security matters. This is especially true when dealing with China, which has been increasingly hostile to the US and its people.

theodore h moran

Just the Facts

Let’s review the facts, analyze them and draw conclusions, shall we?

Just the facts Huawei:

–> Builds products which are critical to the Internet infrastructure.

–> Has built in secret back doors into their product which allowed them to access and/or control equipment on which their products reside.

–> The back doors above would allow them to access and or steal information upon which their products reside.

–> Has been shown to spy for the Chinese government.

–> Has replaced English citizens with Chinese in Huawei’s UK operations.

–> Has contracts with the most repressive regimes on the planet and has provided technology used in harming universal human rights to those regimes.

–> Started by ‎Ren Zhengfei, an ex-Chinese PLA soldier who refuses to be interviewed by international media.

–> In one year alone were given $30 billion by the Chinese communist government to fund Huawei’s expansion.

Just the Facts Theodore H. Moran :

–> Has a security clearance granting him access to sensitive US matters.

–> Advocates opening the US to Huawei technologies in position papers.

–> Adviser to the National Intelligence Council which provides analysis to US spy agencies.

–> Works on panel which decides on strategic foreign investment in the USA.

–> Respected expert at Georgetown University.

Whoa, is there even a question as to how wrong this is? Let’s see, we have a guy who the US government is paying to keep Americans safe, but he is also advising a company linked to a government which has us in its gun-sights. Not only has this guy been telling Washington “what is up with potential spies”, but he has been stumping for Huawei, too.

What do you think? Conflict of interest?

I’ll analyze this more in Part II.

Image Credits:

(1) Wikipedia: Huawei
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