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Spy of the Chinese Army – Huawei Technologies – Part II

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Spy of the Chinese Army – Huawei Technologies – Part II
This article is continued from Part I, where we looked at Mr. Moran’s roles with the US government and with Huawei Technologies. I clearly pointed out the conflict of interest between his multiple roles

You’ll also want to heck out what Mr. Moran had to say about Huawei. He claimed that targeting Huawei does nothing for US security and he criticized U.S “discrimination” against companies like Huawei.

I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds as if Mr. Moran may be just a tad bit biased. Could he really believe that it is discriminatory to refuse to buy telecommunications gear from a company such as Huawei? Re-read the Huawei facts if you’d like in the first part of this article, but I think that “prudent” is a more appropriate term for banning Huawei gear than “discriminatory”.

Or, perhaps Moran believes that we should allow our enemies to arm us. If that is how he defines non-discrimination, then I am pleased he is no longer working for our government.

NSA and Huawei Have Something in Common

You may have made a connection here that what Huawei has done is very similar to the NSA’s spying tactics and you would be correct.

Like it, love it, or hate it, we elected the people who Okayed the NSA antics. Those guys may filter through our emails and find out who we voted for and things of the like.

But, we can be pretty sure that those same people will not create logic bombs in our critical infrastructure which could explode and cripple our country.

By the same token, it goes beyond the pale to think that they would do the same with our nuclear weapons and reactors.

As a matter of fact, I would be willing to bet that any action taken by the NSA is tame compared to what Beijing would do to our strategic assets, given the chance.

chinese army spying

The US Is for Sale and China is Buying

What is most insipid about comments like those made by Mr .Moran is the blatant deceit about China today. By using words like “discrimination”, he plays on the American need for justice in an attempt at creating sympathy for Huawei. He is relying on the fact that very few Americans have lived in China and thus do not know the harsh reality of what is really happening.

Hiding under this cloud of obfuscation, Mr. Moran paints the picture of a Huawei and or China which is not only palatable but not much different than we are. Unfortunately, nothing could be further than the truth.

Business people like Mr. Moran show us a gentle China which just wants to get along. They claim it is just another developing nation experiencing growing pains like so many others. This rhetoric serves to minimize any negativity associated with a country run by a communist government.

In so doing, they lull us into a sense of security that China is not all that bad and engagement is actually good for us. In some areas this may seem logical, but in the case of Huawei, it is definitely not so. Once again, the argument he uses lumps businesses like Huawei with others which are more benign, and he is not alone.

There is on on-going narrative which goes like this, “China is not perfect, but they are getting better. Due to the nature of our relationship, we must accept China as they are for now and know that things are getting better.”

privacy free country

Sleeping US Guards

This rhetoric sounds great, but the reality is much different. Not only has the USA lost over two million jobs to the Chinese since we opened our doors to them, but we have lost much more. Unfortunately, things do not seem to be getting better.

In every aspect, doing business with China has decayed to new lows. Beijing threatens foreign businesses, ratcheted up its cyber war and been uncharacteristically pugnacious with the USA and most of its neighbors.

All of these facts make China a much harder sell, which is why people like Mr. Moran are essential for China. Their job is to promote trade, no matter the cost. This is why the Moran case is symptomatic of our dysfunctional relationship with China.

The lions are at the gate and our guards have fallen asleep. Rather than explain both sides of the story, the bad and the good, they play on our emotions. They say we are capitalists and should eschew any forms of protectionism, even if it harms our national security. In addition, they use words like “cold war mentality” and “discrimination”, to discourage rational discussion. Instead of facing the facts, they push our buttons in the hopes that we forget the issue at hand.

The reality is that any company is free to bid on business in the USA and Washington does not only have the right, but obligation to ensure our safety. As such, they can and should refuse to do business with anyone seeking to do us harm. In matters of national security they need not set the bar at “innocent until proven guilty”. If this were the case, we would have to wait until companies like Huawei had crippled our infrastructure until we acted. Just like Mr. Moran is able to work with any company he sees fit, so is Washington.

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