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Why So Many JP Morgan Chase Mysterious Banker Deaths?

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Why So Many JP Morgan Chase Mysterious Banker Deaths?

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Fraud, extortion, money laundering and a rash of mysterious deaths are the usual earmarks of any successful crime family. However, these are also the very public characteristics of JP Morgan Chase Bank, which many Americans consider to be one of the most successful crime families in the world.

Though it is not your “traditional” mafia family, a quick Google search of the phrase “JP Morgan Chase criminal activities” will return a list of criminal activities that would rival the infamous Five Families of New York.

Most recently, the third in a string of mysterious deaths involving JP Morgan Chase bankers has occurred.

Have decades of unethical practices weighed so heavily on its employees that JP Morgan Chase bankers are taking their own lives? Or is it that the job (whether it is located at JP Morgan Chase or not) is so stressful that those in the field tend to break more often? Or, is there some other underlying reason that there have been so many deaths surrounding the global financial institution and a possible coverup?

Unethical Practices

JP Morgan Chase has a long history of being associated with unethical practices and illegal activities. Practices, such as mass extortion that our Editor, Ryan Dube, has witnessed first hand. Yet, Chase’s version of the “pizzo” is only the tip of the iceberg.

A report, titled JP Morgan Chase: Out of Control, outlines the laundry list of criminal activities. In reference to the number of legal issues the company has faced, the report states, “In our reviews we could not find another ‘systemically important’ domestic bank that has recently been subject to as many public, non-mortgage related, regulatory actions or consent orders.”

JP Morgan Chase has run the gamut of illegal activities ranging from submitting false mortgage claims to laundering money for Bernie Madoff. Moreover, the financial giant is now connected to three mysterious deaths.

These deaths were suicides of three JP Morgan Chase employees that have occurred within three weeks of each other. The suicides have occurred around the world.

The first occurred on January 28th in London, the second in Connecticut on February 3rd, and the third and most recent occurred February 18th in Hong Kong. This unsightly trend did not go unnoticed. When the third JP Morgan employee, 33 year-old Li Junjie, took his own life, the trend took the financial world by storm. People quickly began to ask, why so many JP Morgan Chase mysterious banker deaths?

mysterious banker deaths

The Stress of Finance Careers or Something More Sinister?

It is no secret that a career in finance is a stressful one. In 2010, Financial Advisers were rated in the top 10 careers with workers who faced bouts of intense depression.

Moreover, the British Medical Journal published a report last year that the 2008 Financial Crisis was responsible for an additional 5000 estimated suicides world-wide. Nevertheless, so many deaths in such a short period of time with the only evident connection being JP Morgan Chase is somewhat indicative that there is some underlying cause that the company has not come forth with.

A prime example of this indication brings to mind the 18 suicide attempts by Fox Conn employees in 2010. A closer look at the contract manufacturer’s employment practices, initiated by the suicides themselves, showed that Fox Conn was akin to a labor camp rather than company. Illegal overtime, prohibiting personal relationships, and the use of public humiliation was common place throughout the company. It is believed that these practices coupled with the external economic factors pushed more than 18 employees to attempt suicide, which resulted in 14 deaths.

It is possible that the three suicides within JP Morgan Chase Bank is a statistical anomaly due to the corporation’s size and global reach along with the fact that it employs a large number of people in what are considered to be some of the most stressful careers on the planet.

However, it is difficult to ignore JP Morgan Chase Bank’s long history of criminal activities. Leading many of us to believe that these suicides could be related to some unknown activities being conducted by the financial institution.

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