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China Ramps Up Its Cyber Power Weaponry

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China Ramps Up Its Cyber Power Weaponry
Question: What do you get when you cross an open communications platform which extends into the lives of almost everyone on the globe and a dictatorial zealot wielding way too much power? Answer: China’s neo-Nazi Internet version 2.0, China’s upgraded weapon of mass destruction. Since the Internet began, China has blocked, stifled, censored and, lately, used it as a weapon of war. By leveraging the power of state backed hacker groups, China has mined key US infrastructure, and stolen American military and commercial secrets and things are getting worse.

Xi Jinping, or “Comrade Xi”, as he is reminding people to call him, has now taken over dictatorial reigns of the not so world-wide-web in China. If you think Beijing’s draconian Internet censorship laws had taken the “world” out of the WWW, then just wait and see what Comrade Xi has up his sleeve. It looks as if he plans on making the Chinese Internet even more hostile, and he’s personally taking ownership over that task.

China’s New Leader -Scary

Xi Jinping has wasted no time showing us what kind of leader he is going to be and things are going to get ugly. Based on his words, Comrade Xi could be declared a zealot. But the following gives you an idea of how this guy thinks. Mr. Xi said:

“Revolutionary ideals are higher than heaven.”CCM

Or how about this?

Xi calls for socialism to fill China’s “spiritual void”.

What? Is this guy for real? He says that revolution is more important than heaven or God? In addition, Xi told the Chinese to replace religion with communist values in order to fill their moral vacuum?

Let me get this straight, Chinese are to obtain their moral compass with the ideologies of the government which has essentially killed more people than any other in the history of mankind. Aside from this, China’s wars on the unborn, religion, human rights, law, even the ecosystem are well documented. What values are the Chinese to learn from Beijing?


Comrade Xi Jinping, the Facts

China has a new leader whose consolidated power at a considerable pace. He was behind the ousting of Bo Xilai, the man in charge of many of China’s economic miracles and is now culling Bo’s henchmen as well. This new leader, who demands all communists call each other “comrade” is the same guy who threatened the US with war a couple of times and regaled how China’s PLA soldiers fought well, killing American soldiers in Korea.

To better understand what makes a man like Xi Jinping tick, consider that he sought out a leadership position in a dictatorship, more telling, he cut his communist teeth during the cultural revolution. This man became a communist during one of Beijing’s most homicidal epochs, which in and of itself should give us a glimpse into what kind of person he is. For example, Frank Dikotter describes how communist cadres had body counts quota’s – yes they had a percentage of people they had to kill, and worse. This was a government under which Xi Jinping has thrived.

Since taking power, comrade Xi has done more to squash human rights, freedom of speech, the press, expression and religion, in such a short time, since Chairman Mao. And guess what, Comrade Xi has just declared himself Fuhrer of the Internet.

Do my words sound outrageous and perhaps scare you? If you said “yes”, then I am glad. Because what Comrade Xi has in store for the Internet is anything but good. And with Chinese Internet/telecommunications companies on his side, Xi could fulfill his mission of making China what he professes to be – “a cyber power.

Let’s just think about this, the communists are the most prolific cyber thieves on the planet and have essentially declared war. They steal billions of dollars worth of know how from the US each year and have mined our critical infrastructure with virtual bombs, and that was before Xi. What could this guy have in store for us next?


His Goals

Comrade Xi has coined the term “China Dream” for what he will achieve while lording over China. According to Chinese I spoke with, including members of the military, this is a dream of territorial expansion which can only be fulfilled with the invasion of Taiwan. As crazy as it sounds, Xi is going on the warpath.

If you think it sounds far fetched, then consider that he quickly took the reigns of the military and demanded unflinching loyalty to him and the party. That done, he declared Air Traffic over Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese territory subject to Chinese military aggression. He has also said that if threatened, he will expand these illegal air defense zones across the South pacific. And don’t think he is just talking the talk, Xi has prepared troops to occupy Filipino land as we speak and fired on their vessels with water cannons.

Just the other day, his naval vessels tried to ram one of our own. Chinese naval and aerial craft are also playing a deadly game of chicken in the seas around the Japanese controlled Senkaku Islands. And now Xi wants to control the cyber sphere.

I suppose ostensibly cutting the Chinese off from the non-communist party approved Internet was not enough, Xi wants total online dominance. But don’t take my word for it, let’s see what Xi Jinping has in mind.

According to Reuters, he said:

“Efforts should be made to build our country into a cyber power.”


“If you thought we were hacking you before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

He said:
“Without Internet security, there was no national security.”

Translation,’ We just upped our cyber warfare game. The net has gone nuclear.’

He said:

“The Internet can be used to ‘spread discipline’.”


“It is about time WC leaves this place, things are getting way to scary.”

And at a more benign level, Xi said that laws needed to he created to, “Perfect Internet information content management.”


“China’s Internet is about to get even more sucky.”


Huawei and ZTE, Pieces of the Puzzle

Key components of Comrade Xi’s plan must be those two state backed darlings, Huawei and ZTE which have been called Chinese intelligence operations masquerading as regular companies. As Dennis F. Poindexter points out, Chinese telecom companies essentially are part of Beijing’s military complex, anytime the communist party wants them to be. Fortunately for us, both companies have been culled from the US infrastructure, or so we thought. Due to concerns about spying for the communist party in Beijing.

In almost every content on the planet, Huawei and ZTE have been called spies for China and Dennis F. Poindexter intimated, either Huawei is the most misunderstood company on the planet, or dirty as sin. Even more frightening is how Africa’s Internet is so clogged with Huawei gear it be used for continent-wide surveillance or as an excellent zombie launch pad for cyber war at the bequest of Beijing.

While it may ease your fears to know that Both Huawei and ZTE have been kept out of the US, that may not last long. Both are trying an end run and hope to impregnate the US with “smart phones”, which could be loaded with all kinds of spyware.

Xi Jinping should be happy with this as it gives his military greater access to the American market and our security. Turning a few million cell phones into zombie bots for China has got to have Xi excited.

The bottom line is that Xi Jinping is stacking the odds in his favor and arming himself with all the technology he needs to get the job done. If we do not realize this now, we will do so later and oh boy will we have egg on our faces.

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