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Multiple Witnesses on Australia Beach Spot Bright Hovering UFO

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Multiple Witnesses on Australia Beach Spot Bright Hovering UFO
How can multiple witnesses possibly be wrong? When a group of people witness the same thing, it holds more weight than when an individual sees something out of the ordinary, right?

When it comes to ufology and UFO sightings, there are many examples of multiple people collectively witnessing the same strange sight, typically in the sky. For example, in 2013 Top Secret Writers reported about the

UFO Images

Some images of UFOs caught on camera, satellite or video recorder provide a clear depiction of an image that is uncannily alien-like. My mind is immediately cast back to the ghostly, wisp-like image of the alleged Loch Ness Monster that was spotted recently on Apple Maps. However, despite Mr. Jeffrey taking three photographs of the early-morning UFO, the evidence is neither alien-like nor spectacular. The images merely depict a fairly bright small object in the distant sky.

Despite the disappointment over the images, it seems Dee Why might be the Roswell of Australia. In 2011, a local man claimed he saw a couple of UFOs flying over the beach early in the morning.

Mariana Flynn, the president of UFO Research (NSW), admitted that the Collaroy area was a UFO “hot spot”. Ms. Flynn said she had personally witnessed three UFO sightings in the area. Despite being the president of the NSW, Mariana Flynn admits she has no idea as to why the area is considered a hot spot for UFO sightings.

“I don’t know why it’s considered a hot spot to be honest, but I have wondered about underground sea bases,” Ms. Flynn told reporters.

ufo from distance


The NSW President’s colleague Doug Moffett is equally as perplexed as to the cause of the UFO sightings on northern beaches. The NSW spokesperson agrees that there have been many stories of strange unidentified sightings in the area over the years, but is not sure why that’s the case.

With the so-called experts being as baffled as ever, laymen are offering their own theories as so what the bizarre Dee Why Beach spectacle might have been. One Daily Telegraph reader offered a fairly logical view that as Venus is out in the eastern sky at sunrise, the sighting could possibly be this bright and visible planet.

Another fairly logical explanation offered by another reader is that the object was an Aircraft Vapor Trail. Aircraft Vapor Trails, commonly known as contrails, are long, thin clouds that are usually formed by an aircraft. Contrails are usually triggered by the water vapor produced in the exhaust of plane engines.

If you have ever stared up at a vapor trail in the sky formed by a plane, you may have noticed these artificial clouds can be visible in the sky for several minutes. This might explain why the recent Dee Why Beach sighting was stationary for ten minutes or so.

Aircraft Vapor Trails were also the scientific explanation given to the recent Loch Ness Monster satellite image.

As with almost every UFO sighting, what the bright spot hovering above Dee Why beach actually was remains speculation and a mystery. The fact that multiple witnesses communally saw the strange object and are collectively none the wiser as to what it was intensifies the mystery even more.

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(2) Daily Telegraph

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