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Is New Ufology More Evidence Based Than The Old Guard?

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Is New Ufology More Evidence Based Than The Old Guard?
Anybody who lists Jacque Vallee and Stephen Greer in an article about UFO’s as contemporaries is someone to be wary of.

Vallee was one of the best and most grounded ufologists of all time. Greer is nothing close. Indeed, the lack of comparison between sources is a common mistake of the crud researcher or expert. You see, everybody touting your line is good and everyone opposed is bad, or at least overlooked.

It doesn’t do anybody’s cause much good by lumping in rubbish researchers with good ones. You smear the good with the kook brush.

Moreover, people like me don’t like it very much. I believe conspiracies occur; nevertheless, I don’t want my rep amongst the sane used to enhance the likes of Jim Fetzer, Mick Salla, John Hankey, David Icke, and Alex Jones.

Darren Perks: Expert in Idiocy, not UFO’s

Hence, I found the article by so-called UFO “expert” Darren Perks, “A New Generation of Ufologist”, utterly laughable. He essentially says this generation of ufologists, do not sit on their rears; they get out and use technology to go and get answers.

I have to ask what were ufologists doing all those years ago – investigating cattle mutilations, hanging out around air force bases like Area 51, and goofing off over crop circles? Having crappy camera’s and low-tech gear did not stop them from snapping objects or faking them. The new generation of ufologists use YouTube and look at inane earthbound objects. If, in the rare occurrence, something genuinely weird occurs, you can bet 99.9 percent of the time it is a smart fake or some kind of experimental aircraft. The new generation has more garbage than ever to sift through.

Perks also says the new breed does not bandy about with bad secondhand information. I have to wonder what Mr. Perks makes of bright young stars in ufology like Jason Martell and Giorgio Tsoukalos. He buys into the sightings of UFO’s over ancient burial mounds and religious sites. Wow, so we have a bloke from a new generation who is influenced by an old con artist like Von Danniken. They are so inspired that this new generation trashes national parks and heritage sites searching for ET connections, as Dennis pointed out.

Hence, I will answer the question put to us by Mr. Perks. It is a no brainer that the so-called “new generation” ufologists are every bit as bad as their forebears. Indeed, they are worse in many respects. Because of the Internet, they can over indulge and lose all scope of reality. Thus, they are not more evidence based, they just have more toys keep them amused, and more idiots they can collaborate with.

Mr. Perks is a stellar example of this new, equally bogus generation of cranks.

darren perks

New Generation of Ufologists

Indeed, it came as no surprise to me that Mr. Perks himself appears to be a fraud. There is a website dedicated to his ripping off others photos, his impersonation of space cadet Linda Moulton Howe, and his bleating on about alien made crop circles.

The guy is another British train wreck like David Icke, although I have to say that for all of Icke’s bull he is by all accounts a nice bloke who sincerely believes in his cock-eyed musings. Perks is just part of a new generation of UFO hucksters. I cannot believe how low Huffington Post stoops to get hits. There was a time when they could put out some okay stuff.

I said earlier that having a strictly amateur con man blag on about being a UFO expert marks honest folk as kooks; thus, a guy like Perks hanging around the Huffington Post tarnishes all the decent contributors. Much like how Ancient Aliens taints the History Channel.

There is a new, more reliable generation of ufologists; they are Ryan Dube, Steve Broadbent, Mark Pilkington, Greg Bishop, Martin Cannon, Richard Condon, James Dowell, and Val Germann. They, and a growing number of people, have incorporated the work of the better pro ET/UFO researchers like Vallee, Hastings, and Ecker and re-framed the UFO paradigm.

If you are serious about becoming a modern ufologist, all of the above are important people whose works you should examine. Perks is strictly for jerks.

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  • Lucca Del Vito

    There is a new generation of ufologists though just like he said, so no he is no idiot at all. It could be said however that this guy is part of a very big plan to disrupt the ufo community. But and a big but at that he clearly found out some things that they the authorities didn’t want him to know. So who does he now work for or with? Nick Pope and Darren Perks are very much in with each other and the MoD.

  • ExoPolitic

    NO HE DOESN’T… He was working in Scotland!! & analysing the form of this handwriting it actually appears yet again yr using Another Pseudonym!
    Funny how my last comment outing you & a website where ALL the Facts could be found were Removed!
    You were in Scotland & now yr back in Shrewsbury still using fake identities like you did Recently in ufoblackbook & found out I hasten to add! yr not a friend of Pope as verified! & you conveniently stole the vast majority of my information regarding the Cosford incident! (But you got some facts wrong & regularly changed others! Location/time/sound etc.) As the ExoPolitics [link removed] community & many others [website plug removed] are Fully Aware of!
    The Problem with yr lying is yr just not very good at it or remembering yr Statements (read-Lies).
    & if has any values, they won’t delete this reply as everything is ready available & verifiable at [personal link removed]
    [Editor’s note – feel free to provide whatever evidence you feel is relevant here in the comments, or email Ryan directly and we’ll be happy to allow you to publish the facts with relevant sources. Thank you. Please don’t put links in comments.]

  • Macloop

    Actually Perks still lives in Scotland and still works for the MoD. A mate of mine served in a thermal imagining contract at MoD Porton Down in November 2015, and Perks is attached to 3 Regiment Army Air Corps whom he served with whilst a full time serving solider at the end of the 90’s.
    A word of warning my mate who is in the Royal Signals has advised the work he does is very much alongside military testing and he has a security clearance that would blow most top level brass out of the water.
    So his so called UFO work was a cover it seems for something more sinister, and who knows what damage he has really done?

  • Macloop

    Really? Well how come this Perks chap regular checks in at MoD Donnington then? Oh and apparently he has family still residing in Shrewsbury so that makes perfect sense why he maybe seen there etc. Apparently 25 Rowton Road Sutton Farm Shrewsbury is a cousins property.
    With all due respect you seem to hold a personal grudge against him for some reason, so please do elaborate for the benefit of other readers.
    Sorry but this guy is dodgy as it gets I’m just pointing out a straight fact. He works for an authority is it not obvious…

  • Macloop

    Are you a Leeds Utd fan as I’m sure you are?

  • ExoPolitic

    Again?? Seriously Darren I’ve seen you many, many times in Shrewsbury!
    Can’t be in 2 places at the same time! BULLSHIT merchant peddling my info, in yr attempt at a book! Lmao seriously??…. Oh dear

  • ExoPolitic

    No, Darren you don’t live in Scotland & I’ve seen you many times in Shrewsbury! Just more LIES.
    Pathetic really…..

  • ExoPolitic

    Complete & utter Tosh! I know exactly where he sorry you work Darren! Think you need to get a better grip on reality pal! Oh & being ex services it’s amazing what you can find out…. Lol… Yr Delusional #WeDontBelieveYourHype

  • Macloop

    Please do share with us all here where he works then mate as I’m dying to know myself….
    You are talking like I am him???? I’n not stupid mate but I do think somehow I’ve ruffled your feathers about being Leeds Utd fan LoL.

  • Macloop

    Who are you talking to mate? There ain’t no Darren here buddie lol I think you are abrking up the wrong lamp post fella….


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