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UFO Group Now Says Secret Space Program Behind UFO Sightings

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UFO Group Now Says Secret Space Program Behind UFO Sightings
For 165 US dollars, you could have attended a conference in late June of 2014 to get the real answers behind the U.S. top-secret space programs.

The site was slick, the speakers were pitched as top quality, and I would think totally worth the money. Dick Dolan and Joe Farrell were two of the key speakers, and amazing groundbreaking experts on the UFO phenomena.

If you detected a hint of sarcasm in my tone, you would be right. The Secret Space Program 2014 conference was a pretentious attempt at making experts out of liars, and idiots.

Thus, I have given a rating out of ten for the monetary value of each participant, judging them on their expertise and reliability in telling us about secret space programs.

I have listed alternative speakers were TSW to indulge in a conference discussing hidden space programs. Please note, I have repeated alternative speakers at times. At the most, a TSW event would need about five speakers and be over in a day.

1) Henrik Palmgren

Henrik is from Sweden, or “Abbaville” if you prefer. He runs Red Ice Radio and is the Scandinavian genius behind the gathering. He believes stuff akin to the Rockefellers, and Rothschild’s being socialists (he obviously knows nothing about socialism).

He also discusses migrants in his native country. He is a self-proclaimed expert in the occult and secret societies. He is such an expert he endorses Jay Weidner’s Kubrick Illuminati bull, which Ryan and I have destroyed numerous times.

He was the MC for this event. While he is a kook, there have been worse UFO conferences (take a look at any Project Camelot or Disclosure Project party for starters). However, that is not saying much. Most of his speakers are regulars at either lunatic gathering.

Overall Rating: 3/10
Replacement as MC and Event Organizers: Ryan Dube & Dennis Dufrene

2) Mike Schratt

Schratt is an interesting guy. He claims he is an Aerospace Historian, and UFO researcher. I say fair enough; he can call himself “Sputnik 1” for all I care. Depending on who is interviewing him, he changes his spots.

He can say “the UFO tech we see in the sky is human made military experiments” to someone like Ryan or I. If he is hanging out with Henrik, he can discuss the amazing alien tech secrets behind retrieved crashes. Hey, Henrik is paying him so he’d better get with the ET program.

He may seem sensible to begin with. However, he quickly melts into the light when one sees he is a regular of Project Camelot and endorses the lies of Dan Burisch.

Overall Rating: 4/10
Replacements: Greg Bishop, me, Ryan or Mark Pilkington

robert morningstar

3) Robert Morningstar

Robert Morningstar is the editor of UFO Digest. This is ironic because I find his outlooks indigestible. I’ve found Morningstar’s work over the years to be absurd.

It is such a shame Paris Flammonde locked into this schmuck in his otherwise clever investigations into the JFK case years ago. He was mixing with a guy who believes in hidden moon bases, and a space station on the dark side of the moon. Really, Bob?

Morningstar claimed in an interview promoting the event on “Buzzsaw” his perceptions and brain work faster than most humans’. His mind works so fast I think he would run from any debate from anyone at TSW. Mars is apparently pink and has an atmosphere we can breathe in. Not even true believers in aliens fall for that Billie Meier/George Adamski type bullshit. Nor is anybody, bar an idiot, impressed by his cornball hippy name.

Overall Rating: 2/10
Replacements: Me, Marty Cannon, Pilkington, Dube, Bishop, Hancock, Hastings, Ecker

4) Mark McLandish

McLandish draws pictures detailing the inner workings of UFOs from his own observations. Moreover, he actually gave a good account of himself in a debate with Ryan here at TSW. He is not a kook, though one wonders about the company he is keeping.

I believe in this game that you are what you eat. At the conference, he is talking how zero point energy is being kept from us and is the main reason for secrecy. He might be correct; nevertheless, I would imagine that is not the only reason for secrecy if they are up there. Indeed, if they have that technology, one doesn’t need to be so secret when one could nuke us all and be done with it.

It is the sort of thing I would prefer hearing from a scientist with un-invented credentials to be honest. Indeed, were I to organize a conference on UFOs and space programs, I would have no use or need for Mr. McLandish.

Overall Rating: 4/10
Replacement: Mark Pilkington/Bishop/Dube and any available physicist or verified propulsion expert/engineer

carol rosin

5) Carol Rosin

Rosin claims she met up with Werner Von Braun, and eventually worked for him. She also says he warned her of the space arms race. His concern for humanity was touching, and something of a change of heart for the Nazi rocket scientist who bombed London.

Carol, for her part, preaches about the threat of aliens being used as an excuse to enslave us all, via weapons in space. Yet, for all of her concerns about a fake invasion, she believes aliens live on the moon, and she is pals with Steven Greer.

I would include Carol in my conference to be grilled by the audience concerning the veracity of her claims, and credentials. Indeed, her Q and A session would be a highlight.

Overall Rating: 2/10 – Value to one’s “Credibility Fail Q and A Session” 8/10. Hence, she likely won’t show up. Instead it should be time for a few beers and an evening with Mark Dorr on the Karaoke!

6) John Rappaport

I guess he isn’t too bad really. I mean he is a crank who rabbits on about any and everything, all the while selling CD’s about reliving past lives. Yet, he can come up with some stuff when discussing certain aspects of the media.

There are far better sources, and I would never invite him to any event I organized. Nor would any serious researcher.

Hence, Rappaport is about as useful to the discussion about mind controls use to subvert us from hidden space programs as Lynda Moulton Howe was discussing the asinine JFK/Monroe JFK documents. I think Rappaport is here to present the side of the grizzled conspiracy veteran. He comes off as just making a quick buck for an appearance fee.

Overall Rating 3/10
Replacement: Larry Hancock, me, with a Cameo by Bob Hastings

7) Catherine Austin Fitz

Austin-Fitz is the only person in this entire conference I would look twice at. Her writings and discussions about future budgets, cash flow, and investments in energy make for some interesting stuff.

However, I would warn her to ditch fools, and charlatans such as Dolan and Farrell from helping her make future estimations concerning the United States secret space programs.

Overall Rating: 7/10 Miss Austin Fitz take our advice and get out while you can.

spooky road

The True Picture

I have no need to discuss Dolan, and Farrell. Check TSW for our articles on those two frauds. Their replacements would be yours truly, and anybody from TSW. How can anybody get a real picture of the U.S. space budget when you advocate Ancient Aliens, and the MJ-12 documents? There likely is a secret space program; moreover, we should all be concerned about arms in space. However, Austin Fitz getting a straight answer from this bunch of liars, zealots, and incompetents about the U.S. military is akin to asking a three year old about the elephant you saw them fly over the house on. Of course, you are going to get an affirmative answer.
I think it would be great for Ryan to organise a TSW convention. I bag the seat next to Mark Dorr, and Sally for dinner.

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com


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