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Why Steven Greer is a Not Really a Free Energy Advocate

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Why Steven Greer is a Not Really a Free Energy Advocate
Recently, I watched a presentation with the ufologist and free energy advocate Steven Greer. Greer’s discussion concerned the suppression of free energy technologies. Now, the suppression of energy tech is well known. Moreover, I enjoyed Greer’s explanation of “black shelving”. (video at the bottom of article)

Black shelving is the purchase of innovative patents and prototypes or of the intelligence by corporations. Once bought cheaply for a few million dollars, the customer shelves the product at the back of the vault; at the very least that is what happens if you are lucky.

I knew about this stuff prior to Greer and. no doubt, the reader does as well. If one is fresh to this premise, it pays to be careful. There are a number of hucksters and kooks out there, no matter how smooth they appear. Greer is astute enough to give Billie Meier fans grief. Moreover, he is a good public speaker and can break down complex seeming ideas into easily digestible sound bites for the willing.

Hence, why he and Dick Dolan are familiar on the crazed side of ufology. They give off a veneer of intellectualism, and credibility. However, it is all pretentious posturing. (1) Greer, like Dick, is the last person I would quote or go to for advice on anything concerning the MIC (Military Industrial Complex), black budgets, or secret technology.

Dangling the Carrot

The crux of Greer’s free energy initiative is his group’s awarding of the $100,000 grant to create entirely free, renewable energy sources that can continually self-generate power. However, the quest for zero-point energy (that seemed to be the point of Greer’s speech earlier this year) is one fraught with all manner of logistical troubles.

For a detailed look at zero-point energy and the problem in harnessing it, follow the links in the references below. (2)

Greer seems to believe we have conquered these issues. Nevertheless, Greer is not a credible source from which to base such speculation. Moreover, Ryan has pointed out there are many myths about what Einstein said about Zero energy sources. These run counter to the bull Greer and his ilk say about Einstein.

“Einstein never made any claims that energy could come from the vacuum of space, nor did he support anything even closely resembling a concept some pseudo-scientists are pushing called “zero-point” energy.” (3)

Author and editor of “Jane’s Defence Weekly” Nick Cook, delved into the area of Zero Point Energy/Anti-Gravity and what he believed were the United States military’s experiments with it. I agree with Slate’s review of his book “The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology”; some of Cook’s sources were decidedly uneven. The hype about Nazi experimentation is overstated.

Nevertheless, his hypothesis concerning the United States experimentation with anti-matter and other alternative energies, which he states both in his book and the 2005 documentary “UFOs: The Secret Evidence” have an air of truth to them. (4) (5) Mark Pilkington, another credible source, has written about zero point energy from time to time. (6)

TSW’s own Dennis Dufrene recently wrote about its potential acquisition and the problems facing anti-matter utilization. (7) Antimatter and Zero Point energy are different takes on the same free energy subject.

Yet, there is another repetitive theme seldom acknowledged by cranks. U.S intelligence has a field day targeting cranks like Greer with tales of all kinds of free energy stories. Ryan Dube, Steve Broadbent, Mark Pilkington, Greg Bishop, Martin Cannon, and I (to name a few) have written at length about dodgy counter-intelligence operations against flaky UFO figures.

steven greer

The Gullible Con-Man Mr. Greer

Nevertheless, Mr. Greer cannot stop bragging about his contacts in the agency. He continually claims he briefed CIA director James Woolsey. The reality is it was a conversation over dinner with numerous witnesses. In this regard, I have to back up Woolsey, who denied his conversation was a briefing, and berated Greer’s exaggerating the extent of the discussion (another sad indictment for Greer). When do CIA briefings take place during dinner parties, with spouses present?

Seriously, if I were to have dinner with a CIA high up, I would be serving their agenda. Only the deluded like Greer would believe this to be a meeting of mutual respect. I am also at odds with Greer’s manipulation of the late Senator Daniel Inoyue’s comments in his rather banal conspiracy/aliens documentary “Sirius” and the general banality of his “Disclosure Project”.

“[There exists] a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

Inoyue was not discussing UFO’s in any context. He was discussing the Iran-Contra scandal. (8)

Eisenhower was not discussing or referring to the secret UFO budget when he made his speech about the MIC, nor was JFK trying to solve the UFO secret. (9) Greer shows no regard for the historical record. So why should anybody give him any credibility? You may recall Greer lied about a CIA briefing and twisted Einstein around to suit his purposes.

zero point

Discredited by Fellow Kooks

What I find funny about Greer is that he divides the fruitcake community he claims to champion. Guys like Bill Ryan do not like him much, nor do cranks on forums who state he is a fraud. (10)

One can’t help but notice that behind all of Greer’s snake oil musings is an overwhelming sense of self-importance. He seems to overlook that there may or may not be advances in this technology. Why obsess about Zero point energy, when there are numerous free energy alternatives out there that are now in the public domain?

Moreover, there are too many now for the powers to make disappear. Thus, much of Greer’s discussion discounts the impact the Internet has had on the energy debate.

It is clear now that fossil fuel based companies are trying to discredit other forms of energy generation. Greer thus tries to discredit contemporary alternate energy sources. His reason for disdain is that current tech is not yet at Star Trek level. I do not care about suppression, there is still no excuse to abandon environmentally safer alternatives in the present. Because, if we do not seek out other energy sources, we may not have a very bright future.

The concept of looking at yet undiscovered energy sources is abstract, and Dr. Greer obviously has trouble getting his head around the idea.

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  • celsiusrising

    Methinks that Seamus seems to have an agenda of his own. He conveniently ignores the worthwhile Sirius disclosures brought about by Greer, and focuses solely on his negative attributes. The truly unnecessary jab at Richard Dolan is somewhat bewildering. It’s starting to smell like envy…In any case, Seamus comes off just as unbalanced as Dr. Greer.

  • “worthwhile Sirius disclosures” — you have to be kidding, right?

  • will777

    Please be more specific on the “worthwhile Sirius disclosures”. Coming from someone who used to have so much interest before the release of the Sirius documentary, watched the Sirius documentary, poured over every bit of The Orion Project documentation, and has waited for over four years for anything, anything at all; really….anything worthwhile to come out of the energy projects that had hundreds of thousands in donations collected with nothing materializing since then, I would love to hear more from what you have found that is practically worthwhile from anything involving Greer. Really, in case you haven’t gotten my point, anything at all.

  • Open minded – but not so open minded that the wind blows right through.

    Those are the same names always spouted off – they never change. It’s always Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper. Buzz Aldrin has been grossly misquoted by believers. Also, I wouldn’t go around claiming Paul Hellyer is an authority.

  • t

    JFK was talking about almost identical issues with the state of the world and who is controlling most things, posing a danger to all humans. Was he a “kook” also? No one would perpetuate a lie for so long to make a few bucks. The one thing that you can’t deny is he has a lot of well-to-do professional people saying some pretty shocking stuff and if you can fathom people having trillions of dollars (that’s a million of a million dollars you better fu*king believe it that they will do whatever it takes to keep that power and control. So focus on taking what Greer says and pushing it further to get the truth. Think along the lines of “Why would the US government keep patents secret for over 50 years?” What could of been invented 50 years or more ago that is so top secret? What documents would have to be kept secret that long? Put the onus on the government agencies and politicians, not on guys like Greer.
    As far as Greer making money doing this, so what? You need money to live. Nurses and doctors make money on peoples suffering, do you criticize them too?

  • t

    I think you’re all over analyzing Greer. A lot of what he says is plausible and there are many secrets the government is keeping, not for national security but to not lose their power. Listen to JFK and what he says about the military industrial complex and secret societies. If there really was some form of free energy you bet it would be kept secret!

  • Nurses and doctors don’t make money conning people (well…unless you count overpriced prescriptions from companies that buy doctors gifts for prescribing them – but that’s a whole other article…). Most of the so-called “witnesses” of Greer’s are not even legit.

  • John

    Wow, here is a guy – admittedly out there – who definitely has a presence, made news, spoke with the president, has spoken in front of congress and been called numerous times to high level positions and you attack small ideas such as who he spoke with and downplay his connections? Why can’t you just say “I don’t believe him” instead of being a dick about it? This is reflects poorly on your writing style.

  • You do realize that when he claims he “spoke with the president”, that he doesn’t mean in person, right? How there could be anyone who would take this guy seriously is just beyond me.

    “Dr. Greer apparently has a very active astral life. While he never got to meet Bill Clinton in person, he says he has met with the President a number of times astrally and the two would confer.”

  • John

    You’re right. We need an altruistic, level-headed politician who cares not about money and who fights for our rights. Now where are these men?

  • Marcus Christensen

    Proof that they are not legit? Please give any objective evidence at all that they are lying. There is sure evidence that support that they are telling the truth and that is they are risking their careers and 1-5 years in prison for lying to congress.

  • Kev

    From my perspective, those individuals (Greer’s witnesses) have only concurrent testimonies that contact has been made with ETs. That’s completely different than claiming a zero-point energy source that’s the size of a microwave, with zero waste or risk, hazard-free, that can provide all necessary power to a house for 100 years, at the cost of a central air system (quantum mechanics refutes that claim, but, I digress). Greer has never brought forth any practical evidence of the energy source, or a logical explanation of how it might work. The evidence he claims always comes from “he said, she said,” friends of friends, “I know a guy who did this and that,” secret documents, an accidentally declassified confidential letter that later was reclassified, and platitudes of shadow governments & corporations. It’s exhausting. And for some reason every year that goes by, Greer’s promised date of “Disclosure” always gets postponed, like clockwork. He never delivers. He always over promises, and under produces.
    On a side note, has anyone asked Greer how he communicates with ETs light years away in real time? Because it seems that his communications with aliens through cognitive “channelling” miraculously travels much, much faster than the speed of light. According to him and his community, within seconds of evoking these beings through meditation, they reply and/or visit within a matter of seconds, after originating from many light years away from Sol (our solar system).

  • AlohaSnackbar

    @John. Greer NEVER spoke to any President or ‘debriefed’ them about UFO’s. Greer conveniently says that no higher ups in the govt will admit to being ‘briefed’ by him because its top secret. Greer is a hack and a fraud. He’s as genuine as a pair of Ray Bans selling for $3 at a flea market on Patpong Road in Bangkok. If he has evidence of his alleged ‘debriefs’ I’d like to see proof that has been analyzed by peer-reviewed scientists. Until then, I call BS.

  • SRR126

    Funny how none of you folks are actually – you know – engineers who actually understand this stuff.
    Read some thermodynamics – but of course that is also a government plot.

  • Lee

    This article is not a joke, I’m an engineer who has actually helped develop a new energy technology, Greer does not want to know ! – Disclosure is a scam !

  • Eue Jin Jeong

    Yes Greer will not help humanity going to the next level of civilization. He has all the information but he is not sharing it with everybody.

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