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UFO Reports Spike 25 Percent in July – Find Out Why

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UFO Reports Spike 25 Percent in July – Find Out Why
The National UFO Reporting Center experienced a rash of strange and multiple sightings from the same locations during July 2014. The number of UFO reports for the month was larger than normal, totaling 1,031. (1)

The first thing that is noticeable with the increased number of reports is that the majority of witnesses remained anonymous with no contact information given for follow-up or investigation.

This is understandable, especially since so much information is displayed for public viewing. The UFO culture has a long history of witnesses being ridiculed, harassed and intimidated. People are very reluctant to open themselves up to that kind of attack. The UFO water is very murky with hoaxes and faked evidence that often makes distinguishing the truth impossible. (2)

With the increase in UFO sightings came some cluster reports for states and in many instances in specific townships.

– In Texas, there were 30 UFO reports filed for July 12. In Austin, five reports were filed on that date. Eyewitnesses reported two bright lights moving at rapid speed. One report stated that the two objects appeared to be chasing each other. Another eyewitness described how one white light split into two lights – one red and the other yellow/white.

– In Pennsylvania, 70 reports of UFOs were filed in July, ranging from yellow orange lights to one report of 10 objects flying in formation. Out of those were a few cluster reports:
— 14 on July 4
— 6 on July 19
— 12 on July 5

– In SC, (mostly along the coast) there were 26 UFO reports filed.

Over 200 UFOs Seen Flying over Lake Arrowhead, California

In California, 66 UFO reports were filed for July 2014,with the strangest sightings reported on July 4 over Lake Arrowhead. Three reports state that the witnesses were watching the 4th of July fireworks and afterwards, around 9:30 p.m., saw numerous mysterious lights traveling above the lake in a northern direction. Witnesses described fast-flying green and blue lights.

One witness mentions being with a group of people and seeing over 200 fast-moving objects and writes:

“At 21:31 hours we saw 15 of them in a group heading in the same northern direction over the clouds. At 21:36 hours, there were fifty or more flying over the western side of the deck that I counted and some of the other witnesses on the eastern side of the deck was seeing a bunch more looking to the eastern sky.

“At 21:45 hours another group filled the sky, blue in color now, some were about ten thousand feet and some up around thirty-thousand feet, there may have been a hundred of them. They were not all the same shape, but flying fast and in a northern direction.” (3)

The second report states, “Two groups of light green/blue spherical lights appeared over the west end of the lake and traveled at a fairly high speed over the north side of the lake and disappeared in the east. This was right after the fireworks display on the lake so several hundred people are potential witnesses. I know several near us witnessed the phenomenon.” (4)

The third eyewitness states, “Maybe 60-100 green objects heading northward across the central portion of the sky and towards the end there where [were] a couple blue ones.” (5)

ufo reports

Could Time of Year Account for Increased Number of UFO Sightings?

There are two factors to consider when examining the history of July reports of UFO sightings. July is the month of a national holiday. Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th. Fireworks displays aren’t limited to just that one day.

Many people continue to shoot fireworks before and after the week of the Fourth. It should be considered that a percentage of the UFO reports could simply be people catching the tail end of fireworks at a distance and why the event lasts only 1-3 seconds.

The second factor could be that people participate more in outside activities during the summer month of July and that means there are more eyes on the skies. According to a Gallup poll, July is the most popular month for summer vacations with 51% of Americans making July the month for family vacations. August is the second most popular month with 35% Americans vacationing that month. (6)

When examining the history of July UFO reports, July seems to be a peak month of UFO activity. Over the past six years, July peak UFOs reports include:

– 972 for July 2013
– 933 for July 2012
– 761 for July 2011
– 841 for July 2010
– 610 for July 2009

When compared to the month before and after July, a pattern seems to emerge.


– 06/2014 = 752
– 07/2014 = 1031
– 08/2014 = 857


– 06/2013 = 631
– 07/2013 = 972
– 08/2013 = 904


– 06/2012 = 755
– 07/2012 = 933
– 08/2012 = 893


– 06/2011 = 399
– 07/2011 = 761
– 08/2011 = 639


– 06/2010 = 382
– 07/2010 = 841
– 08/2010 = 528

It could be coincidental, but during most years, the month of September typically reveals a significant drop in the number of UFO reports filed. There is one exception that occurred in 2009 where there was an increase in UFO reports from August to September.

ufo beach

A Closer Look

While the fluctuation in the number of reported UFOs from one month to another is open to interpretation, it’s significant enough of a pattern to warrant closer examination of possible reasons.

When the reports that may be explained by various factors, such as fireworks are taken out of the total number of UFO reports, there still remains a significant number that can’t be explained away as being drones, fireworks, light phenomena or weather balloons.

The reports of triangle shaped objects that have haunted the skies for decades continue to point to some type of aircraft that many have speculated are secret US military aircraft.

Still, there are reports that capture the imagination and intrigue, such as cluster reports where multiple sightings have been made on the same night describing the same object or a large fleet of UFOs witnessed. These are events that demand investigation to determine if they are authentic UFOs or something else unknown or unrecognized.

Without video or photographic evidence to support these reports, they simply remain eyewitness accounts of sightings that may or may not be actual UFOs.

References & Image Credits:
(2) TSW: Multiple Witnesses on Australia Beach Spot Bright Hovering UFO
(6) Gallup
(7) Todd Huffman via Compfight cc

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