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Americans: Who’s Your Enemy Now?

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Americans: Who’s Your Enemy Now?
Each generation of Americans has faced one or more imposing threats to the American way of life – that being freedom and liberty.

However, each generation in America has also witnessed the slow, but dramatic growth of what is now an enormous and powerful corporate-military-industrial complex. That’s the buzz-phrase from countless Alex Jones rants and late night Coast-To-Coast radio talk show sessions – but it is none-the-less based in some truth.

And now, as the world enters into the second decade of the new millennium, the alleged threats and dangers no longer come from one direction, but from many.

How real are those threats, and how much of the rhetoric is contrived in the halls of the U.S. intelligence community? Is there truly a hatred of freedom and liberty, or are Americans presented with mere shadows of the truth and expected to believe the official story?

Understanding the True Threat

Today, America and the Western world is facing threats from multiple directions – whether it’s commercial espionage and sabotage from China, being beheaded by members of the Islamic State (ISIS), or being nuked by an arrogant Vladimir Putin.

These are the images that are painted for the American public and the Western world daily throughout the Corporate-funded world media. But how accurate are those images?

Well, right now all Americans are being presented of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group is that it’s some new terrorist threat – an offshoot of Al Qaeda, or more specifically, Al Qaeda in Iraq. This is only the end of the story, not the beginning.

What the U.S. government doesn’t want the world to focus on is the fact that the CIA was very active in supplying Libyan rebels with support to take down Gaddafi. Unfortunately, in an effort to take out one enemy of freedom, the CIA got in bed with another — many of the Libyan rebels included Al-Qaeda backed jihadists who were also Al-Qaeda in Iraq. (1)

isis threat

Then there’s the Western and Saudi weapons sent to organizations that opposed the Syrian government, and those weapons made it into the hands of ISIS. (1)

Veteran war reporter Patrick Cockburn pointed out this blatant contradiction in recent U.S. policy regarding ISIS, in an interview with Counterpunch.

“So it’s rather an extraordinary situation that you have America and the other Westerners and powers saying we’re going to intervene against ISIS but we’re not going to do anything to help Assad. But Assad is the main enemy of ISIS and if they’re trying to weaken Assad then they help ISIS. And it’s the result of their, to my mind, catastrophic policies over the last two years.” (1)

In other words, when Syria and Assad was the American “enemy”, the U.S. Intelligence community was willing to use every unethical, underhanded tactic to take Assad down, even if it meant providing training and resources to some very unsavory groups.

isis training

Who’s The Enemy of the Day?

Now that one of those unsavory groups has turned its decapitating blades on Americans, the Intelligence community is left to explain exactly why they would provide support to such a group — now Americans must believe ISIS is the new enemy to fear.

But what about Assad and the Syrian nuclear threat – is that no longer of concern? Will we start collaborating with the Syrian regime to wipe out ISIS…essentially adopting the lesser of two evils? Is this the only way the intelligence community is capable of operating?

And, you know, what are they going to do if ISIS advances into Aleppo? Are they going to bomb it there at the same time as the Syrian Air Force is bombing ISIS? How do they know that Syrian Air Force planes are not going to try to shoot down American planes? Of course, what they will do, I think, is have covert relations with the Assad government. (1)

On September 3rd, retired Lt. General Tom McInerney admitted that “..we helped build ISIS.”

Of course, if you share this with anyone who only watches the evening news and doesn’t bother to actually dig into the real background behind ISIS, you’ll be called a conspiracy theorist. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t take very much digging to prove it.

In May of 2014, PBS released a full report where they interviewed Syrian rebels who admitted being trained by the U.S. in Qatar. These CIA trained rebels were being taught – against the Geneva conventions – how to capture enemy soldiers and execute them, in order to terrorize the enemy.

These so-called “terrorists” were trained in the art of terrorism by our very own CIA. The conditions created in Iraq after 2008 and 2009 – leading to disillusionment on the part of the Sunnis with the U.S. supported Shia government created a fertile ground for ISIS.

Through the use of those CIA-provided terror skills, ISIS became stronger and more fearsome in the region and in the world. Yet another CIA-created monster has grown too large, and now the American public is expected to accept that it has a new enemy that supposedly came out of nowhere.

Maybe the real enemy of American liberty and freedom is the Intelligence Community itself and the failed foreign policies of the last few Presidential administrations.

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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