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Disrespectful 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracies Need to Stop

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Disrespectful 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracies Need to Stop
Within 30 minutes of two planes hitting the twin towers of the World Trade Center, a hijacked Boeing 757 bound for Los Angeles crashed into the west side of the Pentagon, loaded with 10,000 gallons of fuel and traveling at 345mph.

Questions and doubts related to the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon began to surface almost immediately, namely that a missile was responsible for the attacks rather than a plane. The fuel for the Pentagon conspiracies stemmed primarily through the lack of public photographs of a 757 crashing into the Pentagon.

Despite numerous conspiracy theories in circulation about the 9/11 Pentagon attack there is overwhelming evidence that proves a plane, not a missile, struck the Pentagon.

Take a look at some of the current 9/11 conspiracies surrounding the Pentagon attack and the evidence that proves these theories are nothing more than unsubstantiated collusions.

Despite the fact dozens of witnesses saw a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, many conspiracy advocates insist a missile was responsible for the devastation.

Conspiracy Theory 1 – Holes Were Too Small

One of the most popular conspiracies surrounding the 9/11 attack is related to the size of the holes created by the impact of the crash.

Immediately after the attack, two holes were visible on the building, a 75ft-wide entry hole in an exterior wall and a 16ft-wide hole in the Pentagon’s middle ring.

“How could a plane 125ft-wide and 155ft-long fit into a hole that just 16ft in width?” ask the conspiracy theorists.

Evidence that completely shuns this theory can be found in the (1) ASCE Pentagon Building Performance Report. In reality, the exterior façade of the building collapsed approximately 20 minutes after the crash occurred but the ASCE based its report on the original hole which was found on the support columns on the first floor which were damaged or destroyed.

But that still doesn’t explain why the width of the hole didn’t correlate to the width of the plane. Mete Sozen, ASCE team member and professor of structural engineering at Purdue University explains all.

According to Sozen, a crashing plane doesn’t punch a “cartoon-like outline of itself into a reinforced concrete building.” In the case of the 757 that hit the Pentagon, one wing hit the building and the other was forced off by the impact with the building’s load-bearing columns. The remains of the plane then entered into the building in a state “closer to a liquid than a solid mass.”

pentagon attack

Conspiracy Theory 2 – Windows Were Still Intact

One would think that if a plane travelling at 345 mph hit a building, the first thing to shatter would be the windows. This popular assumption about glass shattering under forceful impacts gave conspiracists plenty of fodder to feed off.

Pentagon Strike, an online animation site, (2) claims that the photos which showed the windows were still intact, even directly above the crash site, proves a missile or much smaller aircraft must have hit it.

The truth of the matter is that whilst many of the Pentagon’s windows did remain intact on 9/11, they were blast-resistant, so isn’t that what they were supposed to do?

pentagon is functioning

Conspiracy Theory 3 – And What about the Debris?

Another popular conspiracy theory involving the Pentagon is that there was no plane wreckage. By stating: “In reality, a Boeing 757 was never found,” Pentagon Strike begs the question, “What hit the Pentagon on 9/11?”

Despite claims that a “plane was never found”, Allyn Kilsheimer, the first structural engineer to arrive at the Pentagon following the attack to help coordinate the rescue mission, says there “was absolutely a plane”.

“I saw the marks on the plane wing on the face of the building. I picked up parts of the plane with the airline markings on them. I held in my hand the tail section of the plane, and I found the black box,” said Kilsheimer.

Which brings us on to the black box.

Further evidence that it was indeed a plane that hit the Pentagon is the fact that (3) workers recovered the “black box” flight data recorders from the collapsed part of the building where the place slammed into it.

“Black boxes” are compulsory equipment in every commercial or corporate jet. They include the flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder. They are typically kept in the tail of an aircraft where they are most likely to survive a crash.

The fact the black box data was found in the Pentagon wreckage is evidence that a plane crashed into the building.

The black boxes were not the only items recovered from the wreckage that proves it was a plane that crashed into it. A (4) set of flight attendant’s wings and a pin was found in the debris and put into the unclaimed personal effects from the 9/11 attacks. The items were eventually transferred to a military unit designed to return personal effects to victim’s families, known as the Joint Personal Effects Depot (JPED).

As we can see, there is overwhelming evidence to prove that the Pentagon was hit by a plane on 9/11. In light of the evidence, the disrespectful 9/11 Pentagon conspiracy theories need to stop.

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  • Rich

    Your “evidence” is NOT overwhelming. as to people saying they saw things I say it can be considered but they need to be questioned more as the people who [controlled] explosions at twin towers and WTC7 said over and over again and testified, yet it is not in the official findings and simply dismissed. This is why the conspiracy exist. because the official explanations for facts make NO sense and we are simply dismissed. It is obvious we are being lied to. And when that happens one begins to ask more questions and digging deeper. Bottom line is the wreckage at the pentagon does not literally fit! no one has bothered to explain how the plane managed to make a hole and not a gash as the two planes did in the towers. 911 was a planned criminal event much like Reichstag and the gulf of tonkin. It does happen!

  • Dan Bland

    The NYC families of the victims started the Truth movement. I stand with these families,

  • Molly Riley

    It is not disrespectful to want to know the truth.

  • Dan Bland

    Look at the photo with the article. Look at the fire trucks. Now how much bigger is a 757 than a fire truck? Look at the outer ring of the Pentagon and how wide it is. Can a 757disappear into hat outer ring?

  • Dan Bland

    Where is the 757 in that photo?

  • Mike B

    Disrespectful ignorance and sell-out establishment journalism needs to stop.

  • Alan Folsom

    You can’t be so top secret that you don’t know that our own government and Israel are responsible for 9/11. You’re way behind the curve. If you’re so top secret, then why are you blabbing your mouth off?

  • ‘J’ Canaan Greene

    Is this supposed to be satire?

  • Chris Nixon

    where is the video of the plane crashing? you are trying to tell me the the most secure mini city in the country has no video of the crash they are willing to release? the only video EVER released was from a shitty camera in a security booth. i KNOW the pentagon has better cameras then the one released. Also youre Allyn Kilsheimer has claimed he “held flight crew uniforms in his own hands”. how the fuck could he hold crew uniforms in his hands when the plane exploded into a fireball

  • ettk45

    I assume this is meant to be satire, but it reads more like comedy.

  • Sadly this article will do very little to persuade the “No-Planers” from their steadfast belief that the real conspiracy at the pentagon somehow revolves around plane debris or lack thereof…. (personally I think it’s all disinfo) Meanwhile these people and the author of this article can completely ignoring much more important facts and information about the Pentagon and 9/11 such as the $2.3 Trillion that Rumsfeld announced missing the day before, or the ‘coincidence’ that AMEC Construction just happened to complete a $258 Million refurbishment to the exact wedge of the Pentagon that was struck in the 9/11 attacks. Or that terrorists hell bent on causing the most destruction to the US possible decided not to fly their plane into the north wing where all the most important offices were at the Pentagon, but rather into the only wing that had recently been remodeled to withstand massive impact damage, and also happened to contain the Pentagon’s financial accounting office. Part of the reason for the lack of impact damage to the building facade at the Pentagon was due to the fact that it was recently reconstructed with bomb and bullet resistant siding and windows, by a contractor who was also later hired to clean up both the Pentagon and WTC sites. **Editor Note: Removed personal link**

  • sisterlauren

    one wing hit the building and the other was forced off by the impact with the building’s load-bearing columns. The remains of the plane then entered into the building in a state “closer to a liquid than a solid mass.”

    This is a joke, right?

  • pope

    People want to SEE the evidence. According to science, those wings should have sheared off the plane, not disappear.

  • Guest

    Groupthink is poisonous… if a plane hit the pentagon, why not release the camera footage from the gas station across the street (confiscated within minutes of the “crash”) that would clearly show our airliner. Also, Shanksville? Really?

  • Rocco from NJ

    Know how the conspiracy theories can definitively stop? Show one video of the plane actually going into the Pentagon. The most highly protected and secure building in the United States doesn’t have one camera showing a plane hitting it. Not buying it.

  • Nominay

    If I recall correctly, security cameras from other public establishments near the Pentagon were confiscated as to not show what approached it.

  • No – it’s one of the few that actually take on this topic in a serious, sane manner.

  • Bob Sims

    I could not agree more with you.

  • Bob Sims

    Exactly true. They were all confiscated and never shown to the public.

  • Bob Sims

    I think we already know the answers, don’t we?

  • Bob Sims

    “Liquid,” he claims? Well then, drink up the kool aid, Mr. Hoaxer.

  • Bob Sims

    Didn’t you read that it turned into liquid? That’s believable, right? LOL

  • Bob Sims

    He said it was like liquid, not a plane, once it hit. That makes sense, right? Kool aid anyone?

  • Bob Sims

    Excuse me, but you call this article serious and sane, especially the part about the plane acting like a liquid? Kool aid anyone?

  • Mr Twank L Bang

    Yeah, I was hoping you might have some overwhelming evidence but the testimony of one engineer and 3 anonymous workers finding 3 black box too damaged to retrieve any info, “numerous” people that saw the plane (though you didn’t bother to at least identify one. I know of one [the cab driver] but his story lacks credibility and shifts each time he tells it), an overly simplified explanation of the hole (I might buy into this easier if there were actual photographs of the wings that had broken off, or at least pieces of it, esp pieces that aren’t the engine of a smaller plane [also, I kind of get what Sozen is saying about the “liquid” state of the plane as an explanation of the collision, but this story sounds even stranger {not saying it’s not possible, just strange} when you try and match it up with all the intact knick-knacks of evidence [the pin-on wings, the terrorist’s drivers license] while everything else seemingly {at least in the way of photographic evidence} evaporates]) just doesn’t seem like enough evidence to say that one shouldn’t question the story. So, if you want to finally disprove all of the crazies out there for believing (or not believing, depending on your pov) go out there and actually do some investigative reporting. Talk to the cab driver. Find the photographic evidence. Talk to the other eyewitnesses who disagree with your yet to be identified witnesses (at least in this article). Try and find out why the gov has yet to release the video evidence from the gas station. Talk to the Pilots for 911 Truth, as well as Architects & Engineers for 911 truth, and find out why these seemingly level headed, experienced and educated individuals would disagree with the official story. Then, once you’ve done all that, then tell me why all the dumb people who question the story (the ones you deem to be disrespectful “conspiracists” ) should shut up already, because what you’ve presented here just isn’t going to cut the mustard, and will likely only strengthen the beliefs of the “conspiracists.”

  • Thara Spooner

    Yes, that you are a conspiracy theorist who is not worth listening to.

  • Bob

    The only disrespectful request is the title asking us to turn off our critical thinking abilities.

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