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Ghosts and Entities: What The Human Eye Can’t See

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Ghosts and Entities: What The Human Eye Can’t See
We do not often think about it, but there are entire worlds around us that are totally hidden from our view. There are tiny microscopic ecosystems that thrive on our very bodies. Ones so small, we cannot see them with our naked eyes.

However, it is just not the very small that eludes the human eye. There are a number colors and energies that are invisible to the human eye. These invisible worlds are not conjecture, they have been proven with science.

One has to wonder if it could be possible that the haunting phenomenon could be explained, at least in part, by the existence of these invisible worlds.

Now, before you roll your eyes and immediately jump to the comment section to slam what I am going to say, hear me out.

The human species is a curious one and has always striven to explain the natural world around us – even if we did not fully understand what we were observing. For example, in Greek Mythology, the Sun was a chariot of fire that was driven across the sky by Helios. In Ancient Egypt, as well as many other ancient cultures, it was believed that disease was caused by evil spirits or angry gods. (1)

With these facts in mind, it is not much of a stretch to theorize that we may be trying to explain an unknown natural phenomenon with the idea of hauntings committed by ghosts and entities; or, bear with me here, that hauntings are a natural phenomenon that can be scientifically studied by understanding these worlds that are invisible to the human eye.

Infrared Spectrum

Let’s take the most popular and well-known invisible world: the infrared world. Anyone who has ever seen one of those ghosts hunting reality television shows has seen the use of the ever-present infrared camera. Unfortunately, these devices are poorly used and not fully understood in the realm of reality T.V. More often, they are used for dramatic effect.

There is no scientific proof that ghosts or spirits exist in an infrared spectrum, if they exist at all. It is just as plausible that these entities could exist in a microwave spectrum of light. However, instead of lurking around old houses picking up the residual heat of a self-proclaimed ghost hunter, infrared cameras can be put to better use. Such as, seeing underground.

Engineers at Ryerson University and the American University of Beirut in Lebanon are using infrared imaging technology to discover underground land mines. (2) Additionally, geologists often use infrared tech to study geologic processes invisible to the naked eye.

Put to the proper use, infrared cameras could be used to study geology’s role in many haunting cases. It would not be the first time a haunting was explained with geology.

The Moodus Noises of Connecticut, which has a long history of eerie sounds emitting from the wilderness, is theorized to be the result of geologic processes. “…in the 1980’s geophysicists began to investigate possible causes. They eventually determined that the Noises were the result of little earthquakes, or microquakes.” (3) Instead of using infrared to peer into old buildings, maybe we should be pointing into the ground.

The infrared spectrum in not the only invisible world. Scientists have created a new coating known as “Super-Black”. This coating absorbs 99.9% of all visible light. Chief Technology Officer Ben Jensen of Nanosystems, the company who created it, stated that if clothing were made from it then, “you would lose all features of the dress. It would just be something black passing through.”

NASA has their own version as well. According to NASA:

“NASA engineers have produced a material that absorbs on average more than 99 percent of the ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and far-infrared light that hits it.” (5)

Though this material is entirely man-made, could there be a version of super-black that exists in nature? If so, could such a natural super-black be used to explain Shadow People hauntings that are described has featureless black entities?


Are There Ghosts?

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by worlds imperceivable to the human eye.

Moreover, the haunting phenomenon has persisted since the beginning of human history.

Could it be that we are trying to explain an unknown natural phenomenon with the idea of ghosts and hauntings?

Could that phenomenon be better studied if we took a closer look at those invisible worlds?

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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