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ISIS – How the CIA Created Americas New Alleged Enemy

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ISIS – How the CIA Created Americas New Alleged Enemy

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Recently Al-Jazeera alleged the beheadings of journalists by the ISIS group in Iraq were staged events. I do not really have an opinion of this as I think it is misleading.

Thousands of people have had their heads blown off via Coalition actions in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001-2003. No one is calling these deaths fakes. The incompetent actions of the liberators ignited a powder keg from which ISIS sprung.

Thus, when we see this group’s grotesque act of violence, we remove it from any context. Without context ISIS, and their victims become a grotesque cliché. Furthermore, real concerns about the CIA’s potential dabbling with ISIS are trivialized.

Believe it or not, the Middle East has had strong functioning democracies. However, Western powers, keen on the resources in the region (or paranoid about Russian, and Chinese investment) know they can become hotbeds of factionalism. Therefore, the West enjoys stirring up hornets’ nests over there.

The ousting of strong men like Hussein and Gadaffi destroyed their countries, and ensured ongoing civil war. If you enforce Western style democracy, with a US aligned puppet government, and enforce privatization on a mixed economy. What else will a jobless, disconnected population do? Make someone a lot of money for all their suffering is what!

Readymade international crises from which one can sell arms and protect the flow of oil is a sure fire winner for profit. It also keeps those pesky Russians and Chinese we talked about on their toes in places like Syria.

Just over a year ago, the Telegraph reported President Obama was sending CIA trained rebel cells into Syria. These cells, according to his administration, were supposedly of the “moderate” kind. (1) However, a year after staggering gains from ISIS extremists who annexed large swathes of Northern Syria and Iraq, one has to wonder where the United States intelligence operation went wrong. Or, was creating a new menacing threat part of the plan?

A Lack of Decent Sources

The above is not a conspiracy theory, it is the economic vision our crazed ruling elite share. Moreover, the people discussing these geo-political issues are not twits like Jim Fetzer, David Wilcock, Alex Jones, or Kevin Barrett (more about him later). They are serious folks like Naomi Klein, Bill Blum, John Pilger, Joel Bakan, Howard Zinn, Dick Mahoney, and Chris Hedges to name a few. Nevertheless, getting sources of their class confirming the CIA’s current involvement with ISIS is tough.

Ex-CIA agent Steven Kelly has recently claimed ISIS is nothing but a fake organisation. (2) Sure, this sounds compelling; however, Kelly hangs out with Billie Meier and his gang, and indulges in all manner of Project Camelot hijinks. Thus, he is not a reliable source. (3)

Kurt Nimmo cropped up with a similar story concerning a dubious document circulating around linking ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s to the agency and the British. However, Glen Grenwald no friend of the agency and Snowden’s associate has effectively debunked the claim. (4)

Despite these bogus claims concerning Snowden and his use of a rabid Jim Fetzer advocate and loser like Kevin Barrett (standard for a person of Nimmo’s dubious research quality). He surprised me in finding some passable anecdotal source commentary.

Two articles in particular stuck out. One by Aaron Klein from World News Daily has an interesting selection of news reports concerning the United States, Britain, and France training Syrian rebels in Jordan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. (5) The best article was from Mother Jones by Jenna McLaughlin it concerned the gross failures in preventing radicalization at places like Camp Bucca where al-Baghdadi stayed.

Indeed, the suspicion surrounding Camp Bucca is worth examining briefly.

camp bucca

Is Camp Bucca the Key to al-Baghdadi?

The below statement came from the New York Times in early August of this year:

“The Pentagon says that Mr. Baghdadi, after being arrested in Falluja in early 2004, was released that December with a large group of other prisoners deemed low level. But Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi scholar who has researched Mr. Baghdadi’s life, sometimes on behalf of Iraqi intelligence, said that Mr. Baghdadi had spent five years in an American detention facility where, like many ISIS fighters now on the battlefield, he became more radicalized.” (6)

However, McLaughlin reported Baghdadi was a relatively peaceful dude. The Guardian reported in June that he was radicalized before his internment (7).

These three or so conflicting stories in the press are merely the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, one feels as if he could write an entire essay on the strange and conflicting accounts concerning Al Baghdadi. This, of course, makes one feel a little uneasy.

I have been writing about and researching this sort of stuff for a long time. The rise of Isis began roughly two or three years ago (depending on one’s source). When an individual like Baghdadi’s history is still “vague” in the MSM after all that time, it is highly likely US intelligence has had ties to an individual, but has not created an acceptable narrative/cover story.

Hence, let us return to his detention in Camp Bucca. How did his captors fail to build a coherent picture of him before, during, and after his five-year imprisonment when they had this amount of time to assess him?

Now, if one was not careful here they could run away into conspiracy la la land. The ever Fetzerian Kevin Barrett has claimed al-Baghdadi was the victim of CIA mind control in Bucca. He cites his evidence as “circumstantial”, however, and provides no direct evidence.

I am partial to the odd mind control angle from time to time myself. However, not from crank fantasists like Barrett, who never bother to ask why the CIA would experiment on al-Baghdadi when the prison environment was rife with anti-Western sentiment anyway. Barrett believes one would need to have mind control performed on them to become an enemy of the US. Yet were I imprisoned for five years against my will by a foreign invader I imagine I would come out the other end rather militant. Moreover, thanks to the disastrous U.S led occupations across the region for well over a decade there are potentially thousands of Baghdadis.


Conspiracy the Currency of Geo Political Craziness

Hence, the CIA certainly had a hand in creating the environments from whence people like Baghdadi emerged. All any potential Baghdadi needed was a prod in the right direction/covert funding, and eventually an embittered, articulate individual was bound to win the Jihadi leadership lottery.

ISIS turning up in Syria at the same time the United States started applying pressure certainly indicates some convenient usage of a useful idiot. Did the direction or encouragement of al-Baghdadi come from deep cover CIA operatives in Al Qaeda? That particular rabbit hole is worthy of numerous essay’s in itself; thus, a slightly easier task would be examining the agency’s ties and cut outs in Saudi, Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar, where monetary and personal support for ISIS comes from.

Direct US involvement in the Middle East goes back to the late 40s. The CIA’s dabbling in Syria began in the mid 50s. I believe finding credible sources to back up CIA/ISIS allegations will come above board eventually. I suspect Baghdadi’s tale and that of ISIS will be similar to the CIA’s role in the growth of the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

It will not surprise me either if it comes out ISIS was a force used to destabilize the region, and create a convenient enemy. Remember for all of the dropkicks like Barrett out there trying to make something spookier than it already is, global turmoil is not “conspiracy theory”. It is sadly the way things roll in the modern world when resources like oil are at stake. Hence, nothing should surprise the reader.

One of the more twisted details I envisaged happening was explained in my earlier article concerning ISIS and the United States using Iranian and Syrian special ops units or ground forces. (8)

David Cameron is meeting with Iranian officials as I write (9). Meanwhile, the United States is supposedly bombing ISIS positions in Syria, and funding anti Assad rebels. (10) Yet one has to wonder why Assad is not complaining about the arrangement; moreover, I doubt he is sitting back letting his rebel adversaries get the glory.

The reality is it is highly likely his well-equipped forces on the ground are providing intelligence and back up for the US. This all may sound bizarre; however, I advise anybody to read up on the crazed goings on behind the scenes of the Iran-Iraq conflict.

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