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Morality Crisis in China- Woman Beaten to Death as Bystanders Look on Part I

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Morality Crisis in China- Woman Beaten to Death as Bystanders Look on Part I
China’s morality crisis (1) has reached epic proportions (2). Years of communist rule and oppression has warped the values of many, which has led to a crisis of conscience.

A toddler was run over by two different cars, and nearly two dozen people stroll by but offer no help (3). A rich lady kills an itinerant worker with her Beemer (4) after threatening to do so. Wealthy businessman runs over an infant four times and then walks away unconcerned.

Warning: Some of the videos linked on this page are disturbing

In none of these cases did anyone lift a finger to help. At Shanghai airport, a Chinese college student stabs his mom in the gut and no one but a foreigner offers assistance. And the pain keeps coming (5).

The latest of these heart rendering stories is that a 20 year old mother was savagely beaten to death in a packed McDonald’s as its patrons merely watch. No one, including the employees attempted to save her life. For over three minutes the woman, named Wu, was beaten with an iron mop handle which lead to her demise.

As one can see from the video, the general lack of apathy is beyond disturbing. Nobody makes a move to stop the murder, but they merely look on as it unfolds. The question in the minds of so many is what could cause such a lack of empathy or care for human life. The Chinese, it would seem, have grown immune to the killing.

Some in China have claimed that the reason that none of the witnesses tried to help the girl was that they too were in fear for their lives. This argument would have more traction if those onlookers had been terrified enough to run away. Instead, they merely distance themselves from the slaughter and then watched on.

Surely if one is so frozen with fright that they cannot help an innocent woman, they don’t grab their ice cream sundae and then stand by the door and watch the brutality unfold, but that is precisely what happened.

China’s Moral Chasm

The communist party has created the perfect storm of apathy, lack of respect/religion/morals which has left many people with a gaping hole where their conscience should be.

Ancient Chinese believed that the emperor was essentially given the divine right to rule. Do to his elevated position, he presented model behavior that others could aspire to. Chinese would look to him for guidance and then emulate his acts, and so it is today. By virtue of what communism in China ‘stands for’, moral decay was inevitable.

“The Chinese Communist Party refers to its victory in 1949 as a ‘liberation’. The term brings to mind jubilant crowds taking to the streets to celebrate their newly won freedom, but in China the story of liberation and the revolution that followed is not one of peace, liberty and justice. It is first and foremost a history of calculated terror and systematic violence.” (6)

The communist party has an inglorious past characterized with deceit, oppression and brutality. Beijing controls all Chinese media and frequently rewrites (7) its history (8) and, so the facts surrounding their past are hard to come by. What little we know, however, sheds light on brutal behavior patterns characterizing their 64 plus year rule.

In its formative years, the communist party hid in the mountains while Chiang Kai-shek and the KMT fought off the Japanese who were forced to surrender by the allied troops. After this, Mao’s communists reengaged the KMT forces. In part, the battle weary KMT lost its control over China as America refused them support. Sporadic battles between the Mao’s forces and those of the KMT broke out, and the KMT retreated to Taiwan. Mao then took over China, his power uncontested.

Interestingly enough, most of the blood was not shed in protracted battles between the communists and KMT, but after the latter had retreated to Taiwan. It was after Mao formed what we now call the PRC that the brutality began.

china army

Mao Needed an Enemy

Following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union, Mao needed to create a common enemy to unite the Chinese. He then claimed that the problem of China was brought about by the rich landlords who oppressed the masses. Based on this, he created a class struggle, a la that in Russia.

As part of this plan, Mao mandated that exploitative landlords had to be found and punished. In order to achieve this, he set kill a quota of 1 person for every 1,000 (2). In other words, across China, one person per thousand had to be exterminated. This act had the dual effect of attracting destructive elements to the party and turning ‘normal’ men into killers (9).

According to Dikotter, communist cadres were punished if they did not catch and kill enough ‘wealthy landlords’. Some officials embraced this quota more than others and were rewarded for their hard work.

Within three years of taking over China, Mao had turned it into a killing field. Old scores were settled, and injustice reigned supreme. In order to fill their quotas, communist officials needed little to no proof in jailing or murdering people rumored to be enemies of the state, i.e.| oppressors of the masses. Things got so bad that people were jailed or worse on the flimsiest ‘evidence’. Communist officials feared that if they were soft on such enemies, they would be reprimanded. It was much easier to punish than to ask questions.

With everyone fearful of being called a landlord and beaten, jailed or killed, trust was non existent.

Things got worse as failed experiments in the late 50s went horribly wrong and tens of millions starved to death and atrocities such as cannibalism were not uncommon (10). The madness of Mao’s plans reached an apex in the 60s when China descended into anarchy.

Prior to this, families had been jointly punished. Everyone from wives and children of ‘landlords’ would be murdered, in truly collective fashion. This too became a thing of the past as now kids were pitted against their parents. Mao taught them to question the four year olds and convinced them that no one loved them more than the good Chairman. Children literally turned against their parents (11) beating them, calling them traitors, turning them over to the Red Guards, and even taking their lives.

This period’s legacy is indelibly burnt into the minds of China’s leaders, both past and present, as well as all those who survived it.

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