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Obama Says Ebola Is a Trial Run for Deadlier Airborne Disease

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Obama Says Ebola Is a Trial Run for Deadlier Airborne Disease
The Internet is buzzing with a YouTube clip of Obama talking about the Ebola cases in the US. The President says, “If there’s a silver lining in all the attention that the Ebola situation’s received over the last several weeks, it’s a reminder of how important our public health systems are and in many ways what this has done is elevated that importance.

“There may come a time, sometime in the future where we are dealing with an airborne disease that is much easier to catch and is deadly. And, in some ways this has created at trial run for federal state and local public health officials and healthcare providers as well as the American people to understand the nature of that and why it’s so important that we’re continually building out our public healthcare systems, but we’re also practicing them. And, keeping them in tip-top shape and investing in them.”

Doomsday Professor Warns of Ebola Global Pandemic

With the recent Ebola outbreak, the Internet has regurgitated the controversy over a University of Texas Professor Eric Pianka whose keynote speech “The Vanishing Book of Life on Earth” when accepting the award as “Distinguished Scientists” was twisted to create yet another conspiracy theory.

Professor Pianka claims he was grossly misquoted in his comments on Ebola and falsely accused of teaching the ideology of genocide. (1) His original 2006 speech almost a decade ago is available online, but there is an eerie mention of pandemics and Ebola that bears reviewing. (2)

The conspiracy theorists latched onto the portion of Pianka’s speech as keynote speaker and created a theory that Pianka endorsed reducing the population by 90%. He stated, “And, I actually think the world will be much better off when only 10 or 20 percent of us are left.”

This kind of philosophy isn’t new. It’s found in the mysterious Georgia Guidestones that sets the ideal global human population at a mere 500,000. (3)

But putting aside this ideology, Pianka made a statement that creates a strong visual for anyone who hasn’t grasped the impact that a pandemic like the 1912 Spanish flu, Black Plague or some other virus leaves in its wake. (4)

Addressing the audience, Pianka discussed the harsh realities of a pandemic saying, “Now it is only a matter of time until Ebola zaire evolves and mutates a little, it will eventually become airborne, and then we might finally see it spread. And if it does, when it does finally sweep across the world — we’re going to have a lot of dead people. Every one of you that is lucky enough to survive gets to bury nine.” He concludes that he believes such a pandemic will be something other than Ebola.

The point is made by this biologist about the density of the human population and refers to overpopulation as, “a perfect substrate for an epidemic.”

the last ship

Will Life Imitate Art or History Repeat Itself?

There is an underlying preoccupation with doomsday scenario books and movies in the world of art. Perhaps these are a reflection of current times or addressing a more basic fear and recognition of how fragile human life is. Or, perhaps it’s the fear that history will repeat itself with a modern plague or the imaginings of what overpopulation will look like when it collapses upon itself.

Whatever the reason for such focus in art, these doomsday scenarios depict a deadly virus sweeping the world. The hit TV series “The Last Ship” is about a virus that has killed 80% of the world’s population. The CDC Doctor that is humanity’s last hope of finding a cure is on board the last US Navy destroyer that’s out at sea. (5)

In this scenario and others like it, the world is without infrastructure, anarchy reigns and the sick are a plague to the world. Pockets of survivors struggle to find food, water and shelter. Other types of epidemics are seen in zombie movies, such as World War Z (6) and the popular graphic novel turned TV series, The Walking Dead. (7)

Movies, such as Outbreak depict devastating results of global epidemics and how quickly the viruses spread. (8) The movie Contagion demonstrates how a simple unrecognized contaminate can innocently spread and how the virus rapidly moves from one person to the other in a matter of hours. Air travel takes the virus global within 24 hours. (9)

Whether the threat of a global epidemic is natural or a terrorist weapon, like the one depicted in the book, Absolute Zero, such an event is highly likely within large populations that have ease of global travel. (10)

We are warned by people like Professor Eric Pianka and others that such an epidemic is no longer “if” it will happen but a simple matter of “when”.

Is a global pandemic really inevitable? Would you feel safe should a full-blown outbreak of Ebola strike the US? What would happen in the area where you live should a pandemic occur? Would the healthcare system be able to handle the demand? Would food supplies be sustainable or would your community deteriorate into lawlessness and anarchy?

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  • I just want to point out that the world has suffered devastatingly deadly infectious diseases in the past (bubonic plague, smallpox, Spanish flu, AIDS, tuberculosis, polio, plus a hundred lesser known ones), several millions are still infected every year (HIV, dengue fever, influenza, hepatitis, etc), and even so we have 7 billion people on earth.

    I’m optimistic.


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