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Did James Files Assassinate John F Kennedy?

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Did James Files Assassinate John F Kennedy?
With the Kennedy assassination, one has some stark choices. You can take the point of view that there was a sole assassin, or you may believe there was more than one gunman. The latter angle, while rather exciting, is often as challenged as Arlen Spector’s magic bullet. The big problem is kooks just can’t stop making stuff up about the knoll.

The crazies began cracking in on the case in the late 60s. There are still folks (most of them now decidedly older) advocating all manner of individuals in on the purported hit in Dealey Plaza now. Some researchers treated these allegations with varying levels of interest in the pre-ARRB era; indeed, some useful authors like Henry Hurt explored some potential button men. For the most part; however, serious investigators never pinned their belief in a conspiracy on the personal identification of an individual on the knoll.

Today, many commentators for and against conspiracy seem to agree on one thing. Were a plot enacted the shooters had to have been highly professional, and drilled. Moreover, any hint of a conscience or loose mouth and their lives would have been forfeited before and after the event.

They also consider identifying button men in Dealey Plaza as being akin to chasing ghosts. The very thing professional killers train to become. Those conspiracists state that authorities identified some dubious ancillary figures in Dealey Plaza that day, and there may or may not be some photo identifications. (1)

Files: A Party Over Before it Began

Hence, a vast majority of respected conspiracy believers (surprisingly even cranks like Fetzer) do not believe the wild tales of a one James E. Sutton aka Jimmy Files. For my part, I have always found the background tale of how Files’ story came about more fascinating than allegations of his involvement.

He certainly was not a “ghost” in the classical assassin mold. For starters, it appears he never spent the necessary hours training to become a Presidential level marksman. Were anybody to read Files’ story, given to Bob Vernon in 1994, he’d feel underwhelmed with fear.

He was only about 20-21 years old. Furthermore, it appears the mob assassins were still undecided concerning how the hit would unfold in Dallas by 10:30 am that day. Moreover, how Files was initially hired as a driver was essentially the last minute edition to the hit squad. It all seems a little too sloppy for me. (2)

Therefore, I advise the reader to look up Shackelford, McDonald, Eaglesham, and Prouty for further comment on the Files saga. If one looks at the backgrounds of these other men, you can’t help but feel the Files story was possibly deliberate disinformation via the FBI. (3) (4) (5)

For all of the above problems there are some wholly decent people on the “JFK Murder Solved” site advocating for Files. Some of the forum members and Files’ supporters have contributed some okay stuff to the JFK record outside of Files. Pre “Alien Agenda,” Jim Marrs and Dealey Plaza campaigner Bob Groden (whom we shall see more of) Jesse Ventura (when with Dick Scott he is good, but abjectly awful without) are perhaps the most notable (6)
(7) (8).

dealey plaza aerial

Another Nutty Professor

There are other Files supporters; however, who have contributed little to the case and Professor Jerry Kroth is one of them. However, before we hit his disastrous advocacy of Files, let us briefly examine his other embarrassing conspiracy claims. Due to the amount of crud Kroth talks, I advise the reader to check out the corresponding sources/footnotes I have linked that debunk his many claims.

Kroth has a curious writing style conspiracists of the con artist variety employ. Termed the “false balance” technique, it sells an illusion to the unwitting. Kroth; nevertheless, is as subtle as a brick in the testicles.

In 2003, Kroth got in on the JFK buzz, his book “Conspiracy in Camelot: A Complete History of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassination” is stock standard bad JFK research. Despite the revelations of the ARRB,, and good work done by groups like CTKA, COPA, Lancer, and Gaeton Fonzi (for example) Kroth ignored them.

Instead, he effectively used “JFK” the film as an outline and gave an updated breakdown of Jim Marrs “Crossfire” and Bob Grodens “High Treason”. The problem is how can anyone present a complete history of the JFK case using outdated sources? Moreover, when did using compromised information concerning JFK’s sex life make for a balanced look at any conspiracy? Moreover, how does the use of liars like Judyth Baker, Madeleine Brown, and Barr McClellan, ever prove one? (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)(14)

james files

Orbiting Planet Kroth

Yet it does not end on terra; Kroth has a hard on for space and those darlings on “Ancient Aliens”.

As the readers have seen in my article concerning Fetzer and Dick Dolan, when the conspirahypocrite idiot brigade start buying into the MJ-12 bull spread by UFO kooks, they invariably worship at the altar of Jim Marrs.

Unsurprisingly, Kroth received inspiration from Marrs ill-advised 1995 travesty “Alien Agenda” for his lame 2010 book “Aliens and Man: A synopsis of Facts and Beliefs”. Marrs one redeeming feature is a “take it or leave it” approach to his work. He does not jam his views down one’s throat.

However, his pox-ridden material since JFK and his refusal to criticize the cranks who champion the worst of his writings like Dolan, and Kroth (amongst many others) has undermined any credibility he once had. (15) (16)

A classic example of Kroth’s “false balance” is his naming the works of Zechariah Sitchin, and Klas Von Danikan “unscholarly” or “sensationalist”. Nonetheless, in the course of a few pages, he endorses the perspectives of their idiot spawn Dave Hatcher Childress and Giorgio Tsoukalos. Therefore, could it be Kroth was cashing in on or ripping off what he saw on the “Ancient Aliens” pilot in 2009? (17)

Four of his seven chapters “Archeological Intimations of Ancient Visitations”, “Mythological Visitors”, “Paranormal Evidence for Extraterrestrial Contact: Crop Circles” and “Biological Evidence for Extraterrestrial Contact” certainly indicate this is the case. Which leads to another point… No serious ufologist believes this bull, nor do credible JFK researchers to whom Kroth is obviously a sad joke.

grassy knoll fence

Kroth Spoiling the Broth, and Defiling Files

Kroth is an arrogant, dishonest, incompetent, opportunist hack down there with the very worst pond scum like Fetzer. He does not present any real evaluation of beliefs, evidence, and opinion to his conspiracy work. He just pushes badly discredited agendas.

Thus, let us return to Kroth and Jim Files. Last year was the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s death. Kroth, ever the snake oil opportunist, bought out his book “Coup d’etat: The assassination of President John F. Kennedy” a revamp of his bogus foray ten years earlier.

Kroth’s star assassin was still Files; nevertheless, Files supporters are not impressed.

When one champions the cause of an individual or event, one has to understand the grass roots of the case.

Recently, I explored the opinions of McCann critical groups across the Internet. It was thanks to their work that I was able to find the best sources.

I then felt obliged to pay these folks back by presenting their viewpoints in the best possible light. They appreciated the effort, and I am humbled it became a successful article. Let us look at how Kroth repaid the toilers at Murder Solved, in so doing taking a big dump in his own nest.

On one 2013 presentation, he completely butchered his analysis of Files and his alleged accomplice Nicoletti (an important individual for those who believe Files’ scenario). (18)

For two, he claimed meeting with Files in prison. Yet Files best friend also has close ties to the MS forum and has the power of attorney over every one of Files communications. He acknowledges Kroth exchanged some letters with Files, but he stated this was years ago; furthermore, Kroth never, ever, met with Files in the clink.

For his part, Files himself has requested Kroth stop speaking on his behalf. Of all the hits to Kroth’s credibility this has to be the king hit – cya Jerry!

Therefore, I say a heartfelt thanks to the Murder Solved forum for smashing Kroth, and ironically Jimmy Files. (19)

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  • j f

    haha… a disgusting “article”. Reportage that repeatedly uses words like “kook”, “crazies” and “Nutty” is anything but unbiased. This article is not an examination of the evidence concerning James Files; it IS a continuation of the attempt to dissuade American Citizens from concerning themselves with the murder of their President. You might wonder what’s in those FILES that are being hidden from U.S. Citizens, by Act of Congress? Those are the FILES we should be hearing about. Let’s get a thorough examination of the autopsy irregularities. You are not a “kook” for wanting answers.

  • John Parker

    Been a while since I looked at Kroths stuff on YouTube. I believe he’s on the same page as Morrow over at the Education Forum in that he moralizes about Kennedy’s sex life too much. Personally I couldn’t care less about any politicians sex life unless he’s a family values hypocrite. There’s a strong case to be made that the shooters got the same thing Oswald got from Ruby but I have no proof. I suspect that the shooters identity gives far less information than the sponsors identity . That’s if we ever find out who the sponsors were.

  • Dan Feidt~hongpong

    This would have been a better writeup if 4/5ths had summarized whatever the claims about Files are, and only 1/5 for jabbing at other alt writers with mixed records.

  • Of interest, which you may or may not want to comment on, is a photo in Robert Groden’s new book, “JFK Absolute Proof,” on page 74. I found this photo of interest of the Grassy Knoll immediately after the shooting of an unidentified man leaving the area while everyone else is heading up the to the knoll.Also, the Dallas policeman who is there in the photo oblivious to the strange guy in the suit.

  • SM Coogan

    There is a big difference between genuine people “wanting answers” and individuals like Jerry Kroth and Jim Fetzer. As a writer for CTKA in my spare time I am clearly biased against kooks, crazies, and nutters; moreover, I am proud to say so.

  • SM Coogan

    Groden has some interesting stuff. Photo ID’s are always a bugger to sort out. To be honest with you Richard there are so many interesting facets in the photographic evidence. I gave up exploring them many years ago. Just be wary of idiots like Fetzer, etc.

  • the Remington FireBall ( not out on the market for three months after the assassination) was used at the Knoll by Charles NIcoletti, as Malcom Summers a mail man on lunch ( in zap. film) gave a composite drawing which looks ‘exactly ‘ like the LBJ/texas buddy. The Bush family, Prescott’s father was the founder CEO or co-founder of Remington Steel and ammunition. Bush comes out of Dal tex with Eugene Braden, super oil fag that was also just blocks away in LA when Robert was assassinated, both Bush ( 41) and Braden were initially arrested but were let go after 7 -10 minuets because Bush placed a call into the Huston FBI office.

  • SM Coogan

    Michael thanks for chipping in. When I wrote the Files article out of respect to the many decent people on the Murder Solved site. I focused my energies on an idiot by the name of Jerry Kroth who disrespected them and lied. There are numerous critiques of the Remington Fireball story. On MS no doubt their are many replies in its defense. Yet, no one from either camp has said Nicoletti used it. Files is considered the custodian. It was Sam Bush who worked with Remington supplying the steel they used. Prescott was in nappies at the time. As for the rest of your observations they are very jumbled. I suggest you make a journey to CTKA and check out Part I of “Master Class with John Hankey.” Mr Hankey’s comments concerning Bush in the Dal Tex Building and his phone call are dismantled completely. Best of luck.

  • SM Coogan

    Dear Dan out of respect to the people at MS who were very good to me. I sought to target Jerry Kroth, who returned their hospitality by lying about his interactions with Files. I could have gone hard posting links to critics like Tony Marsh, etc. Nevertheless, if you think I need to justify my concerns about Files suitability for the role. Moreover, the seeming last minute decision making in his story. Let alone the controversy he generated when he emerged to you when time is so very short I ask please read the links I have included. Serious critics of the Warren Commission believe were JFK taken out in a conspiracy the assassins were likely kick ass, disciplined, coordinated and trained. Nothing in Files case indicates that is so. Furthermore, do you really think the high ups Files named (who were deeply experienced in such matters) would endorse such a slipshod effort? That is pure fantasy, which might I add you are more than welcome to indulge in.

  • plsilverman

    what a biased, miserable conclusion about Kroth. his long video on youtube makes a lot of sense. i guess you say the magic bullet theory makes sense and that Gerald Ford was right in screwing with an autopsy drawing?

  • plsilverman

    exactly why is he an idiot? I have his book. Did he lie when he said, for example Ford played with an autopsy drawing?

  • plsilverman

    Files body and verbal language, is very compelling in saying he did the deed.

  • plsilverman

    making up WHAT stuff about the knoll? whether or not people ran up the knoll to chase someone or to get out of harms way, there were alot of people who said the kill shot came from there. none interviewed by Warren.

  • Eric Hall

    James Files was released from prison in May 2016 and is healthy and well. A photograph is available on Ebay showing him at the Harlo Grill in September, 2016. Mr. Files will have more to say about this poorly written article in the future.

  • Hook me up with an interview – I’d love to speak with him. 🙂

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