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Kevin Randle Discovers MAJESTIC Document That Discredits MJ-12 Conspiracy

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Kevin Randle Discovers MAJESTIC Document That Discredits MJ-12 Conspiracy
One thing people do not realize about my work at TSW is while I can be rather feisty, it is important an author credit authentic folk with opposing arguments when it is due.

Moreover, rather than prop up straw candidates to give a faux balance, I believe one deserves to encounter the best of the other side’s sources. It is only through examining the most consistent researchers and reliable arguments that one can make a rational decision.

Hence, I want to like Kevin Randle. His overall views on UFOs are a little different than mine. Nevertheless, like other more respectable figures riding the UFO prairies (Don Ecker, Bob Hastings, Brad Sparks, and Barry Greenwood), he cuts a lot of the bull on UFO issues and overlapping conspiracy topics.

However, out of this bunch, Randle appears to be the most conflicted. He ditched epic failure Don Schmitt only to reunite with him in 2013. He has regularly commented negatively on MJ-12 believers, yet also respects Bob and Ryan Wood. (1)

Randle Vs Redfern

Randle is perhaps the leading expert on the crash at Roswell. Stan Friedman is an immensely likeable person. However, being an advocate of the first-generation MJ-12 papers, he lacks the harder investigative edge Randle possesses.

I believe the Roswell incident was more likely something to do with us humans than aliens. So does Nick Redfern, another well-known figure in ufological circles. Thus, one may be thinking I would advocate Redfern as the more sensible option. However, to prove his Roswell thesis, he utilized dodgy unnamed sources, and pro alien folk Randle himself discredited such as con man Frank Kaufman. Bare this lack of judgement in mind for later on. (2)

The beauty of Roswell for ET believers is the alien element is effectively unproven and at the same time, it cannot be disproved. Moreover, it is pretty much-accepted something did indeed occur out there in New Mexico. Thus, the person whose opinion readers tend to believe is an individual they deduce to be a more credible source.

While those outside the UFO fraternity may look sideways, there is belief in an alien angle with Roswell. It is not necessarily a critical test for one’s legitimacy in contemporary Ufology circles.

Credibility (or the lack thereof) lies with one’s relationship to material such as Serpo, or the MJ-12 documents. Like the heinous “GemStone Files”, “Torbitt Document”, “Red House Files,” and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” hoaxes (to name but a few), These assorted papers mean doom for anyone associated with them in the eyes of valid researchers.

Therefore, Nick Redfern’s aforementioned faux pas with secret sources, and Kaufman is but one of the many branches he hit on his way down the authenticity tree. He is now teaming up with arguably the worst MJ-12 aggrandizer Bob Wood recently for the banal “Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 & Biowarfare”. (3)

kevin randle

The Woods UFO Research Sucks

The esteem the Woods are held in by many people in the UFO community is incredible considering how lame their MJ-12 gloop is. The serious research game is based on tangible evidence, and evaluation not foisting fake documents on the public or how many friends you have. Too many ufologists ignore the reality; should the Woods be involved in earth-based conspiracy research they would be ostracized and mocked like Jim Fetzer.

Bobby Wood has obsessed over alien viruses for years. Indeed, he believes that rather than invading us with lasers, drones, and tripods, an intergalactic foe will use a virus to wipe us out ala the “Andromeda Strain”. This would make perfect sense were there an invasion yet it is hardly a revolutionary hypothesis.

Wood now admits the MJ-12 documents though controversial, back this alien virus information; furthermore, the data therein gives vital clues to legitimate people in the real MJ-12 apparatus. This is total and utter bull for sophists like himself, Redfern, and their publisher the infamous and incompetent Dick Dolan to feed on. (4) (5)

The Woods are obviously rather wealthy patrons of kook ufology. The lure of quick money from them seems to have stoked Redfern’s enthusiasm. He now discusses with great zeal issues already debunked by yours truly such as the MJ-12/JFK bull, and the Torbitt documents.

Anybody, delving into these fields while praising the Woods is terrible. Heaping Kenn Thomas, one of the most dishonest plagiarizing blowhards, into the mix is akin to mounting a turd on a cake and calling it a cherry. I have taken Thomas to the cleaners so severely in the past there are no ifs, buts, or comebacks. (6) (7)(8)(9)

Incidentally, Randle held/holds the Woods in high esteem as honest folk and published their embarrassing reply to the brilliant Sparks/Greenwood MJ-12 wrecking ball delivered at the 2007 MUFON event. I don’t know how Randle feels about them now (I would have disowned them myself). Even more so after Randle’s latest snippet blew even more chunks off the MJ-12 shipwreck. (10) (11)

kevin randle

Shooting Fish in the MJ-12 Barrel

Anybody with a brain knows the MJ-12 papers have verifiable elements because the people in on the swindles in their two incarnations were not dumb. They drew names and information on certain individuals from readily available FOA documents and history books. All they did was add an ET element to proceedings.

In 2011, this author destroyed Robert Wood’s and Linda Moulton Howe’s asinine musings on the Burned/MJ-12 memos and the CIA’s hushing up alien viruses. In the same essay, I also debunked the notion John Kennedy and his father Joe knew of the Roswell crash. In so doing, I discussed how the Woods had fallen for the scammers like Doty, Collins, and Cooper, who took legitimate, little known, government committees and turned them into sinister groupings. (12)

This sort of criticism had abounded in serious circles concerning the first MJ-12 dossiers well before I arrived on the scene. In the thick of it were dudes like Hastings, Sparks, Ecker, Greenwood, and of course Randle. In November of 2014, he discussed a rather banal document from late 1952 entitled “Report by the Joint Logistic Plans Committee the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Joint Logistic Plan for Majestic”.

He referred to Majestic as merely a logistics report the military used for transporting troops and contingency planning for weather conditions against the Soviets. Randle also points out that this document has no correlation to the well-known, legitimate Majic document used in the Second World War. I wish Randle had gotten hold of this earlier; my lengthy treatise on the JFK MJ-12 hoax back in the day would have had extra bullets. (13)

Let us return to the egg. In the beginning, I stated when someone holds different views about aliens and UFOs from mine it does not necessarily mean he or she are write-offs. Randle for his apparent flip-flopping with dubious company appears to understand the irony, and the criticism leveled at him and ufology. Moreover, he understands the damage fake documents can do. The above information concerning MJ-12 alone proves Randle has some merit.

Redfern, on the other hand, hangs out with all manner of UFO kooks, cranks, losers, and con artists. He is nowhere near as cool, upfront, humble, honest, or useful to anyone outside of ufology like Randle and his posse have frequently been. Thus, for his faults I’ll take the hardened ET true believer warts and all over the classical Dolanesque poseur Redfern any day.

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  • Lizmay

    Randle’s a misinformation plant. A sceptic wrapped in ufologists clothing. Don’t buy his books.

  • Mr. Randle is an honest man who has learned (painfully) from his early credulity.

    If, in your world view, a ufologist isn’t allowed to call BS on any UFO claims, then ufology is a partisan delusion — nothing more.

  • Lizmay

    Well, I really don’t have a world view (whatever that is) and I don’t classify Randle as a Ufologist. There’s nothing wrong with people calling BS on UFO claims, it’s just Randle seems to be skeptical on an awful lot of them.
    I stand by my original post that Randle is a disinformation plant. Probably on the Military/Government payroll. Again… don’t buy this charlatans books.

  • Daniel Phillips

    Dan Salter had a COSMOS clearance. This author is a moron because MAJI and MJ-12 absolutely do exist.

  • No they don’t, at least not related to aliens. And it’s COSMIC clearance, not COSMOS.

  • @Lizmay

    You’re saying Randle can’t be a ufologist because he’s skeptical of claims?

    As I said, you are demonstrating that ufology is not interested in facts, it is a merely partisan delusion.

  • Daniel, UFO buffs have invented security categories so they can perpetrate the fraud that the government has UFO secrets proving alien contact.

    Many UFO researchers have stated that MJ-12 is a hoax. Only the fandom, and a few lecturers who want the speaking fees to continue, will defend MJ-12.

  • DonaldTheWhiteMan

    You obviously haven’t watched the Disclosure Project or read Salter’s book. He worked for the legendary NRO with an above top secret COSMOS clearance.

    FYI, COSMIC is a NATO clearance and has nothing to do with ETs or technology.

  • DonaldTheWhiteMan

    If you haven’t read Life With a COSMOS Clearance, then you are not a serious researcher, or you are a shill.

    Stick to Information Technology because you’re probably much better at it than researching aliens and UFOs.

  • Oh right, because anyone who doesn’t take an unvetted source with unprovn claims that lack any verified evidence as “fact” must obviously be a “shill”. Try reading books written by legit inside sources for once, nit shit you heard about on PrisonPlanet.

  • The Disclosure Project, run by Greer the charlatan who milked rich idiots out of their money by showing them an ‘alien craft’ he claimed he called down out of the sky – which was nothing more than a nighttime military exercise? THAT Disclosure Project? If you want to talk about the real “truth”, let’s talk about that. I’ve got years of this stuff collected, and still I have to deal with Green conspiracy “researchers” claiming to know the truth, when all they really know is the regurgitated fraud and scams spread throughout the conspiracy community like a god damn plague.

  • @Daniel and Donald

    Going through several pages of Google hits for “COSMOS clearance,” all I see are references to Salter’s book. It seems only Salter used the phrase. That suggests Salter invented the phrase.

  • Google Books has a few chapters of Salter’s tome.

    Check out these items:

    P 3: Fabulist nutbar “William Cooper became my mentor after I read his book Behold a Pale Horse…” Wow.

    p 7: Salter states the name of the National Reconnaissance Office was not printed until 1997. Actually, the New York Times wrote about it in January 1971. Google News has stored other examples from before 1997.

    p 8: Salter states he worked under Benoit Mandelbrot in the USAF. Mandelbrot’s autobiography mentions a brief stint with the French Air Force, but nothing about the USAF.

    p 11: Figure 3, a laughably fake “radar photo” (a non-existent technology) of three flying saucers.

    p 27: Salter states, “Most children born after 1988 or 1989” are part of a “spiritual breakthrough.” For some unstated reason, this means their “body temperature is often up to two degrees above normal…”

    p 29: Salter states the South African Air Force used a laser cannon to shoot down the saucer of Akon, Elizabeth Klarer’s alien baby daddy!

  • Typical, isn’t it?

  • If I read the Google Books excerpt correctly, Salter implied that when he was in the USAF, allegedly working for them as a UFO investigator, his COSMOS security clearance was higher than that of the president of the United States.

    That’s like me saying my ULTRAMAN security clearance explains why the prime minister never thanks me for defending Canada from giant monster incursions.– he doesn’t have a need to know!

  • I figured this out and posted it all across the net over a decade prior to this.

    It’s also registered with the Library of Congress.

  • I discovered this in 2002 and posted it widely all over the web. I would post the links for the pages that have survived, but it will get deleted as spam. Do a search.


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