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The War Between the KKK and Anonymous

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The War Between the KKK and Anonymous
The war between the Ku Klux Klan and Hackers Anonymous has been gathering momentum in recent weeks. As Top Secret Writers (1) recently reported, a threatening letter sent by the KKK to the citizens of Ferguson fueled Anonymous to launch a potent revenge campaign.

The letter threatened to use “lethal force” on those who planned to protest if Darren Wilson, the officer who shot dead black teenager Michael Brown, was not convicted. From bringing down the KKK website to gaining control of the group’s official Twitter profile, let’s take a look at just how and why Anonymous took it upon themselves to single-handedly decimate the now squirming extremist group.

It all started when the KKK threatened to use “lethal force” on protesters peacefully campaigning in Ferguson. In the wake of the letter, for the last few weeks Anonymous has been targeting the local chapter of the KKK, known as the Traditionalist American Knights (TAKKKK).

Anonymous managed to take control of the extremist group’s Twitter account.

Stealing the KKK’s Personal Information

The hactivists also began circulating the personal information of the Traditional American Knights members. Anonymous claims it has strong evidence that links the police department in Ferguson to the KKK. The group also claims to have evidence that Officer Darren Wilson is a member of the KKK.

Part of Anonymous #HoodsOff and #OpKKK campaigns include alleged evidence sent from a source which links Wilson to the extremist group.

After studying our leaked documents I am confident I can link #DarrenWilson directly to the Ancona family #HoodsOff #OppKKK #Ferguson,” (2) tweeted Anonymous.

The hactivists claim they cannot publish the evidence as it would endanger the life of the person who sent it. “This has gotten out of control. They want to kill you. And after you release this information, they will want to kill me,” the source supposedly emailed Anonymous. (2)

While the battle between the KKK and Anonymous has reached boiling point in recent weeks, Anonymous made itself involved in the Ferguson dispute over the killing of Michael Brown from the beginning. Though Anonymous’ association with the public outcry over the Brown killing was considerably damaged when one of its members published the wrong name of the police officer involved at the time when Officer Wilson’s name had not yet been made public.

ferguson anonymous

The Ghoul Squad

Anonymous claims that the secret police department members of the KKK go by the name of the Ghoul Squad. The assertion was substantiated by Henry Harrell, a former member of the local strand of the KKK.

“I know for a fact that the TAKKKK had a lot to do with what went on in Ferguson,” Harrell told Anonymous.

Fighting back, Frank Ancona, the Grand Wizard of the extremist group, asserts the protests in Ferguson are responsible for boosting new recruits in his group.

These Ferguson protest are the best recruiters since Obama,” Ancona told (2) the Riverfront Times. “Normally we might hear from ten people a week in Missouri, and now we’re hearing from more like fifty people a week. Sometimes, depending on these news stories, we get 100, 200 calls a day.”

In a provoking message to Anonymous, which threatened to publish information about those responsible for the #OpKKK campaign and evolve the battle from being a war with words into violence on the streets, Ancona wrote:

If you want war, we will give you war, not online, but on the streets, we will hunt you down and tear those masks from your face.” (2)

In response to the message, Anonymous announced a protest has been scheduled to take place on the streets of Ferguson on December 6th at 3 p.m.

ferguson riots

Ferguson, Missouri Grand Jury Decision

Of course when a grand jury in Ferguson decided not to idict Police Officer Darren Wilson with shooting Michael Brown, mayhem ignited on Ferguson’s streets.

Enraged by the verdict, protesters set fire to buildings and looted businesses. Police retaliated with gun shots and described the disturbances as much worse than the conflict which took place in the aftermath of the shooting in the summer.

Frank Ancona described the situation in Ferguson as a deer hunt.

“Its deer hunting season here in southern Missouri, it’s really easy to see how a hunter could mistake someone wearing one of those gay anonymous masks for the hind-end of whitetail deer. Boom!!! Oops, sorry it was an accident,” (5) tweeted Ancona.

In response to Ancona’s remarks, a video was sent to News2Share from people claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous. The video described how Anonymous would do everything in its power to defend themselves. Claiming that there are more members in Anonymous than in the KKK, the video said how Anonymous members are everywhere, stating:
“Your violent ideology will not win this fight.” (5)

As Ferguson’s streets are ablaze with fury and antagonism, one can only help but feel the war between the KKK and Anonymous is only just getting going.

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  • AnonSingularity

    So much chaos…This is all going to turn into something much bigger than any of us can possibly foresee at the moment. Both sides believe they are right and just. However I can affirm this – Anonymous’ numbers are immensely greater than that of the KKK and their members tend to be far more intelligent/resourceful.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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