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Why Won’t the SpaceShip Moon Theory Go Away?

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Why Won’t the SpaceShip Moon Theory Go Away?
Some seasons of South Park can be pretty hit or miss. One of the better series was #13 and one of the funniest episodes was “Pinewood Derby”.

The episode concluded with decidedly reptilian alien beings adjudicating humanity as dishonest, greedy, and stupid. Hence, they did what any concerned galactic citizen would do with a potential hazard. They created a force field imprisoning Earth and the Moon.

As per usual, a cartoon with a funny and ludicrous premise has more credibility than David Icke and his friend Credo Mutwa’s bull.

Used in context, myth provides an essential theological background for the study of the universe. It also nurtures the imagination of youth and offers a sense of identity. In the world of the infinitely gullible, myth is commonly used as the basis of fact. It gets even worse when fake legends are invented to back up lies.

Obviously, the Earth as a prison planet, governed by ETs in a Deathstar like Moon is bull. Nevertheless, I do not find hollow moon conspiracy theories offensive per se. Indeed, I find them a little bit of fun.

The moon has deservedly fascinated us for eons. Moreover, most people advocating this kind of thing do not make waves elsewhere.

Sadly, Icke has a vast reach thanks to his publishing proclivities; hence, he can muddy any conspiracy pool, and insult any race he wants. Moreover, it is the lunacy of his followers and people like Dave Hatcher Childress who keep the spaceship moon idea going. Their fans have had their brains replaced with cash.

Credo Mutwa: Official Historian of the Zulu Nation

David Icke based his 2004 video “The Reptilian Agenda” on a bloke called Credo Mutwa. Mutwa stated the Moon was hollow and was rolled across the galaxy by two reptilian entities. Icke believes these figures were similar to Enki, and Enlil, an essential part of his Annunaki Reptilian shtick.

You see Icke believes the moon is a hollow base whereby the reptilians control the world. Like a good con man, Mutwa played along (1). Icke was so taken he called Mutwa “The Most Astonishing Man it has been my Honour to meet” on the cover of his video.

He obviously had not checked out this cretin’s rap sheet. Credo got his start in selling crap working in a tourist curio store in his youth. His swindles grew, and grew.

From 1979-1985, Mutwa was hawking around fraudulent artifacts, which upon closer investigation were conveniently destroyed when his village was ransacked. While the artifacts themselves were bogus, the destruction of his village was not. (2)

Mutwa appears to have been a willing puppet of the South African pro-Apartheid government. His cultural villages explored bogus local customs, extolled the evils of Communism, and preached the Apartheid mantra of separate development.

It’s little wonder he ran afoul of the locals. Lately, he has been credited with predicting the AIDS epidemic. I suggest you check out his venereal disease inspired, Zulu moral tale. It is as hilarious as it is an insult to any authentic Zulu legend. (3) Mutwa is not considered an authority on Zulu lore by any Zulu. Therefore, I recommend anyone interested in this icon of kookery read David Chidester’s studies (4)


Unkulunkulu One Funky Dude

The authentic Zulu universe is based on a bloke with one of the coolest ever names in the pantheon of deities, “Unkulunkulu.”

He gave us the moon so it could give us light at night. It could also send us messages via animals (though it is unclear if these animals were also Unkulunkulu).

There appear to be two lizards mentioned in Zulu lore; however, our mate Unkulunkulu is not taking any crap from reptilians. They are subservient to him like all animals.

Moreover, there appears to be nothing about hollow moons in South Western African tribal lore. The Zulu people seemed to be more fascinated with what was under their feet than above it. There is a legend concerning a sub- terranean paradise where rivers and lakes of milk abound. This milk is fed up through the grass, and into goats and cows.

This is a beautiful, simple, tale and like South Parks “Pinewood Derby” far more credible than Icke and Mutwa’s hollow moon lies. (5)

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