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EPA Takes Stance on Aircraft Chemtrail Debate

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EPA Takes Stance on Aircraft Chemtrail Debate
On March 12, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that as part of the Clean Air Act they would be studying the effects of contrails on public health and the environment (1).

The trails left behind in the sky by aircraft are considered by the authorities to be “contrails”, lines of cloud created by a mixture of condensation and specific atmospheric conditions (2). However, there are others who claim that some of these cloud trails, particularly the ones that don’t dissipate quickly, are a mixture of chemicals purposefully sprayed. They call these trails “chemtrails”.

The chemtrail debate dates back to the 1990s when strange looking contrails were seen after the publication of a paper detailing how the United States Air Force (USAF) would investigate the possibility of modifying the weather as a military tactic. The USAF denied any connection between the contrails and their paper, saying that their research was speculative.

The argument of the chemtrail debate is that the trails that disperse but don’t disappear are evidence of chemicals being released into the air with the aim of changing the weather or causing harm to the people living below. If the trail is small and disappears quickly, then the theorists believe that these are the true trails of condensation left behind.

Science Behind Chemtrails

In 2012, Pernilla Hagberg, the leader of the Environmental Party in Katrineholm, Sweden, claimed that a photo in a local newspaper was that of a chemtrail. She said that when a chemtrail was seen in a bright blue sky, it would persist and then there would be “no more sun during that day” (3).

Hagberg suggests that the chemicals being released are an attempt to control the weather so that the powers behind the chemtrails can take control of global markets, including the price of food.

Considering human society is one based on money and power, it’s easy to see how this could be true. Logic must intervene at some stage and while the idea of chemtrails could well be true, the logical scientific explanation of these cloud trails is just as daunting.

Scientists argue that the reason some trails persist and spread while others vanish quickly is not due to what’s in the cloud but rather the atmosphere they’re released into (4).

The temperature and density of the air along with any prevailing winds will affect each trail differently, and these factors change at various heights. This means that two trails seemingly next to each other will react differently because one is miles above the other (otherwise the aircraft may have collided).


The True Causes of Chemtrails

So all trails are contrails, the release of condensation from the plane’s exhaust. But this doesn’t mean that these contrails are innocent.

Your car exhaust also emits condensation, little beads of water that mix with the chemicals left on the exhaust pipe which then add to the air pollution and affect our health and food supply. Logic dictates that the same must happen in aircraft, which have exhausts in the same way that cars do.

Decades ago, scientists were certain that aircraft only emitted dangerous fumes during take-off and when taxiing around the airport, but these chemicals stopped being released once the plane was in the air. Research from 2010 (5), however, suggests that this isn’t true.

Instead, it claims that plane exhausts, which contain sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, are being released by the exhaust during flight and damaging the health of the people and plants (including crops) beneath the flight paths.

While it may seem plausible that the US military is poisoning people and trying to take over global markets by releasing chemicals into the air, it is much more plausible that the same damage is being done unwittingly by the increase in air travel, tourism and the design of aviation engines.

The EPA has announced that it intends to publish its findings by spring 2016, with the initial findings being reported in late April 2015 (6). So. in just over a year, we may have our answers as to whether those contrails really are raining down chemicals.

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  • This was a wonderfully balanced and unbiased analysis of the chemtrail situation Jenny. Nice work!

  • Thanks Ryan 🙂

  • Jeremy

    I simply do not believe that you are correct, but what a “shock” reading that the EPA releases whitewashed information and stands against the health of their own families. Despicable fools…


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