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Exorcisms Worldwide are on the Rise

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Exorcisms Worldwide are on the Rise
Regardless of your faith, possession by spirits is found in almost every world religion. Not all believe the possessing spirits are demonic or evil.

However, according to the Catholic Church, demonic or evil spirit possession and activity are on the rise.

Unlike the exorcisms depicted in movies, some exorcisms of those possessed can take a long time to conclude.

There are degrees of possession and some people who seek exorcism are on the path of possession but haven’t completely given over their free will.

Several real life cases of possession have been documented and turned into movies.

The Possessions of Anneliese Michel

The most recent exorcist movie based on real life events is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. The story was loosely based on the true story of a German woman named Anneliese Michel (1).

Anneliese was 16 when she was first diagnosed with “temporal lobe epilepsy” and by age 20 her condition had worsened. Medication no longer helped.

She and her family began to believe she was possessed and requested an exorcism intervention. She died as a result of malnutrition and dehydration. Her parents and the priests involved in her exorcism were charged with “negligent homicide” (2).

The Exorcist, Inspired by the Possession of Robbie Doe

Perhaps the most well-known documented case of possession was that of a young boy in 1949. A 1973 movie “The Exorcist” was based on the 1971 novel by the same title that used real life events to inspire a fictional tale (3).

The case of “Roland Doe” or “Robbie Mannheim” from Maryland (pseudos used to protect the child) revolved around a series of documented exorcisms by Jesuit priests.

Robbie’s case was just one of three at the time in the US that the Catholic Church has sanctioned. There were 48 witnesses of the exorcisms, 9 of them Jesuit priests (4).

the exorcist

Signs of Possession

Not just any priest can undertake an exorcism. The Roman Catholic Church must first authorize it (5).

The Church lists the following as “indicators of possible demonic possession”:

–> Aversion to anything holy.
–> Knowledge of hidden or remote things without prior knowledge.
–> Profuse blasphemy and/or sacrilege.
–> Speaking foreign or ancient languages with no prior knowledge.
–> Supernatural abilities and strength.

In 1999, the Vatican guidelines stated, “the person who claims to be possessed must be evaluated by doctors to rule out a mental or physical illness.”

Until recently, real demonic possession was viewed by the Catholic officials as rare and recognized that mental illness and/or drugs were most often the cause. So what changed over the past few years?

Requests for Exorcisms on Rise

According to Catholic Culture and an online publication created by Catholic World News (CWN) “an independent Catholic news service staffed by lay Catholic journalists,” the demand for exorcists is on the rise. The International Association of Exorcists (IAE) attributes the increased activity to a growing interest in the “occult” worldwide (6).

In November 2014, the CWN reported on the October 2014, 12th annual conference of the
International Association of Exorcists (IAE) meeting held in Rome. Dr. Valter Cascioli, spokesman for IAE, explained, “…disturbances of extraordinary demonic activity is on the rise.” He called the change a “pastoral emergency”.

The IAE has 250 exorcists worldwide and has reported an increase in demonic activity without any significant association to specific cultures or geographic areas.

Dr. Cascioli reported this year’s conference had an increase in the number of cardinals and bishops asking to participate. He stated that the reason was due to the increasing amount of demonic activity being reported.

creepy doll

Speculation Why the Requests for Exorcisms

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported the reason for the increase in demonic activity was two-fold. On one side of the coin there is a decrease in faith while, on the other side, there is an increase in the interest in the occult.

Cascioli pointed to Ouija board use and séances as being some of the most common areas being explored by people. He believes these are gateways for Satan, demons and evil spirits to enter into this world and the lives of those practicing these occult arts (7).

Many people, the CNA explains, are drawn to these activities out of “seemingly innocent curiosity.” Cascioli advised that any type of participation, even passive can have catastrophic results. He further advised that believers should never participate in such activities.

Cascioli explained that the countries without exorcists experience demonic activity that has then spread worldwide. He emphasizes that it’s “not a socio-cultural phenomenon, it is present all over the world, and that tells us a lot.”

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  • sean

    Spiritual warfare is moving into an era that man has never seen before. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth for the devil has come down to u having GREAT wrath because he KNOWS he has a SHORT time phrase we all has more to it that most realize. One it’s referring to specific time in man’s history. Which is our day. Oh boy! Two. The having GREAT wrath means an increase in Satan’s tactics which most of em are going unnoticed. Thru Bible prophecy he knows we are generation of trib which last 7yrs. Matter were at end of it which tells us trib is imminent bcuz of the prophecy…. This gen will not end until all is fufilled. Basically is saying that there will be some who saw the start of last gen will also see 2nd coming. There’s a reason we see things like people staring at a phone or game stuff like that is actually is a static to distract as many as possible to notice certain things like it becoming more and more obvious that Bible prophecy is actually coming to pass. We are really starting what Satan can do to man and it’s not about seeing things that hasn’t happened b4 but about the intensity. Folks don’t drown like they did in the flood get on board. But heed this we are entering a time that will be hard to not be deceived. When u can grasp just how deceptive it gets in these last days u are saddened bcuz u know that even the smartest will fall victim to it and will believe it so strongly they would bet life on it and when they realize they where tricked and immediately realization of it bn too late and the price will be far far worse than losing their life and don’t believe the lie that God put you in he’ll bcuz sin does. Its not about bn a bad person. Its about God warning us that there is an evil agenda to prevent God from having us with Him. And to say that He has thrown a lifeline and the only way to provide that was if a human live a life without sin and killed as an innocent sin free man but that wasn’t possible. Man passes sin genetically. The solution was for God to become man born without sin that’s why the virgin birth and to live life and not surcum to temptation and be executed wrongfully and death wouldn’t happen if we was free of sin. Anyways He was born as man and died and it caused death to be defeated and through God in man form we can escape spiritual death but you have to receive this loving merciful gift and though many have come claiming to be him but only one was the one and that man is Jesus. And thank Him for going through all the pain of abuse and crucfiction so we who accept His offer can escape eternal property in a place where presence isn’t found and that place is free from all ALL that is known as good because all that is truly good only comes from. Only thing in hell is bad. The air in our lungs is good so that’s not in hell… The moisture on your tounge is good so that’s not in he’ll!!! Folks this our reality whether any of us like or not don’t gamble with your soul cuz if ur wrong you get the pount.

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