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The Truth: An Exclusive Interview With an Anonymous Freemason

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The Truth: An Exclusive Interview With an Anonymous Freemason
Those familiar with my writing understand I am a fan of long intros for lengthier or complex pieces. Part of the reason for this is one can clear a whole heap of trivial crud up before beginning. When it comes to Masonry there is a whole heap of garbage. This muck obscures genuine questions and suspicions of dodgy Masonic dealings.Many critics in the clergy like to point out that Masons are ultimately servants of Satan. Now some Mason’s may indulge in Satanism; nevertheless, it appears the majority indulge in Christianity and many other religions outside of their lodges.

Indeed, should an initiate be forthcoming about his Luciferian or occult leanings, there is a high chance the individual would be thrown out. Aleister Crowley is but one famous example of a person caught up in supposed Masonic inspired rituals. Yet Crowley was essentially rejected by Masons.

Therefore, it is a myth folks like Crowley abounded, dominated and influenced the organization. During my interview with an anonymous 33rd degree Mason, he was pretty candid about Masons being less concerned about ritual than the contacts and potential career advancements the group offered.

Exclusive Interview

In this article, I give a premise for the question asked, then the question as given in the correspondence. I then include the answer from the source and note relevant issues.

Question: I asked our interviewee a question pertaining to his knowledge concerning the infamous P2 Lodge in Italy. This question led to a conversation concerning the duality of morality in any organization. It was rather long and convoluted; hence, I shall only give his answer.

Mason: What happens in Italy, or any other part of the world involving Masons, I don’t really know nor care, as my knowledge is pretty much local in nature. You are also very correct in assuming that good and bad exists in all organizations, and Masons have had some “bad apples”.

Did you know that Benedict Arnold was a Mason? Yes, and after he betrayed the country, he was cast out of the fraternity.

He became a British General, and they hated him worse than the Americans, as Brits had no use for traitors either.

Here is a big non-secret secret….The 20th Degree of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Masonry tells this story theatrically.

Other Masons have been removed from the fraternity for grossly violating our basic principles of fraternal love and brotherhood, love of country and humanity, honor, integrity and reverence for a supreme being. Have you ever heard of a Masonic group called the “Orange men?”

Note: The last Question concerning the Orange Order was problematic. I was interested in getting his appraisal of the groups standing in Northern Ireland (from whence they originated). However, true to his words, our Masonic source does not appear to “know or care” for international issues. Instead, I got a rundown of Orange Order Masons unpopularity in the United States. This was an interesting if slightly frustrating reply.

washington mason

Question: Where do they rank in terms of Masons, surely these guys are an off shoot?

Some Masons formed their own group called the Orangemen. They were never officially sanctioned by any Grand Lodge, but just a bunch of Catholic haters among our midst. No Grand Lodge of any state would recognize anything like that.

Probably a backlash against the Catholic Church from the 1700s for condemning the Masons, but today, many Catholics are in our fraternity. My best friend actually studied to be a priest for 3 years after high school, but never finished. Being a very religious man, he inquired of his current priest about becoming a Mason, and the priest had no problem.

My brother in law is also Catholic and a member of our fraternity. The Masons had many old prejudices through the ages, but most are dying out as the 80 year olds fade away.

Today’s fraternity is very progressive.

Note: While it is refreshing to hear Freemasons are shedding their WASPish ways. America is not the center of the world. The Orange Order’s origins in Northern Ireland are the sort of thing any Mason should know, or want to talk about. Numerous people in Ireland (Catholic and Protestant) believe the Order to be fully Masonic (despite its official illegitimacy).

Question: How aware are you of the origins of Masonry in Europe and its connections with the Bavarian Illuminati group run by Adam Weishaupt?

Mason: I have absolutely never heard of them within any Lodge setting. I have seen programs on the History Channel about the Illuminati, but have no clue as to what or who they are.

You have to remember, Seamus, Masonry is a global organization that has so many different cultures and ways of doing business. Maybe there is some sort of connection between European Masonic groups and the so called Illuminati, but it would be a small scale regional thing, not sanctioned by any national organization.

I have to admit ignorance about European Masonic system, but as for American Masonry…..absolutely no connection.

Some Final Thoughts

Free Masons are an 18th Century construction – no more, no less. I hasten to add if and when nasty stuff goes on in Masonry it is often via Masonic wannabes, non-recognized off-shoots, or some rogue Mason scumbags.

Nevertheless, as Martin Short points out in his well-researched and credible book and documentary series “Inside the Brotherhood”, it is the ability of mainstream Masonic crims to use or manipulate their lodge contacts to help cover up their activities which is the real concern.

Disappointingly I was never able to go into these areas during my time with our anonymous 33rd degree mason as much I would have liked. Indeed, it appears he opted out of the interview process after I sent him a link to Short’s documentary (8).

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