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Was the Staffordshire UFO Sighting Actually a Secret Military Drone?

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Was the Staffordshire UFO Sighting Actually a Secret Military Drone?
The UK Birmingham Mail (1) recently reported that a UFO was sighted in the skies over the town of Cannock, Staffordshire emitting a loud, droning sound and moving slowly over homes.

The multiple sightings caused a frenzy on social media as people reported the characteristics of the object. It was said to move too slowly for a jet plane, was flying low, was very loud, and was sporting three red lights.

One possible explanation, that the object was a low-flying aircraft in distress, was dismissed in short order. The local flight tracking services report that there were no flights of aircraft in the area at the time the UFO sighting took place.

That leaves one of two explanations.

The first is that the good people of Cannock saw a low-flying alien spacecraft reconnoitering the area of Staffordshire. Why aliens would want to do that is a question that is open to speculation. However, numerous UFOs have been sighted in the area since the 1980s though the most current one is the biggest yet in the volume of public reaction.

The other explanation is that the object was an experimental aircraft or drone being tested in the skies over Staffordshire. A number of recent UFO sightings in this area of the UK have turned out to be drones of some kind, so this theory has a great deal of validity.

If the object is part of a black project, the British or American military, whichever may be conducting such tests, are not likely to confirm or deny the existence of such a project for many years.

Correlation Between Drones and UFO Sightings

As early as 2013, the Huffington Post (2) reported that the proliferation of drones has caused a spike in UFO sightings. With organizations ranging from law enforcement to Amazon.com increasingly turning to drones to perform tasks, these types of sightings are likely to continue.

Indeed, some pranksters are not above disguising drones to look like flying saucers and let them fly about, causing panic, for their amusement.

If the spate of UFO sightings over Staffordshire is not sufficient to create a lot of work for the hypothetical MI5 equivalent of the X-Files section, the West Midlands Police are reporting a jump in calls related to a number of other paranormal activity (1), ranging from ghosts to witches to the odd zombie sighting. 152 calls have been received in the past three years, with the police always having to respond.

The only call that resulted in an arrest was the report of a witch in the town of Brierley Hill in February 2010, though likely the arrestee was not an actual witch, at least not one with magic powers.

The vast majority of the calls were concluded with either no police action taken or advice given to the people making the calls, such as do not bother the police with foolishness. The Midlands Police do not have a Ghostbusters unit.

mq9 reaper drone

Reality Show Elements

The increase in these kinds of calls has been blamed on the increase of reality shows on television dealing with the paranormal. Groups dealing with paranormal activity are also on the rise. Thus, with more people who “want to believe,” to quote “The X-Files,” more people are reporting mundane incidents as being caused by ghosts, witches, or zombies.

The mandate of the police does not extend to dealing with such things, except where it might cause hysteria in living British citizens.

All of these stories of the strange and unexplained bring to mind a question that might be asked on both sides of the Pond.

If ghosts are haunting you, witches hexing you, or zombies chasing you to eat your brains, who are you going to call?

Leaving aside a more mundane peril, perhaps a local psychic would be better than the police.

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(1) Birmingham Mail
(2) Huffington Post
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