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DARPA’s EXACTO Self-Guided Bullet Never Misses…Ever!

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DARPA’s EXACTO Self-Guided Bullet Never Misses…Ever!
How would you like to have a bullet in your gun that always hits its target?

It never misses.

There are no close calls. No scrapes or ricochets.

It penetrates, it kills, it does its job 100 percent of the time. Think it’s possible?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Department of Defense’s advanced research unit, performed research into ways to increase sniper accuracy and hit upon EXACTO. Sharp as a knife.

EXACTO stands for Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance. It allows a shooter to stand at a greater range and still be effective (1).

How It Works

The EXACTO program has developed the military’s first guided small-caliber bullet. The bullet is a 50-caliber round.

When coupled with optical sighting technology, snipers are able to extend day and nighttime range and increase the accuracy of their shots.

The bullet is guided in real time toward its target by a system that tracks its target like a bird dog retrieves its best friend’s kill.

DARPA test fired the round in February 2015 with amazing results (2). The bullet is so accurate it can chase down moving targets and knock their lights out.

One of the more impressive parts of the EXACTO technology is that the bullet can make compensations for the weather. Is there a strong wind? Screw ballistics. The tracking system accounts for the push back and hits its target.

For the skeptics, keep in mind that the military’s own ballistics experts thought a self-guided bullet couldn’t be made. It was supposedly beyond the realm of possibilities. So said Darpa Program Manager Jerome Dunn (2).


Ordinary Rifles with Super Bullets

EXACTO does not need any special rifle or weapons system to be fired. It can be shot from an ordinary rifle.

Dunn expects the military to advance this technology to other calibers of ammunition. Possibly, every soldier in the U.S. Army could carry a weapon that is extremely accurate at any distance.

Imagine a 5.56mm round fired from a common M16 at 1,000 meters (the M16 has an effective range of 800 meters) (3), hitting its target with astounding accuracy, killing the target while the soldier wasn’t even sighted on center mass.

While the EXACTO program enhances sniper accuracy, it’s nice to think that the military personnel of the future could have access to self-guided bullets with the same level of accuracy.

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