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Strange Sounds From Around the World

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Strange Sounds From Around the World
Thanks to YouTube, many of the world’s strangest sounds are available to examine and dissect.

It’s difficult to plow through the hundreds of hoaxed videos.

However, some compilations have excellent candidates for being authentic recordings mixed with obvious faked ones.

So, when going for a sampling of what’s on the Internet, expectations should be realistic with a large dose of skepticism.

You know how we are here at TSW… We like to question everything but still keep an open mind.

#1 Bigfoot Yells and Sounds

In this section, you’ll find copies of the YouTube videos and then below you will find a description.

Take a listen for yourself.

Each of these videos is unique and as mentioned before there are sometimes obviously faked sounds alongside others that could possibly be authentic.

The ones that mix faked sounds make it hard to believe any of the video could be authentic, but you never know for sure.

Earthfiles with Linda Moulton Howe podcast 1978 recording from Washington state of an 8 foot Sasquatch seen in the woods behind a woman’s home.

The sounds are in the opening of the video and the remainder is Morehead discussing the Sierra Camp and making the recordings.

Ron Morehead is known for his work with the Sierra Camp from the 1970s and repeat encounters the group has had with Bigfoot and many of the sound recordings made of the Bigfoot group communicating.

Bigfoot recordings made by Ron Morehead and team in 1970s as featured on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland radio show.

#2 Animal screams

This video helps you to identify those nocturnal sounds that might otherwise make your imagination run wild.




While many animal sounds are strange and even scary, this video reveals funny animal sounds mostly from pets.

#3 Unexplained Sky Noises

Since 2011, the Internet has buzzed with videos of mysterious sounds seeming to come from the sky and booms coming from underneath the ground. Many hoaxers rushed to upload various fake recordings of what have been identified as soundtracks from the movie “War of the Worlds” featuring Tom Cruise.

Other videos appear to be legitimate and have many witnesses in various towns and cities across the world. Some theories explaining these mysterious sounds include hoax, electromagnetic energy being released into the atmosphere and bouncing back to Earth, space war, underground super railway, HAARP, fracking and others.

The loud scraping sounds in St Paul, Minnesota in 2014 were attributed to possibly the sound of the frozen river moving against the bridge piers.

Wisconsin residents reported hearing sky noises in April 2015. They described the sound as being a mixture of thunder and an airplane or jet.

Taos, New Mexico has over 40 years of 2% of the population reporting an odd, low humming sound. These people report that the sound feels as though it is resonating inside their heads. The constant droning interrupts their sleep. Even when a few victims moved away from the area, they reported that the humming persisted.

The sound became so problematic that a public inquiry was held in an attempt to determine what it was, but nothing was resolved.

British Columbia, Canada: This sound was heard by an entire town in Terrance, BC with many people recording the 10-minute long event.

Arizona KGUN9 shows a video of a bright light streaking across the sky and numerous reports of an explosion shaking the home followed by an enormous white light.

The news reporter explains that the station contacted the County Sheriff Departments in the Pima and Pinal Counties to investigate, but the Sheriff Departments had no information. The television station then contacted:

–> Tucson Police
–> Southwest Gas
–> Tucson Electric Power
–> National Weather Service in Tucson

Neither the bright light nor the earth-shaking boom were found to be related to any of these agencies, departments or companies.

#4 The WOW Signal

Perhaps the strangest unexplained sound yet to be experienced came in 1977 through a radio telescope names “Big Ear” and located in Ohio, USA. Big Ear was trained on the skies and had one mission, to listen to the cosmic radio signals in the hope of picking up an alien transmission from space.

On August 16, 1977, such a signal was recorded that lasted 72 seconds. When reviewing the previous night’s data, Astronomer Jerry Ehman discovered the anomaly and wrote in the margin one word, “WOW!” This became what’s commonly called The WOW Signal. The signal stood out from the radio static that fills the universe.

A computer translated the signal into six letters and numbers, but still remains locked in its code making it one of the most mysterious sounds ever discovered. The signal was transmitted from the constellation Sagittarius. The wavelength has long been speculated by scientists to be the one aliens would most likely use, should they wish to communicate with Earth.

There are hundreds if not thousands of youtube videos claiming to be actual recordings of various sounds and noises that seem out of place in the world. It’s up to the viewer to determine the validity of such claims.

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