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Bigfoot Means Big Money for Willow Creek, Whether Its Real or Not

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Bigfoot Means Big Money for Willow Creek, Whether Its Real or Not
Have you ever wondered just who benefits from all those Bigfoot sightings? I mean, you hear of them, but no one has ever produced indisputable evidence that the Sasquatch lives.

All the so-called evidence is anecdotal, and the pictures are a bit fuzzy.

Yet, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who claim to see the big hairy man-shaped beast every year.

Somebody’s got to be making money off that hairy thing.

Well, somebody is, but you might be surprised to find out who.

The Community Where Everyone in Town Capitalizes on Bigfoot

Since the legend reared its big ugly head, Bigfoot has been seen (allegedly) in such disparate places as Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington state, Florida, Michigan, and West Virginia (1).

And that’s just a few. But there’s one community in Northern California that takes the Bigfoot rather seriously—at least, the local merchants do.

Willow Creek is a small town, but they’ve got huge hairy aspirations for being known as Bigfoot’s home town (2).

Despite anyone in Willow Creek actually admitting they’ve seen the Sasquatch, you can’t walk (or drive) through and miss the three statues erected in his honor, or the museum gift shop, or the restaurant that bears his name.

Yes, the small town folk in Willow Creek, California are proud of Bigfoot and love to celebrate the two known sightings of the creature way back in the day (think 1958 and 1967).

The annual Bigfoot Days Festival got its start in 1960. A parade of locals clogs up the highway that runs through for over an hour in a spirit of legend that is unmatched anywhere on earth.

trinity river

What Kind of Merchandise Can You Buy in Willow Creek, California?

Every small town needs a niche. Some small towns in America are known for being college towns (3). Others are best known for their military bases (4). Sometimes, it’s all about the prison (5).

Small towns can create an economy out of music, history, a celebrity, food, extraterrestrials, or virtually anything (6). When you think of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, you think of the famous battle that gave people south of the Mason Dixon line a reason to reenact the battle or all of eternity.

People associate Woodstock, New York with Bob Dylan and hippie music. Roswell, New Mexico conjures up images of alien invasion (7). One small town in Pennsylvania is known for a giant rodent that predicts the weather (8).

Well, people in Willow Creek, California want you to know their town as the place where Bigfoot left his cultural footprint. And for the right price, you can walk away with a souvenir.

Savvy Bigfoot enthusiasts in Willow Creek will be happy to send you on your way with a book about the scary biped, a shot glass depicting the Sasquatch’s not-so-little hairy feet, a painting showcasing an artist’s interpretation of the famous legend, a T-shirt (of course!), photos of Bigfoot, a map of sightings, miniature statue of the beast, keychains, magnets, a bigfoot drivers license, a bigfoot diary, puzzles, and much more.

In essence, if you’re just dying to spend your hard earned money beefing up the economy of one small town that thrives on the bigfoot legend, Willow Creek, California is waiting for your arrival.

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