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Infowars Store Proves Alex Jones is Exploiting Your Paranoia

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Infowars Store Proves Alex Jones is Exploiting Your Paranoia
Within the conspiracy theory community, Alex Jones and his website Infowars stands as one of the most popular, most frequently visited websites of all.

Alex Jones is quoted in the media, throughout the conspiracy blogosphere, and almost anywhere else such theories are explored. There are many reasons Infowars is so popular; primary among them is the fact that the conspiracies that you find covered there are focused upon popularity – 9/11, Bilderberg, and topics with the largest following are explored – almost entirely in favor of the conspiracy being real. You’ll rarely find an unbiased investigation that doesn’t assume the conspiracy is true right out of the gates.

There is a reason for this. The purpose of Infowars, and the Alex Jones empire really, is simply to appeal to the paranoia and beliefs of the majority of the conspiracy community, in order to cash in.

The irony is that Alex Jones slams the wealthy cabal and rich “yuppies” out of one side of his mouth, while hocking products and advertisements that have earned him a tidy “yuppie” income of his very own.

Alex Jones: The Hypocrite

An typical Alex Jones rant is a predictable foaming-at-the-mouth monologue against the ultra-rich elite cabal who are on a mission to entrap the Earth’s population into slavery and servitude in a future post-apocalyptic world.

He often attacks the rich and the wealthy, calling them narcissistic. In the video above, he attacked the wealthy in this way.

“I could care less about red carpets and big giant jets and all the narcissistic stuff that these fastooned tyrants and their little outfits prancing around to each other. It makes me want to throw up.”

Is this true? Does Alex Jones “care less” about red carpets and big giant jets? The irony was that about 30 seconds after finishing his rant above, the then changed gears and once again started promoting his wares.

“Briefly, we are a listener supported transmission. That means spreading the word, supporting our sponsors. We want to thank you all for that. Plus we have really good, high-quality T-shirts, ball caps, long-sleeve shirts that promote Molon Labe and the Second Amendment. We have a whole Made in America section. We have another, less expensive, made in the third world section. It’s up to you to make our choice. All of it gets the word out, and that’s what’s most important.”

After that, he went on for another few minutes touting the various male and female vitality products, water filtration systems and other products listed in the store.

It is very surreal to hear a guy rant and rave about capitalist propaganda meant to enslave the population, and then immediately switch gears to building his own booming capitalistic empire at InfoWars.

And booming it is. Alex Jones is one of those wealthy yuppies he likes to attack so much.

The Alex Jones Yuppie Empire

Browsing the InfoWars site and reading articles deriding how the rich and wealthy are trying to enslave the population, and then seeing the profit-making InfoWars store front and center on the site is a bit surreal.


How much profit making? More than you might realize.

Salon writer Alex Seitz-Wald conducted an impressive investigation in his article titled Alex Jones: Conspiracy, Inc. Alex’s findings were eye-opening.

From site traffic alone, Alex estimated that Alex Jones is earning just over $1.2 million a year.

“David Steinberg, CEO of the New York-based digital ad agency XL Marketing, estimated Jones’ effective CPM is probably around $5, which he calculates to produce a significantly lower number than Covino’s, at between $1 million and $1.2 million per year. There’s also YouTube […] a prominent YouTube monetization consultant pegged Jones’ revenue from the site at just $34,590 a year.”

That revenue is only the tip of the iceberg. David Steinberg, the CEO of a digital ad agency, explained that in addition to the ad revenue, Jones earns roughly $215,000 per year from advertisements on his radio show.

There’s a very big chunk of change earned by Jones’ subscription based PrisonPlanet.TV streaming. The Salon’s conservative estimate places the earnings here at $4 million a year if only 2.5 percent of site visitors subscribe, and up to $8 million a year if 5 percent subscribe.

We’re talking big bucks now.


This is all before you get to the actual InfoWars store itself, where Alex Jones sells everything from books, magazines, “prepper” supplies, T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and of course his 14 films.

The bottom line is that when you add all of this together, Alex Jones pulls in a small fortune from his conspiracy empire. Most sources, like The Richest, have set Alex Jones’ net worth at $5 million, and climbing.

“On the high end, if we assume he pulls in the maximum $6 million on Web, another $450,000 on the radio […] we’re talking about more than $10 million a year. And none of this includes book sales, merch, speaking tours, promotional tie-ins, book and DVD royalties or any other revenue streams that might exist.”

Placing all of this big-money in context with various anti-yuppie Alex Jones quotes, it becomes almost impossible to overlook the striking hypocrisy in everything Alex spouts, like this bit from his interview with the Texas Monthly.

“So we’re at war against a guild of control freaks and perverts and sickos who relish conning people and relish lying and relish spreading misinformation and relish propaganda. They have openly written one-thousand-plus white papers and hundreds of books about their plan, and I’m over here going, ‘Look at this, ladies and gentlemen!'”

So what’s the problem with making money off this stuff? It boils down to ethics, honesty and the search for truth.

Income Depends on Fear and Paranoia

There is no reason an investigative journalist or enterprise shouldn’t make money off of the work that they do, but when the income becomes directly related with promoting a specific belief system, that’s where the problems start.


Alex Jones is promoting a theory that a wealthy cabal is working to overthrow society and enslave everyone through a systemic process of poisoning, brainwashing and otherwise dumbing down the population in order to keep people blind.

Everything Alex Jones sells – from his books and videos to his “prepper” products and supplies depends primarily on the fact that people believe in, are fearful of, and are angry about these alleged threats. These threats keep people buying and trying to “spread the word” with bumper stickers and T-shirts. If there were no threat, there would be no sales.

Mick West over at Metabunk put it best:

“The problem arises when there is a conflict of interests. When your making money depends upon you promoting a particular message of fear (the world as we know it is ending), and then encouraging people to buy particular products (gold, water filters, detox juice, ammo, survivalist gear and books) based on the validity of message.”

It is inconceivable to consider just how many thousands of well-meaning people have been sucked into the Alex Jones propaganda machine and have sunk their hard-earned money into various InfoWars products, Prison Planet subscriptions or sponsored goods. These are purchases driven by fear or anger, sparked and fueled by Alex Jones’ constant ranting and raving.

The followers of this religion of paranoia and fear continue to grow in number, and the Alex Jones financial empire continues to grow.

It may very well be that the biggest threat to conspiracy theorists comes not from a dark and secret global cabal, but instead from a cancerous growth right at the heart of the conspiracy community itself.

This is a cancer that serves the needs of any such elitist cabal well – because without even raising a finger, they can let Alex Jones do all the hard work for them. Thanks to Alex Jones, conspiracy researchers may never be taken seriously by the mainstream media ever again.

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  • sleep20013

    Don’t buy anything if you don’t want to support it, he even says so himself.

  • Art Lives

    I’m not paranoid and I like Alex Jones. Politics in the USA is mostly thoroughly evil and boring, nothing funny about it. He’s the only real entertainment about politics. The extreme right wing is always about trying to exploit paranoia and it works. It’s a buffoon show and great for laughs and at the same time a bit depressing because lots of what he says is true.


    Yawnnnn….everybody wants to attack Jones…shame on him for building a media empire that gets news out, shame on him for employing over 50 people, shame on him for making money, shame on him for going after the globalists…

  • Larry

    This article compares aj to the wealthy elite. Thats hardly from the truth. Do you imply that $10 million constitutes that kind of judgement. In your biased quotes, you fail to mention that aj has to run the operation.

  • It’s the hypocrisy of attacking yuppies…yet being one himself. And having a business model that requires these conspiracy theories to be believed by followers, regardless what the facts show.

  • Right – everyone else is wrong, and Jones is just a crusader for truth. Keep drinking that kool-aid.

  • Okay watching and listening for humor I can understand. 🙂

  • Mac

    So what’s the problem with AJ making a profit? Last time I checked we still have the 1st Amendment right?? If you don’t like what he has to say don’t listen to him.

  • David Prentice

    To be fair, his hard sell is an art form. He doesn’t encourage his audience to “buy” a product. It’s almost always “secure” your order now. And the product that comes with a free “tactical scarf”. My sides! But hey, I still listen from time to time.

  • That is a good point.

  • This is true – however, we’ve always made it our business to write about hypocrisy, particularly when it involves a bit of a cult-like community like this following. It’s just interesting to rage against something like yuppie-dom, yet at the same time aspire to become a part of that same capitalist-elitist system.

  • Jonathan Harris

    From what i see hes always got proof to what he says and he has the top quality products in the world why dont you write an article about Obama and how he dissolved the borders and let all those illegals in and they’re destroying our economy of coarse there gonna be on obamas side. you’re just mad because Alex Jones is waking people up to the truth and its putting an impact in your plans all you’re doing is making people that don’t know about Alex Jones look him up and then when they listen to him and see that he’s truthful they’re not going to listen to what you have too say Anymore hearsay doesn’t get you too far when you’re dealing with intelligent people the TPP is passed thanks the Infowars article with their proof I know these things like Jade helm 15, bill HR 6566 HR 645 look up jessie ventura fema camps video on youtube and ask your smartphone for directions to FEMA camps and see where it takes you Youll be suprised at how many there are in your area. look up jade helm Fortlauderdale flordia or infowars 18 videos of jade helm. Then write an article about something real not about how jealous you are of someones success and productivity jesus christ will eventually put a stop to the madness.

  • Gp

    AJ is not anti-capitalist, he is very pro-capitalism and supports the idea of self-made business. He is anti-corporatism and anti-Crony-capitalism (AKA Fascism) where corporations basically run our elected officials….which is where we are at….even liberals and communists are saying the same thing.

    It is funny, AJ is evil for developing and selling products that the fan base has been asking him for over the last few decades? He is a bad guy for trying to turn a profit on sticking his neck out? He is a bad guy for trying to improve his quality of life by doing something he loves and his subscribers like?

    Alex will never get Rothschild rich selling supplements, t-shirts, and water filters. I don’t hold anything against the common wealthy man because they are not even on the same level of influence as the real elite. If you think people like AJ are the problem, maybe you need to brush up on what happened to our banking sector from 2005-2011 and ask yourself why nobody was held accountable.

  • Gp

    I think he is raging against the corporate run government and the “yuppies” latching onto big government and corporate exploitation of law as a way to get wealthy. If you actually listened to the program or followed his stories you would gather that in short order.

    Capitalism isn’t the problem, corporatism and corporate government are the problem (aka fascism). I have never heard AJ suggest that voluntary trade of good or services for currency was the problem, I have heard him say that “yuppies” voting in big government and higher taxes are going to gut the ability of the private sector to keep the economy afloat.

    I can say I support capitalism without supporting companies like Coke, Monsanto, or GE. They have gone far beyond “Free-market” and wield political power via their wealth.

    No, no coke, thank you. I will stick with a local brand, so that I know the money goes to paying workers in my state and supporting our economy. Voluntary trade of labor, goods, services, and currency is not the issue. This is not a hard concept to understand.

  • Britton George

    You guys are a joke if you go off what Salon, Daily Beast and other websites say about Jones in your article. Richest net worth website is a lie too. They make a living out of attacking and lying about him.

  • Britton George

    So why in the hell listen if its just for entertainment value? Hes not Howard Stern and to lump him in with people like that is weak. Hes better and smarter than that.

  • avianeddy

    “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you”

  • Christian Krueger

    Anyone hear Alex use the word “Yuppie” before? I’ve been listening to him and checking out the Infowars website for 4 years now and I may have heard him say it once or twice – maybe. Whereas dubious Dube has used the word seven times in this page – five times in his article and twice in his responses. He thinks that by framing Alex as liberal who hates yuppies like this is the 1980’s he can discredit him for making money. Alex is a “classical liberal” – a self-proclaimed libertarian who promotes financial independence through owning one’s business and not being beholden to welfare or a corporate overlord. He also rails against the global elite billionaires that run our economy – you know like the people who own the banks that own the federal reserve that prints our money, lends it to the government and gives it back to the banks. Like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kunlow, Morgan, Oppenheimer, Smith, etc. The people that are too big to be in the mainstream news.

    Words Alex does use to identify that global cabal of bankers and scumbags: globalists, control freaks, banksters, elite, global elite, satanists, scum, parasites, eugenicists…

    He basically doesn’t give a f*** about yuppies, though people who worship the red carpet and their own self importance for being rich can go to hell too, for all I care. If those are the people you call yuppies then good riddance. I don’t think Alex qualifies.

    Furthermore, his products are good for you – all natural, over the counter. His water filters are legit – if you like having flouride and chlorine and whatever else in your water than that’s your stupid choice. His prisonplanet tv subscriptions are incredibly reasonable – like 8 bucks a month and you can share your account with 20 and all watch simultaneously – name one news network that offers that. If he’s making money it’s undoubtedly because he’s doing something right. Being a conspiracy theorist isn’t just a fad. He’s been doing it for 20 years, and more and more people are waking up with or without his help which has increased traffic to his site and products.

    Alex broke the bohemian grove story with his personal footage of the event, years before he was rich or famous at all. If he’s built a successful company since then that is probably a good thing and not at all a sign of hypocrisy.

  • If you’re not his PR agent, you should apply for the job.

  • I guess everyone’s making money by making stuff up then….

  • You can get the same products cheaper on Amazon and/or Survivalist websites that don’t use fear-mongering and don’t touting b.s. stories that lack any real evidence to try and sell those products.

  • He’d have to get in line. The difference between AJ and most other MSM hosts that earn in excess of $10 million is that they at least believe in the value of real evidence and actual journalistic integrity.


    In my opinion energy is a part of existence. Amassing it ensures greater power be it a star black hole or an athlete eating a protein bar for a commercial to gain power. With this said i am just assuming that your opinion Ryan is that the power amassed by alex jones is unbalanced. I can agree that most of everything that has to do with money is unbalanced and destructive. From what I understand about chaos is that nature of the universe will always correct balance in the form of laws and physics and sometimes it’s a destructive outcome. The difference I can see between alex jones programming and other media is that it gives the viewer the ball in the court to question what’s going on and then inject their own opinion. They don’t have to be right all the time just more correct most of the time verses their competitors to make the sale and with that competition news media services are starting to adopt his methods to gain back customers reporting on conspiracy news and also doing damage control with adding more troll’s to confuse the truth and reality because the mainstream media got the light shown on them that they are just making stuff up half the time. For advice on knowing if something is true I would suggest scientific observation to it’s fullest definition with what is available for current technology. Hopefully in the future lies and deception will be a thing of the past.

  • Jairalee Jones

    Well I’m not saying there is nothing to criticize Alex Jones about but this isn’t one of them (although it kind of feels like he’s got to many commercials these day)

    Truth is Alex Jones is pro capitalist, he admits it. I was an anti capitalist myself and what I have found is anti capitalists over generalize. They think if bad people make lots of money then they themselves shouldn’t make a lot of money when I have found just the opposite is true; If bad people make lots of money, but you are a good person, you have an absolute responsibility to make lots of money yourself (or at least try.) If bad people make lots of money, you let evil win by letting the bad people be the only ones with lots of money.

    When you put it that way it almost seems like there is a conspiracy put out by a tiny few that want to shut down their competition before they even begin. 😉 😉

  • Tim

    Keep drinking the kool aid? ROTFLMAO
    You had that said to you, hurting your feelings so many times you just had to see what it was like huh?
    “Keep drinking the kool-aid” IS “conspiracy theorist” lingo. ROTFLMAO
    It appears you have a bit of conspiracy envy?????

  • Britton George

    You lose credibility when you go off what left slanted websites say and take it as true.

  • Mymyheyhey

    So, a generality about MSM hosts.. And bias aside, you “know” they value real evidence how? Don’t you realize the same govt involved corps fund them through big advertising? The corps that fund MSM have way deeper pockets than the small businesses who advertise with Jones. In what reality of yours are these MSM hosts real journalalists who aren’t bought and paid for?

  • Credibility in the eyes of Alex Jones cultists – probably, you’re right.

  • It’s conspiracy theorist lingo for people who believe idiotic things – even to their own demise. It’s a reference to the Tim Jones massacre where he made his cultists drink poisoned Kool-Aide. If you’re a believer in silly, unproven theories that lack solid evidence (like most of what Alex Jones spouts) – that would make the Kool Aid reference applicable to you.

  • ad l

    We live in a fiat money age, that means money is created from nothing when a bank makes loans, this is 97% of the money in the economy, 3% comes from currency, as you put it. So there is absolutely no way you can support ‘Capitalism’ by claiming you are against corporatism and corporate government when you use the money created by banks which are corporations themselves

    Let’s not forget money owns politics, so as they control fiat money creation, corporations own government, we do not live in a democracy this is an Oligarchy.

    The switch to fiat money was the game change the Oligarchs made which allowed them to get control of everything of real worth, old real money was tied to precious metal they couldn’t just make any money they liked, they only had so much real money, knowing he who controls the money controls everything, they used the government to ditch money linked to precious metal so they could get their hands theoretically on everything, and as the 1% have more wealth than the other 99% put together their plan is working and it’s going to get worse. This is all down to the switch to fiat money.

  • A concerned resident

    capitalism IS the problem. Sorry that you’re too blinded by AJ’s blatant propaganda to be able to see this VERY SIMPLE TRUTH

  • Jones isn’t an idiot, he knows what hes doing, it’s his fans that are blindly ignorant, hypocritical and stupefied.

    1. Jones is a lard ass who pedals health products, talks a poor game in fact.

    2. Jones uses people’s fears and emotions to get them to cling to his word. He preaches a good game, but, in fact, he actually pushes the ‘big brother’ mentality by pushing the responsibility of what ills ‘society’ on to the backs of “the other side”.

    3. Jones loves to talk about uber male stupidity, an aphrodisiac, heirloom seeds, stuff to keep in your basement when you have to hunker down and pray for your life, but he never really tells people you don’ tneed that crap, he doesn’t help people understand, and he does not impart useful knowledge.

    4. Jones talks about being the good guy, but if you ever youtube him and say someone like Jack Blood (former associate) you learn pretty quick what a kind of person he is outside the public eye. Jones depends on pulling people’s instincts/strings to make a pretty penny, and the koolaid followers that love him for giving them some fear porn really ARE THE PROBLEM.

    5. Anyone who has listened to Jones for some time knows his connections to the “Pauls”, their politically inclined family/machine. Anyone who has listened to Jones during the election cycles understands he clearly advocates for Republicans, despite him saying the whole thing is a fraud, a false dichotomy.

    —gnōthi seauton—
    People don’t get it, they don’t want to get it (too many). Jones is the lame stream, he appeals to a niche of people who want to pretend they are different, that they are individuals, etc… But in the end, they are just dupes for his story telling, the way people have been owned mentally since before the days of Plato’s cave. Jones is part of the establishment, and his following are part of the tyranny.


    You are the only one that said anything about authoritarian economy. Nice strawman. AJ would be proud!

    “Government makes corporatism possible, without the force of the state a corporation has no real power to coerce the public or consumers” – Do you understand what a monopoly is? Do you understand what price-fixing is? The “big bad authoritarian” government is the only thing preventing corporations from bleeding you dry.

  • Gp

    How is monopoly possible without legal authority over courts and intellectual property? Patents and trademarks do not exist without government, with that a monopoly has no legal means of self-preservation. Somebody you don’t like it making oreo cookies……setup a factory next to their factory and make a better oreo cookie……

    Do you have certain goods and services that you like? Do you buy them with any regular frequency? That is your act of voting for the businesses you like…..Do you have any businesses that you avoid? Do you best to keep your money from making its way into the hands of people you disagree with.

    People that like AJ will support his store and he will provide products that they ask for, some businesses that you enjoy are doing the same thing, if you buy something and your didn’t enjoy it you should let the seller know…..

  • Tony Zamboni

    sorry but there is absolutely nothing ‘voluntary” about today’s capitalism

  • JMark

    Because those journalists aren’t owners of those news agencies like AJ is for IW. Secondly, government involved how? You people just love to spew sh*t.

  • Mary Ledbetter

    “The difference between AJ and most other MSM hosts that earn in excess
    of $10 million is that they at least believe in the value of real
    evidence and actual journalistic integrity.”

  • Todd McCausland

    Since you have a problem with people making money off their website. I’m glad I have ad-block. Here’s the message I received when I pulled up your site.

    “It looks like you’ve got Ad-block enabled.
    While we respect your decision and choice of plugin it’s important to realize that ads pay the bills, and keep the lights on.

    We understand many sites use annoying pop-up ads and other manipulative techniques that have made ads annoying in general and created the need for Ad-Blockers.

    All we humbly ask that you add to the ad-block whitelist. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge. If everyone ran ad-block, TopSecretWriters would be no more. ”

    You forget infowars has to pay employees, fly them to locations, pay benefits, spend on general costs of running a business as well, and much more.

    Alex doesn’t talk about Yuppies. I can’t remember when that was ever used. I listen every day. I take some stuff with a grain of salt. He is an ALARMIST. However there’s a lot of truth behind his rants. I don’t agree with his style but there’s a lot of truth behind what he says. Such as the Pedophile elitists. Just look at David Hasert. He’s just the tip of the ice berg. Oh by the way the only thing I’ve ever purchased was a “Hillary for Prison 2016” tee shirt. Just because I love the expressions on peoples faces when they see me wearing it.

  • Well, for the record I have to say that I want one of those t-shirts.

  • Eric Ceaser

    Thanks Ryan.. though it is Jim Jones of the Jonestown massacre not Tim Jones. I’m sure that ‘s a typo; I have been wondering why so many of my fellow evangelicals have been flocking to Trump and in many cases attacking evangelical Ted Cruz. I kept being referenced to Info Wars, etc… and wondering what they had to do with anything. Now I know.

  • mary goround

    Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. Listen to those two back to back. Especially the Alex Jones clip from waking life…than compare that to Bill hicks. you have to have spent a lot of time listening to both before you will be able to make the connection…He’s playing a character both times…Bill Hicks is a character, Alex Jones is a character…

    They both have the same producer Kevin Booth see for yourself. Kevin worked with “Bill” and than when “Bill” died somehow Kevin just happened to become the producer of Alex Jones show and remains so to this day.

    I was an alex jones fan and I still think I am. but now I realize that it’s a con. and I started to think about this because I came across this theory of Alex Jones being Bill Hicks. But now I see how dangerous a truly effect disinformation campaign can be. That is what Alex Jones is, he is a disinformation agent. He is not here to help us.

    Prior to this realization I had I started to think of why I was so “addicted” to alex jones and info wars. I started to think that maybe I was watching entertainment mixed with bitter truths.

    That Bill Hicks is now Alex Jones is only dangerous because of what Alex Jones does (confuse us and scare us) and who he works for (the government)

    Some of what he says is true but he mixes it with bs so that it makes it harder to get to the truth.

    People have difficulty seeing they are the same person because they play different characters. Bill Hicks is ultra left wing and super laid back. Alex Jones is super right wing and a loose cannon who always seems to be getting worked up.

    They are both characters.

    Anyone who is an actor, or who is a author of books, plays, stories knows what it is like to make up characters…people get too hung up on names….

    That Bill Hicks was able to fake his death and become Alex Jones is certainly one of the greatest hoaxes of the modern times. It is also extremely dangerous.

    You are all welcome to come to your own conclusion but after being a bill hicks fan and alex jones fan for years…and being pointed out this theory….I finally realized this is definitely what’s going on. They have the same friends and same producer. Alex came out of nowhere, How did he get so big? come on….

  • Chris Freethinker

    He has a huge ego, yes. He wants to make money, yes. But he is also a tireless researcher who has done more to expose the globalist evil agenda than anyone else.

  • Darth Folwart

    It is not capitalism, it is the corruption that is the problem. Virtually any system would work great without corruption, but that is not realistic. Corruption happens. The answer is vigilance and severe concequences.

  • Libertas Daily

    So I am forced to go to the local salon and get my hair cut>? because I am pretty sure I chose to do that

  • Libertas Daily

    Morons who failed economics are the problem

  • bob knob

    the problem isnt just with him making a shit-ton of money by furthering the fear, and anxiety state of mind he swears to fight against. The core of the matter is if he is so passionate about this and trully believes everything he says than why hasnt he used his position and wealth to actuate change of at least some kind. Just ranting and raving and selling “props” doesnt fix a freaking thing but his bank account. If it is so vitally important that these people are stopped then why not use what you have to initiate some kind of change? Answer : why give up your cushy job just to get dirty in the trenches actually doing something about it when you can just join the party and live the good life. And by good i do not mean the spiritual kind at all. No real Christian would make a folly of himself and God for profit, ranting, raving and cursing like a heathen and listening to satanic metal bands like Iron Maiden and others he has said he loves. Really a band know for 666/Number of the Beast, and he publicly states his love for them and others. God says we know the tree by the fruit. Nuf said!

  • gene

    Apparently, you don’t click the source links in InfoWars articles.

  • Mkword

    Art Lives, however, finished with … “lots of what he says is true.”

    And there’s the problem/crux right there. The number of people who come to Alex Jones already presupposing his conspiracies are real.

    I think one of the most insightful things in the article is the point that Jones selectively reports on the most *popular* of conspiracies. There’s no risk-taking in his reporting. He’s certainly not brave investigator. He’s merely pumping up and plugging in to what large numbers of people already believe in.

    I came to this older article because of what we’ve experienced in the last few months … Trump becoming President and the transformation of mainstream news into “fake news” while the tin foil hat brand of journalism Jones distributes has become the “legitimate” media.

    One thing I was very curious about, but didn’t see mentioned in the article … has anyone been able to determine if Jones is an owner or profit participant in some of the products that are sold on his show … I mean beyond the obvious “Infowars” t-shirts and hats stuff.

  • Mkword

    Excellent point! Especially given the alleged magnitude of these conspiracies.

    If there’s truly a cabal to take control of the public, strip our rights and toss us into FEMA camps … why wouldn’t Jones be using his position and wealth to prevent this from happening? Instead, he’s quite comfortable just informing his listeners of what they already believe and selling them stuff.

    Thought it was very interesting that the article noted that Jones at one point considered a run for office … but backed out at the last minute. He’d much rather ran and rave from his studio and sell his products than go out there and fight for change in society.

  • Mkword

    “tireless researcher?”

    It’s pretty easy to research stuff you’re just making up.

  • Mkword

    This is a terrific piece of commentary. Not only am I impressed that you were able to stop and see your “addiction” to the conspiracy content of Infowars for what it was … but your conclusion that Jones is playing a character is extremely insightful.

    I have to say that I came to the same line of thinking the very first time I watched Alex Jones for an extended period of time. I was very curious as to what this person Trump thinks so highly of was putting out on the air waves and decided to watch and listen a good while.

    And man, what a show! I started to think that Jones is playing a character when I noticed that sometimes when he really worked himself up into a screaming fit of rage, he sometimes starts laughing. As if he can’t believe how much of a whacked character he’s creating.

    So now we have a President who calls the New York Times and CNN fake news … and considers the ravings of Jones to be legitimate.

    We’ve really gone down the rabbit hole. We may very well be living in the midst of the wildest conspiracy theory ever.

  • Bill Johnson

    Of course Charlie Warzel’s Buzz Feed article does not link to the full report from “labdoor”. The snippets in quotation from this report are full of subjective terminology (“seems far fetched”) in lieu of factual conclusions. I’d like them to submit their work for peer review. It’s likely that the the work done was not a blind quality test and the lab staff’s biases probably influenced the results. The company Labdoor claims to be an independent testing lab but they also sell their own supplements – on the same site no less! — Now THAT’s dodgy! Anyway I will gladly trust Alex selling me Vitamin B during breaks than CNN/NBC/BLA-BLA-BLA pushing big pharma poison for 80% of their ad time.

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Why Banning Alex Jones Will Only Help His Cause

Why Banning Alex Jones Will Only Help His Cause

On Thursday, September 6th, Twitter announced that it had permanently banned Alex Jones and his media company Infowars from using the social media platform.(more…) [...]

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