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The 10 Strangest Recent UFO Sightings in the US

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The 10 Strangest Recent UFO Sightings in the US
MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is something of a joke. Their inability to root out credible researchers in the field for walking, talking BS artists is legendary (1).

A case in point is how one becomes an accredited investigator. You have to become a member paying a subscription of $35 to $115 a year (depending on what combination of journals/field manuals one purchases). The field training process seems vaguely educational; however, they do not tell you the hidden costs of attending courses.

By my estimates, becoming a fully-fledged authenticated MUFON investigator probably requires an individual pay upwards of US $200-300.

If an organization has Bob Wood on its board and invites mooks like Giorgio Tsoukalos to speak at MUFON events, the organization has no credibility, by proxy.

Furthermore, what about the crap they endorse on their lame show “Hangar 1: The UFO Files”? They have episodes endorsing the bollocks MJ-12 documents; furthermore, they are all over the bogus story of Eisenhower meeting with ETs (2)(3)(4).

Their continually updated database sums up how lame MUFON is. Currently, the organization is raising funds to give it an upgrade. However, there will not be any vetting of the content.

Most of the pictures are obviously something other than UFOs; moreover, many are clearly faked. If MUFON were serious about UFOs, they would not make their online records a kook-ridden free for all.

While I doubt the goons involved with MUFON will ever enforce anything remotely like rigorous standards, some improvements on their database site will make it a more pleasurable experience.

As it stands, downloading shaky footage of practically nothing becomes extremely tedious. Hence, I decided to bail on this area of investigation. MUFON also need to put a lid on image file size or have a preview picture. Waiting around for some massive bogus visage should be less time consuming.

My Pointless Parameters

Being a researcher, I often spend some time deciding how to assess the plausibility of a sighting. Judging the distance, time, credibility of the writer and legibility of the report should be of the utmost importance.

Originally, I attempted to make a Top 10 list of the best US sightings this year until mid-May. Nevertheless, I abandoned my five-year plan.

This was not due to my abandoning the video evidence. The Jpeg and PNG samplings were so weak I could never make a Top 10 from 2010 until now.

Indeed, as it turns out, I could barely make a “best of” list going back a decade.

ufo rendering

Top 5, May 2015

Thus, I had to relax all criteria and settle for the five best pictures, funny, fake, or otherwise. I think hand drawn sightings should have been a different category. We all know diagrams are never as spectacular as other sources.

The folks who took the time identifying the UFO locations (and even flight paths) certainly seemed more trustworthy.

Indeed, one of the only things worthy of interest on the database was the increase in sightings of triangular objects in these diagrams.

5) The old Moon as a big UFO Trick: 18th May 2015, Lake Stevens, Washington

This image was one of the funnier ones. Clearly, there is an object; however, this douche bag has taken a photo of the moon rising behind Mt. Pilchuck. He has then cropped and lightened the images to try making it look as if dusk is not setting in. If the object were as bright as this and as big as a mountaintop, more people living nearer the mountain would have seen it. Well, they probably did – it was the moon.

4) Pig House Caper: May 5th, 2014. Holley, NY

What I liked about this story is the individual provided an excellent background and reason for their use of the camera. Namely, to check on one’s pigs. The subject matter is somewhat quirky; nevertheless, the beams of light look directed (at least).

I am a little suspicious of the light in the foreground and reflecting off the door to the pig pen. However, he is also asking for advice on what the light could be; hence, a little humbleness goes a long way in my credibility book.

One has to wonder what aliens would be doing stalking pigs? I do hope it is nothing kinky. It is also a very cool spooky picture, regardless of it likely being a mundane outdoor light.

3) Drive by Drone: May 17th, 2015, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

While driving home, this person saw some small black ovals flying in formation. I do not know what is worse, taking a picture while driving, or never seeing an older model hobby drone before. Nevertheless, this photo looks authentic, and it was during the daytime. Moreover, the dude is not claiming it shot laser beams.

2) Forget the UFO, Natures Better: 6th June 2014, Palo Alto, California

Okay, when I said I almost ignored all of the “didn’t know it was there till I uploaded it” images. These beautiful pictures of a Red Hawk eating a squirrel then being attacked by a mockingbird ill befit such a shoddy website.

Furthermore, the bloke discussed the objects location; moreover, proximity to a local surroundings. Of interest is the proximity of the subject matter to Palo Alto Airport, and NASA’s Moffet Federal Airfield.

1) A Credible Triangular Object: 26TH February 2010, Anza-Borrego Desert, California

Here is a triangular UFO in daylight. Sure, it is not as spectacular as some other triangle pictures and the distance is some way off. Nevertheless, by comparison to the other crap on the database this one is a Rembrandt.

Questions remain concerning potential photo shopping (as with any good picture). The potential for drone/experimental aircraft also needs acknowledgement. Nevertheless, it looks genuine.

What do you think? Do any of these look genuine? Did you find another photo on the database that you think is authentic? Let us know your thoughts.

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