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What Is a False Flag Attack and Why Should You Care?

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What Is a False Flag Attack and Why Should You Care?

Editorial Note: The opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the editors of this site.

Some high-ranking former members of the military and U.S. government are on the record as claiming that the official story of the events that took place on September 11, 2001 are wrong (1)

Some people who question the official story go so far as to claim the official story is a cover up of the truth, while others go even further and claim the U.S. government itself staged the attack and blamed it on terrorists.

Such self-attacks later pinned on some perceived enemy are often called “false flag attacks” and are so serious in nature that they’ve been banned by international law (2).

In 64 A.D, Roman Emperor Nero wanted to turn a huge part of Rome into his personal city within a city. When the Senate rejected his plan, Rome mysteriously caught fire. Nero found an easy scapegoat in Christians who refused to worship him as God. After a swift accusation, many of those Christians were put to death for a crime they didn’t commit. Radio jock Alex Jones details this false flag event and nine others on his website Infowars (3).

Two events Alex Jones discusses took place in the 20th century and involved the land of the free and the home of brave. Rumors have circulated for years about whether U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt knew about the planned Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before it happened. Historical documents now prove he did know (4). The second 20th century incident Jones alludes to is the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

What is the Origin of False Flag Operations?

At the Gulf of Tonkin in August 1964, a U.S. destroyer named USS Maddox was allegedly attacked off the cost of Vietnam. President Lyndon B. Johnson retaliated against the North Vietnamese, who he blamed for the attack, and started the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, as historical documents show, the event never happened (5).

The U.S. now admits the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag event. Blacklisted News recently showcased 52 other admitted false flag events by governments all around the world (6). Let the record show, no government is exempt from this evil.

False flag operations are nothing new. Ever since men have been able to wage war, they have devised more underhanded ways to serve it. The practice dates back to the days of wooden ships.

When nations went to war, they would fly their flags on their ships so they could distinguish their own from the enemy’s. One trick savvy military commanders learned to use was called the false flag attack. They would replace their flag with the enemy’s flag and sneak in to wage an attack on an unsuspecting naval fleet. It worked quite well (7).

False flag attacks are so malicious and evil that when nations can’t think of a logical explanation for an event they are prone to blaming the enemy, even if the evidence speaks to the contrary. In the months following September 11, 2001, as much of the country was trying to gather facts to know what had happened, many military leaders tried to pin the blame on Osama bin Laden (8). Al Qaeda, they said, was the culprit.

The question every American must ask is this, if their country is known to have conducted false flag operations in the past—and clearly it has—then what is to stop it from happening again in the future?

military state

Should We Be Worried?

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk of the U.S. government instituting martial law and completely disregarding the Constitution. Leaders as high up as former U.S. Congressmen Bob Barr and Ron Paul have hinted that such may occur. Texans are afraid Operation Jade Helm 15, a U.S. military operation involving the shutting down of Walmarts in Texas, could lead to martial law (9).

It’s easy to dismiss some outspoken kooks like Alex Jones as quacks, but when highly respected leaders like Bob Barr and U.S. Tommy Franks go on the record saying it’s possible, that’s not so easy to dismiss (10).

Here’s a fact: America has concentration camps (11). They may or may not be in operation today, but they are clearly ready for operation at any moment. The Rex-84 plan has put in place a mechanism for dealing with mass chaos. With so many people now concerned with police abuse and overreach (12), bioterror (13), and societal collapse (14), there’s no telling what those in power will do to retain it if they think that a mass uprising may cause them to lose their grip.

Global warming, police brutality, an increase in natural disasters, mass rioting, and a total breakdown of the fabric of society could very well lead to martial law. Or, fear of these challenges to the power structure could lead those in power to false flag an event so they can implement Rex-84 at will.

Am I saying it will happen? Not at all. But, I’m saying it could.

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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