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Why Conspiracy Central Torrents are Becoming the Go-To Place for Theorists

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Why Conspiracy Central Torrents are Becoming the Go-To Place for Theorists
What do you do if you have information to leak about a conspiracy theory, a government cover up, or clandestine activity? The info deserves to be exposed, but you are concerned with your identity being known or the safety of your family. The obvious answer is you pursue anonymity. But how?

Torrents, that’s how (1).

Torrent technology has been around since 2001 (2). It’s popular among hackers and people who want to download free digital files of copyrighted music, videos, and books illegally. But it’s the legal uses of torrent technology, also called BitTorrent, that makes it interesting.

A torrent file is a file you download through a peer-to-peer sharing website. There are millions of them online, but not all of them are safe.

You need special torrent software to download the files, which allows you to download small bits of large files from multiple locations much more quickly than you can download a single large file from one location. This is the reason torrent websites are so popular among copyright violators. Time is money, you know.

But it’s also the reason conspiracy theorists can benefit from it and why there has been an increased interest in torrents among theorists. You achieve anonymity and you can download useful files easily without putting yourself, or your computer, at risk.

Who’s Watching and Why You Should Care

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. If you conduct a Google search, Google has your IP address, which is trackable.

If your conspiracy theory has to do with government agents stepping outside their legitimate roles, then you might not want them to know you are on to them. And you can bet the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is tracking your Google searches (3).

Not only are your Google searches being tracked by the FBI, but your Internet Service Provider is spying on you too (4).

Conspiracy Central (ConCen) has become a hot spot for conspiracy theorists precisely because they can download sensitive files without giving away their identities (5).

And then, they can take the information they learn and develop their theories with ease without having to look over their shoulders to see who’s watching them. That should be comforting for all kinds of theorists and whistleblowers, too.

concen screenshot

How You Can Use The Torrent for Safety and Anonymity

The cool thing about ConCen is you can visit the website and download torrent files without signing up as a member. No tracking. You show up, download, leave.

Another thing you should know about it is they let you know of potential problems with files. For instance, if there are no flags, they’ll let you know a file has no flags. But if there are potential problems with a file, then they’ll flag it and notify you of the problem (6).

One of the flags identified “irrelevant content.”

To download the files and read them you’ll need torrent software. There are some popular ones online you can download for free. BitTorrent and uTorrent are two very popular torrent software clients you can use, but there are others (7).

Be careful out there, and after you’ve developed your best theories, share them with the rest of us.

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