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Did Hitler Flee to Argentina in 1945? The Truth Examined

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Did Hitler Flee to Argentina in 1945? The Truth Examined
On May 1, 1945, it was reported that Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi army, had committed suicide alongside his wife, Eva Braun, in their bunker in Berlin. She was noted to have died by cyanide pill and he died with the use of his own gun with a single shot to the head.

Per Hitler’s request, they were to be cremated. Their remains were brought to a nearby courtyard and lit on fire with petrol. The lengthy process did not garner the results of full cremation and their remains were buried nearby.

The news was released around the world with front page headlines. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and known nemesis of Hitler, requested evidence of their deaths. He sent members from the Red Army intelligence agency, SMERSH, to recover their remains. As the SMERSH unit was relocated, the remains were repeatedly exhumed and reburied.

Pieces of the remains – gunshot-inflicted skull fragments and dental fragments – were used as evidence of Hitler’s demise. The Soviets even had Hitler’s dentist, Hugo Blaschke, confirm that the remains were those of Hitler and Braun.

Abandoned and forgotten in Russian State Archives until 1993, the fragment of skull was put on display in an exhibit, The Agony of the Third Reich, in Moscow in 2000 along with accompanying images and pieces of bloodstained fabric and wood. Sergei Mironenko, the head of the archive, had no doubt the fragment was authentic.

But it was in 2009 that this evidence was brought into question. Nick Bellantoni, an archeologist and bone specialist from Connecticut, was uncertain about the validity of the samples. According to Bellantoni, “the bone seemed very thin; male bone tends to be more robust. And the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40” (1).

DNA Behind the Samples

Bellantoni was able to take DNA samples, which he brought to Dr. Linda Strausbaugh, at her applied genetics lab at the University of Connecticut. Her results were irrefutable; the skull fragments belonged to a woman. At that point, any historical evidence had been refuted, stirring a frenzy of theories.

Rumors of Adolf Hitler surviving are nothing new. For two years following the reported death, the Federal Bureau of Investigation continued to receive reports of sightings of the Fuhrer (2). These files were collected over the years and recently declassified.

The files, broken into four parts, contain 742 pages of correspondence regarding suspected sightings of Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun. With the sheer number of reports in the files, it seems that J. Edgar Hoover spent a large portion of his time as Director of the FBI responding to conspiracy theories.

The theories varied. The claims proposed that Hitler had traveled to Switzerland, New York, Colorado, and the most famed of which was Argentina.

The report claimed that Hitler, Eva, and many of their men traveled by a pair of U-boats to Argentina and were greeted by Argentinean officials. They were believed to be nestled at the foot of the Andes Mountains just north of Buenos Aires, in the town of La Falda.

A second-hand account of a man that was reported given $15,000 (almost $198,000 today) for his assistance was brought to the attention of the FBI. The man claimed he was involved in the Argentinean arrival but was bothered by his involvement and wanted the survival of Hitler to be announced to the proper parties.

It was theorized that Hitler and his camp sought refuge at the Eden Hotel, with known Nazi supporters and hotel owners, Ida and Walter Eichhorn. The FBI pursued the story but found the information provided to be insufficient and they ceased their efforts in the case.

adolf hitler

Theory Hitler Faked Death

The theory that Hitler faked his own death is possible. After all, he had an entire army of people who supported him – even people of high stature and political pull. However, the theory of Argentina doesn’t seem to hold water.

None of the individuals who believe they saw Hitler in Argentina have any evidence to prove their accounts. The FBI vault file is retold by a third-party and the man who was supposedly involved never spoke with anyone. His name wasn’t even included – supposedly to protect his identity. The file also claims the man was paid in dollars. However, the Germans used Reichsmark and Argentina had its own peso.

While sound evidence has proven that the remains did not actually belong to Hitler, there is no reason to believe he escaped to Argentina. The finding more likely indicates that the parties involved did not properly handle the evidence. It is possible that the remains most likely belonged to a young woman that was buried nearby. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun’s remains may very well be laid to rest alongside the many unidentified men, women, and children that were murdered in the Nazi cause.

That would be an ironic and fitting ending.

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