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How Dangerous is the Pharma Whistleblower Harassment Crew?

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How Dangerous is the Pharma Whistleblower Harassment Crew?
It reads like a script for a movie, former employee whistleblower harassed by powerful corporation. Yet, according to Natural News, it’s all real life drama for former Merck employee, Brandy Vaughn.

While employed with Merck, Vaugh repped the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx. Natural News reports that, “It was later discovered that the New Jersey-based Merck & Co. was knowingly selling a drug that frequently caused heart attacks and strokes in its unsuspecting victims” (1).

When a study revealed that Vioxx not only increased, but “doubled” the risk of strokes and heart attacks, Merck voluntarily took the drug off the market in 2004.

A class-action civil trial was heard in Melbourne Australia with the lead plaintiff Graeme Petterson, claiming that Vioxx “contributed to his heart attack” in 2003.

Merck had already settled a similar lawsuit in the US for $4.8 billion, while not admitting to “any liability.” The Australian reported there were allegations of a “hit list of doctors critical of the drug who needed to be ‘neutralised’.” In addition, there was talk of how to train “sales representatives in a Men in Black-style workshop to overcome doctors’ concerns that Vioxx caused heart attacks” (2).

Merck was also accused of “paying nurses to [pour] through patient records to find potential candidates for the drug; coming up with ‘cunning plans’ to promote Vioxx to doctors; and even faking a medical journal promoting the company’s product.”

The Australian reported that during the “early part of the trial” the court had “up to three PR executives who kept a close eye on journalists, often sitting next to the media. Reporters felt their notebooks were under view.” These tactics of intimidation didn’t prevent the press from daily reports of the court sessions. The Australian stated that the PR personnel eventually quit showing up in the courtroom.

Vaughn Refuses Vaccinations for Infant

Vaughn quit working for Merck as a drug representative soon after she learned of the deaths related to Vioxx. She says her confidence in the company and the healthcare system was shattered. She moved overseas and when she returned to the US with her 6-month old son, she refused to vaccinate her infant (3).

Convinced there was something very wrong with the infant/child vaccination program practiced throughout the US, Vaughn took a stand. According to her, it also marked the beginning of a campaign of intimidation aimed at her.

Vaughn claims she’s been harassed ever since she began her campaign against mandatory vaccinations of children. She made a video to document the various incidences of harassment she says have been committed against her.

In the video, Vaughn states that when she refused to vaccinate her child, she was met with intimidation from the clinic. Later, when she became vocal against enforced vaccinations, she noticed odd things began to happen.

Vaughn Recounts Acts of Intimidation

The first odd occurrence that Vaughn believes was done to intimidate her was a hide-a-key that she’d placed in her yard appearing on the front door stoop. She says she was unable to find it in her yard, but upon returning from an anti-vaccine rally, the hide-a-key rock and key mysteriously appeared in front of her door.

She installed a security system, but later discovered someone had entered her home and disarmed the system using a passcode that only she knew. The intruder set off a motion detector in the hallway and set a hidden laptop in the middle of the floor. The intruder opened a window that faces the backyard.

In another incident, Vaughn found a small duck statue on the backyard. She states in the video that the message was her phone calls are being monitored since she’d mentioned during various private phone calls that she was a “sitting duck.” She felt this way since a security firm she’d hired said her phones were in all likelihood tapped, her home monitored/bugged and her movements, perhaps even conversations were being monitored.

After being away for two weeks, out of fear for her safety, Vaughn returned home to find a step ladder in the front of her home underneath the only window without any blinds drawn – her bedroom window. The ladder was hers, but had been locked away in her garage. Inside her garage, a Buddha statue she’d left on top of the dog crate had been moved and placed on the floor.

Vaughn has been so intimidated that she no longer lives in her home. Instead, she now lives with a friend. While she is clearly afraid, she states in her video that as an anti-vaccine activist, she isn’t giving up her fight against those determined to force parents to vaccinate their children.

Who is responsible for these incidences of harassment? The identity of the person(s) responsible remains unknown with no suspects yet identified.

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