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Cloaked Woman on Mars: Rover Watchers Keep Spotting Patterns

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Cloaked Woman on Mars: Rover Watchers Keep Spotting Patterns
The pursuit for alien life has taken a new twist, as according to a picture taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, there’s a strange shadowy woman-like figure present on the surface of Mars.

Since the image was published on the (1) NASA Mars Exploration website, it has created a whirl of excitement on social media, the alternative press and even several of the more mainstream news sites.

Fox News was quick to pick up on the story about the mysterious cloaked woman image (1). The news channel cited a report on UFO Sightings Daily, which showed the image of an “Alien Woman on Mars Watching Rover from Hills on July 2015” (3).

The report’s author writes on how the shadowy object on Mar’s surface looks like a woman partly cloaked.

“The woman seems to have breasts… indicated by the shadow on its chest. We also see two arms that are lighter in color and what looks like a head with long hair. It’s hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being long ago…. There is life out there,” the report concludes (3).

Is There Life on the Red Planet?

The Huffington Post isn’t as optimistic that the image proves that there really is life on the Red Planet (4). Dr. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer and director of the Centre for SETI Research, told the Huffington Post that the image is essentially our brains playing tricks on us.

The fact that so many people are adept at playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with rover photos is a testament to our brain’s ability to pick out creatures in the visual landscape,” said Dr. Shostak (4).

“It’s a talent that helped our ancestors avoid predators to catch prey, but it’s a poor strategy in the hunt for extra-terrestrial life,” he added.

The tendency for the brain to look for known patterns and meanings in images is a phenomenon known as “pareidolia.”
However, the pareidolia theory is unlikely to convince many who are certain the NASA image shows a female figure is ghosting about on Mars.

Buzzing with posts of the Rover image, social media has nicknamed the photo the “Dark Lady” as people try to decipher what the image really is.

An article on Inquisitr draws readers’ attention to what looks like a cave entrance and a dwelling built into the rock close to where the “woman” is stood (5).

“Some people are saying that this is total proof that there is other life out there and on other planets,” writes Inquisitr.

cloaked woman on mars

Dark Lady Image

The “Dark Lady” image follows an earlier image take by NASA’s Curiosity rover of an unusual looking “space crab” on Mars’ surface.

The “crab”, like the lady, also created excitement on the Internet with suggestions being made that it could be an alien or even a spider.

NASA’s Rover has certainly been busy finding some fascinating human-esque images from Mars. So much so in fact that the suggestion has even been made that NASA has been deliberately electronically manipulating its images as a means of attracting a bigger audience.

What are your thoughts on the elusive “Dark Lady” on Mars? Proof that aliens exist on Mars? A piece of rock that bears an uncanny resemblance to the female body? Or a deliberate manipulation of NASA images?

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