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DoD Makes Odd Request for “Role Players” in Boston

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DoD Makes Odd Request for “Role Players” in Boston
In the wake of September 11th, much has changed in the United States. Immigration policy has been drastically reformed and flying to visit grandma can result in shampoo seizure and invasive body scanning (1).

At the root of it all is an increase in security. The tragic events of that day 14 years ago were an eye-opener for the nation to batten down the hatches all in hopes to never suffer through a similar experience again.

Security has tightened on every front – with government entities and independent companies making moves to enhance security and reduce potential threats.

Among these efforts include what appears to be a peculiar request from a company known for their work with government entities. Don Adams and Jessica McIntyre of Linxx Global Solutions took to social media and other outlets requesting for “role players” for multiple dates to participate in scenario enhancements acting as “terrorists, hostages, and bad guys” (2).

Some media outlets are in a tizzy, linking the event with the Jade Helm 15 activities. The government states the activities involving Army Green Berets and Navy SEALS are no more than multi-branch training exercises in sparsely populated areas of the southwest – nothing more than a multi-state wargame (3).

Some believe, however, that the project is an attempt to undermine the liberties of Americans (4).

Activities in Boston

Just as Jade Helm activities come to a close, the activities in Boston are set to begin. However, the activities with Linxx Global Solutions have no official ties to Jade Helm. Instead, the activities seem to be tied to terrorist risk drills that occur in multiple large cities every year.

Boston, a metropolis of over 500,000 residents, is a prime location for the event. The location features plenty of urban terrain, complete with a bustling ocean port and a strong footing in many industries. Not to mention, the city isn’t all that far from New York or the nation’s capitol.

It’s likely that Boston was targeted not only for its location and amenities, but also its own history with terrorist action. Residents and visitors fell victim in February 2013 at the Boston Marathon, during which bombs and shooting abruptly ended the lives of five innocent people and injured approximately 264 others, perpetrated by Islamic extremists (5).

While some entities question the motives of the multi-day multi-location sessions for the Department of Defense (DoD), the activities are far from abnormal.


Suspicious Activity or Just Mock Drills?

This isn’t even the first time the city of Boston has had mock-emergency drills in the city. Since 2012, police, fire, and public health officials took part in a project called Urban Shield: Boston in which an annual 24-hour drill simulates possible real world situations. City officials alert residents to the drills and affirm that there is no need for concern during the drills (6).

Local transit officials recently announced a drill of their own. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) planned a drill to combat the release of chemical warfare in the subway system. The drill would include transit employees and local first responders at their designated emergency training facility (7).

The concern for suspicious military activity isn’t without warrant after incidents like Edward Snowden blowing the lid on the National Security Agency (NSA) and their unjustified glimpse into the lives of American citizens. However, that’s not to say the latest request for “role players” in Boston is cause for concern.

The sessions, scheduled for dates between September 10, 2015 and September 23, 2015 have admittedly less information provided than the similar activities scheduled for Boston around the same time, but raise no flags of suspicious military activity.

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