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FBI Document Revealed Feds Concern About Hakui UFO Museum

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FBI Document Revealed Feds Concern About Hakui UFO Museum
If you think the government’s interest in UFOs has dwindled since the 1970 closing of Project Bluebook (1) then consider the FBI’s concern over the 1994 proposed Hakui center for UFO research. In January 1994, it was announced that the center would be built in the coastal city of Hakui, some 310 miles west of Tokyo.

The fact that Japan planned to build an international UFO research center for the sole purpose of studying UFOs probably put Hakui on the FBI’s radar.

Was it the public disclosure that the center would also provide documents, photos and research in a public museum setting? Or the fact it was to also be an international endeavor that garnered enough attention to warrant an official FBI memo?

Perhaps the golden nugget that interested the FBI was the claim that the Hakui center had obtained a 1950 memo from a high-level FBI Special Agent. This memo discussed the recovery of three metallic saucer-shaped objects and that each contained humanoid three foot tall occupants.

FBI 1950 Hottel Memo Shows Government Interest in UFOs

The story of the government’s keen interest in UFOs unfolds in a single 1950 FBI document released to the public in 1970 and reigniting interest in 1994 (2).

Special Agent Guy Hottel was in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office. On March 22, 1950, Hottel sent a memo to then FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. It’s a single page memo and according to the FBI is “the most viewed document in the FBI Vault, our online repository of public records.”

The memo begins with the name of the person who furnished the information, but the name has been blackened out. The memo stated:

An investigator for the Air Forces states that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a…

“According to Mr [name blackened out] informant, the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers.

“No further evaluation was attempted by SA [blackened out] concerning the above.”

hakui location

Hakui Center for UFO Research

Perhaps what concerned the FBI most about the Hakui project was cited in the January 7, 1994 FBI memo subject titled “Seaside Town to Build Center for UFO Study”. Under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), the Hakui memo is available in the FBI vault online.

The Center’s main attraction will be a library where both specialists and the general public will be able to gain access to over 10,000 official documents relating to UFO phenomena. Information will be provided in both Japanese and English” (3).

The bullet point memo states that the official, Toru Wada, said, “In the future, we hope the center will become a focus of international attention in terms of collecting and disseminating information on UFOS.”

Wada was quoted as saying, “The city has painstakingly acquired the documents over a 10-year period from such sources as the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).”

Also discussed in the memo is Josen Takano (then 38) a municipal employee and UFO enthusiast and investigator who had collected US information on UFSs via the FIOA as well as “thousands of books on UFOS.”

But perhaps the most disturbing fact, for anyone wanting to cover-up the existence of UFOs was the final part of the memo. “Takano said efforts are under way to gather even more information through a network of enthusiasts in 12 other countries.”

from ufo museum

Government Monitoring of Civilian UFO Investigations

The unprecedented government-sponsored UFO investigation seen in the creation of the US Air Force’s “Project Bluebook” (1952), a special program set up to investigate UFO reports, was closed in 1970 .

The end of Project Bluebook appeared to be a governmental stamp that the UFO issue was no longer of interest to any government agency. But, the government didn’t stop monitoring the civilian activity connected to UFOs.

In Diane A Ladley’s book, Haunted Naperville, she summarizes that Project Blue Book, “…eroded through the years due to slashed funding, incompetent predecessors and subversive US air Force policy that focused on debunking, de-emphasizing and openly ridiculing any findings” (4).

Also, Ladley points out that monitoring civilian UFO groups was encouraged by a CIA recommendation, “that public opinion on UFOs must be controlled through official propaganda; and that civilian UFO groups, such as NICAP (National Investigations Committed on Aerial Phenomena) should be on the CIA’s watch list…”

So, when the 1950 Hottel memo surfaced in 1970, it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to most UFO investigators and those interested in UFOs. The memo served to validate the fact that the US government was highly interested in any type of UFO related activity prior to the creation of Project Blue Book. The 1994 memo further validates suspicions that the monitoring of civilian interest and investigations of UFOs was still being carried out.

What happened to the enthusiasm for an international UFO research center in Hakui? It’s clear that the original vision morphed into the UFO shaped building, Cosmo Isle Hakui (5).

Cosmo Isle houses the UFO and NASA Space Research Museum (6). A rocket ship is anchored near one side of the building (7). While there are a couple of booth exhibits (mini theaters) the SETI Summit Booth and UFO Summit Booth, the bulk of the museum appears to be dedicated to past and present space missions and explorations.

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  • Jim Oberg

    Since most spectacular ‘UFO reports’ from Soviet-bloc countries in those years were sparked by classified military missile/space events, of COURSE the US intelligence agencies were interested in such ‘UFO reports’ — because to them, they WEREN’T “UFOs”. To this day, Western ‘UFO data bases’ remain hopelessly polluted with such non-alien reports. Almost funny., scroll down to ‘Soviet pseudo-UFO’ links.

  • Jim Oberg

    While serving at the AF Weapons Lab at Kirtland AFB in 1970-2 I became acquainted with other junior officers, assigned to ‘Broken Arrow’ retrievals. One of them performed drills with local law enforcement all over the Rockies. This was soon after Palomares, where actual H-bombs crashed, and exaggerated radiation fears devastated local agricultural sales and tourism. Rule #1 to the ‘Broken Arrow’ drills, do NOT let rumors of radiation threat get out. The ad hoc solution in at least one case I knew of — tell the locals your specialists were going into the practice controlled zone to retrieve debris from a crashed flying saucer [but they CAN’T tell anyone about it]. It worked perfectly — there NEVER were any rumors about radiation after that.

  • This article is a swirl of innuendo and non-facts.

    > This memo discussed the recovery of three metallic saucer-shaped objects
    and that each contained humanoid three foot tall occupants.

    Ufologists consider this information to be fraudulent, stating that it comes not from actual witness reports, but from a hoax reported in Frank Scully’s book Behind the Flying Saucers.


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