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Mysterious Scratches on Body – The Science and the Paranormal

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Mysterious Scratches on Body – The Science and the Paranormal
Is it paranormal, supernatural or perhaps something else? These are the questions people have been asking in online forums for years. It’s a complaint being made by many people. Sudden unexplained scratches appear overnight on arms, legs, torsos and backs. Some people claim they have severe scratches over their bodies (1).

What is happening to these people? This is what has forums buzzing across the Internet. Many people offer medical explanations, while others claim doctors haven’t been able to determine the cause of their mysterious scratches. Some of the victims post photos of their latest scratch marks. Many of the marks come in threes and some people believe these represent demonic attacks.

The most common type of mysterious scratches described is a series of three straight lines. The majority of these don’t break the skin and draw blood. Some people report multiple scratches on arms and legs. A few even report having scratches all over their bodies.

One of the most perplexing set of scratches are those people discover on their backs where they are certain they are unable to reach. These are often found upon awaking due to a stinging sensation on their backs. Online forums and comment sections find many possible causes of these unusual scratch marks.

Possible Explanations and Causes

There are many possible causes for the scratches. One explanation for the scratches is that the person has accidentally scratched herself (or himself) during sleep. This might be a feasible explanation for arm, leg and front torso scratches, but it doesn’t explain those discovered along the upper middle back.

Some other explanations include medical, while others are supernatural. The two most popular medical explanations are scabies and dematographia.


Scabies is a “highly contagious skin disease” that causes relentless itching. The Sarcoptes scabiei itch mite is responsible for this skin disease. The symptoms include “a skin rash composed of small red bumps and blisters, and sometimes tiny red burrows on the skin that affects specific areas of the body.” It is most commonly transmitted by sexual contact, although it can be contracted by “simple skin-to-skin contact.” Over the counter medicines are ineffective and it requires a prescription drug either oral or topical to cure the disease (2).


According to the Mayo Clinic, dematographia is “a condition also known as skin writing.” Those suffering from this condition can scratch their skin very lightly and “the scratches redden into a raised wheal similar to hives. These marks usually disappear within 30 minutes.”

Unfortunately, the cause of dematographia is unknown, although for some people, “it can be trigged” by “infections, emotional upset or medications such as penicillin.” The Mayo Clinic states that the majority of people suffering from dematographia don’t seek medical treatment; however, if the symptoms are severe, allergy medication is often prescribed, such as Benadryl (3).


Additional Potential Causes

Prednisone Reaction

Prednisone has also been offered as a possible cause. Prednisone is given to patients for various allergic conditions, skin conditions and inflammation. While effective, it also thins the skin. With the skin layer being thinned, friction from clothing and other things can leave trails of eruptive skin that resemble scratches (4).

Insect Bites

Aside from lice and mites, other possible culprits include fleas, bed bugs and flies. These can also create itchiness that can lead to scratches and even infections (5).

Several forums have suggestions that the person use the over-the-counter permethrin, that is often prescribed for scabies. According to the National Institute of Health, this comes in a cream or lotion and usually only requires one treatment (6).

Demonic Attack

Many of the reports of unexplained scratches come with suspicions of demonic attacks. Many of these instances involve a burning sensation followed by the discovery of scratches, often a set of three fairly straight lines on the skin where the burning sensation began (1).

Some of those suffering from this type of scratches claim that the marks are typically in sets of threes that appear on their backs, arms, legs and even faces. Some people claim to also have bite marks. Others also find various unexplainable bruising on their bodies.

One person attested to finding similar scratch marks on surfaces in the home. One person stated that these incidences happen when the victim is under some type of stress, such as life pivotal decisions or temptations the person is struggling with (7).

According to Manchester Paranormal Investigations (MPI), demon attacks are rare and what many people interpret as demonic is often an angry spirit. In discussing the ways demons contact people, MPI states, “They [demons] often make contact by pushing, hitting, and more commonly scratching. Scratches, welts, and even bite marks can be seen as a result” (8).

Mysterious Scratches Seen Worldwide

The number of people experiencing unexplained scratches is worldwide according to the various forum and other Internet comments.

While there are possible explanations for the majority of these, many believe they are experiencing a paranormal or supernatural phenomena.

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  • Nitro

    I woke up this morning with several lines middle chest to my stomache and there raised I took a shower it burned and now they still hurt I’m weirded out constantly googling there like razor thin scratches I had a t shirt on and a hoodie I don’t know what to think of

  • Claudio Ortega

    I found some scratches below the back of my neck where my hands can hardly reach and even less while i sleep.i found five lines and three of them run parallel to each other as if i had been scratched by an animal paw,the other two are kind of separate from the main three

  • One interesting theory I’ve heard is that a lot of people who get these very fine “scratches” are actually suffering from either fleas or bed-bug bites. These bugs tend to bite during the night and they do so in a straight line, which usually ends up looking like a scratch. Might this be possible in this case? Are the scratches more like traced “dots” of sorts?

  • Claudio Ortega

    Hello Mr Ryan,i appreciate your reply,but in my case,that doesn’t apply.My mattress is kept clean and never had a problem,if this was the cause i would know,i worked for way too many years at different hotels and learned very well to spot anything in a mattress that might cause these problems.This was something so weird,like many other things i’ve experienced.But once again,thanks,maybe together we can get to find out,i will follow up on that and hope that someone experiencing the same comes up with something that helps me understand this phenomenon.I also noticed many years ago, that the street lights go off when i walk or drive under them,especially when im negative or stressed out.And this phenomenon is almost unexplainable too.This world is not what we’ve been taught and there’s a lot of crazy things without a definite explanation.i have 5 scratches,three run parallel to each other,while the other 2 dont.I also saw some numbers one night while i was falling asleep and played them on the wrong lottery and they came out the next day on the cash 3 instead of the mega lotto which i played.This was on nov 6,2015 and they came out again on nov 9,2015.Whats up with that?LOL.and i can prove it.Weird world,i wish i was crazy,but unfortunately im very awake and observing all these details.thank you indeed once again

  • DERP

    I woke up this morning with scratches on my neck it looks like a bird stepped on me and left imprints, also a week before I kept getting these blue marks on my wrist like a braslet imprinted on my arm but I never wear them when I go to sleep

  • Michelle Ingram

    I was wide awake and not moving when it felt like a spider was going fast up my arm so I lifted the sleeve of my housecoat and raw,fresh cuts that had a thin incision line in them appeared out of nowhere. I dont have any disease associated with scratches,we have no animals now, I was wide awake and still, Im not on prednisone,etc What we find ironic however is that earlier I had been searching ellis island immigration wall for my mans relatives which then led to me seeing some of his families grave markers/headstones. He also said he kept seeing shadows. Needless to say he is kinda freaked out but Im not Im just curious……

  • Gavin Blake

    Got those yesterday, didn’t injure myself or walk into a door or anything. Just came out of nowhere. It didn’t hurt, I never noticed it until a friend asked me about them. They wore more pronounced yesterday evening and have faded since. This morning I was woken up with the most intense burning feeling in the heel of my right foot. Again, I didn’t injure myself or step on a tack. I checked it for glass or splinters, but couldn’t find anything abnormal. I actually had tears in my eyes when I woke up it burnt so bad. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

  • Gavin – have you had any weird experiences where you live? Hauntings or anything of the sort?

  • Gavin Blake

    Actually the very next day I was sitting on the couch and a vase that I keep on the fridge came flying off and nearly hit my dog sitting beside me. It didn’t vibrate off by the compressor or get disturbed, it was very forceful. The vase sits about half foot from the edge of the fridge. And I’m not sure if it’s connected but sometimes my dog growls at my room for no reason (that I can see). The same room where the scratched occured.

  • Ayesha M

    I have been getting these sudden scratch marks on my hands, arms shoulders and back. They appear out of nowhere. I recently got three scratch marks on my hand, all in a straight line right under each other. My doctor does not know what’s causing them.
    They think that I am rubbing against something but I am not. Also my back starts itching and stinging. I do not know what to do.

  • Nerdy Anarchist

    Okay, in no way do I believe in anything “supernatural”, or anything of the sort. I firmly believe in scientific facts and proven data. That being said, my father, both my brothers, and including myself. All have had three long scratches in the middle of our backs. They don’t disappear after 30 seconds like dematographia(Skin Writing), Nor do we have scabies.. One of my brothers still has very visible scarring from one of these unexplained incidences. It happens quite frequently. It was always just a good story to tell, since it is unexplained really. I never worried to much about it until the other day when my bestfriend was over hanging out, and he claimed he felt his back stinging. So we looked at his back and sure enough there were three distinct scratch marks down the middle of his back. It gave me chills, that was the first time I actually considered something even remotely “supernatural” had occurred. I would be lying if I didn’t say “there must be a scientific explanation”. I might seem naïve to those who believe in the spiritual or demonic. There must be a scientific explanation. Until it gets truly explained, I cant say I’m not creeped out..

  • Jessica Small

    I have three scratches one long and two short. I found them when I felt a burning sensation. There is some dried blood along one of the scratches. I didnt bump into anything or scratch myself. I was just sitting on the couch watching TV

  • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    I got a visible scar, but not a rift kind, just like a scar that has sunk down a little, while showering, it appeared at the top left of my face.
    A week later (Now), when I came home, a scar had appeared on my right breast, under the nipple, a scar, that had leaked a little blood.

  • Patti Cakes

    The same thing happened to me earlier this evening! I was sitting in my recliner and I felt something rub up against my backside. So I went to change and that’s when I seen 6 5 inch scratchs on the top part of my left buttock. I didn’t even feel it either! I am a very spiritual person. So I believe in demons. Not spirits, but demons. It’s not scabbies, fleas, or any writing disorder. It literally looks like claw marks! After I notice them they started burning and are still burning now. I have no medical explanation for it. Their is no way I did this to myself because I literally have no nails. Also no way I scraped against something for it to go that deep. Without ripping my pants anyway! I have no explanation whatsoever for it and it scares me! I thought everyone would think I was insane, but I am perfectly sane! What is also weird is not even an hour ago. I went to go in to the living room and the recliner I was sitting on at the time it happened was moving all by itself! I’ve never experienced anything like this in my house before. So I Truely think someone brought something with them to my house! Idk what to think! does anyone have any other explanations out there?! I have a 21 month old daughter and I would be terrified if something like this happened to her! Also if no one believes me. I have pics and would be willing to video chat to prove it to you! I’m a normal person with an unexplained problem and I’m just looking for an explanation. So please don’t give me any rude replies!

  • Cour

    I have the same lines under my neck and it’s very weird to read this. I have more like five lines running parallel and ore line crossing through them all. I have no idea what this is about

  • Miguel Angel Montanez

    Thought I was the only one, I have had my face scratched while showering. I just got a scratch on the back of my leg under my butt cheecks so I Google this phenomenon. Its weird for sure

  • Jerry

    I’m from Nigeria and I’ve been having these mysterious scratch lines for the past 10years. It usually happens when I’m in a relationship and it appears on different parts of my body, random places, it’s just weird and scary. It’s like some mysterious force wants me to be single or something. I’m also Pisces and don’t know if that’s a factor!

  • Yamajasti

    This has been happening to me for over 20 years,… I found this page by looking up that phenomena. I’ve never really thought anything about it until today. And I don’t know why… It just sorta popped into my head to google it. I get random scratches on my back, the top of my shoulders, and on my backside. I don’t realize they are there until someone tells me… I’ve even lost a relationship because I couldn’t “properly” explain the scratches…

    I don’t know what it is. But I don’t think it is demonic, because it’s just a little more than annoying. I’d think a “demon” would do more than that for something that’s been occurring over twenty-years… I don’t know.

  • Gary Bates

    HI everyone i was thinking i was the only one with these mysterious scratches. I have been having mysterious scratches for over 14 years. Most of them are on my chest and stomach. Some of the scratches are long

  • Lili Flowers

    Omg the same thing happened to me just yesterday…..I have the three scratches as u describe the long one was in the middle the other two short. I took pictures of it cuz it was kinda freaked out asking myself how and what the hell?…I was also on the couch watching tv pretty much all day and the only reason I noticed the three scratches on my right arm was because of the tremendous burning sensation. Which kept burning for about an hour. Felt like if I had gotten burned, yet I know also I didn’t scratch my self I don’t have nails bite them all the time. I didn’t bump into anything nothing fell on me or near my arm. It was like it just happened outta nowhere. I’m still tryna figure out what it could’ve have been…and I usually don’t believe in things like this.

  • Bruce Keller

    This was me this morning right after a shower, I was like “WTF?” I can only assume I started scratching myself right before I woke up since the scratches disappeared after about 30 minutes.

  • Dawn Wright

    Well I didnt wake up with them. I had gotten them several times over a period of three years and it all started at a friends house. My bf took me to his friends house to meet him and hang out. We were listening to music and having drinks. His friend started to talk about how his house was haunted and how his basement door that was closed and locked would open on its own every night around 3 am. That sometimes the back door in the kitchen would also be open and cabinets opening and closing. I thought he was full of shit and that he and my bf were messing with me he swore he was telling the truth and even showed me this very old little glass bottle with a piece of paper taped on it that said holy water. He said he found it when he moved in the house in the back of a kitchen cupboard. It was clearly old as the paper was yellowish and the ink faded. But I still figured he was messing with me and decided to joke about and started telling the force haunting the house to show themselves and laughing calling him a pussy when he didnt. well about ten minutes later we were all sitting around the table I had my legs on my bf and I felt this burning on my leg. I took my leg off of my bf and there were three scratches on my lower thigh. They were swollen and very red and the scratch itself was very deep and looked like it came from a cat or razor. Not the kind of scratch you could get from a fingernail. I started to look at the chair and the table as well as my bfs pants thinking it had to come from something sharp. There was nothing that could have caused those kind of scratches, especially three of them. he had nothing sharp on him no belt, nothing in his pocket. I laughed it off but was a little weirded out. a few days later at home i was lying in bed and I felt that same burning on my leg and then seen the scratches again. This continued on for a while. Once in the shower i got them on my back where I couldnt even reach, one time at work on my arm while standing in the middle of the bar not near anything or anyone, another time i was sitting on the floor in my room watching tv with the palm of my hand flat down on the floor which was carpeted and suddenly i felt intense stinging and burning on my palm and I got up quick and turned the light on and my hand was covered in blood, there was blood all over the carpet as well.There were tons of tiny deep scratches all over my palm. I checked the carpet where my hand was thinking there was broken glass or something, and there was nothing there. At this point I was getting really scared and started to cry. soon after I moved in with my bf and hoped it would stop, but it followed me again and the scratches continued to appear. Each time they were getting longer, deeper and took forever to heal. we ended up moving again because his apt was too small and I hated it there. It still followed me. Then one night, sitting in bed watching tv with my knees bent and up off the bed i started to feel the burning again. the lights were on still and I immediately grabbed my leg where it was burning and covered the area with my hand I literally watched scratches appear on my other leg. I stopped the scratches on my right leg when I grabbed my leg and they then began on my left leg and I watched them appear!!! I instantly started crying and praying. I started going to church and sleeping with a rosary wrapped around my hand praying for help. finally it stopped. I also found out I was pregnant so I was very thankful it has stopped. It never physically attacked my bf or his friend whose house it started at, but soon after it stopped for me it started happening to his friends gf who recently moved in with him. It seems whatever it is does not like women. Im so grateful it all stopped its been a little over two years since it last happened and I only pray it never starts again.

  • Dawn Wright

    No. fleas and bed bugs dont leave claw like scratches that are razor like incisions and take forever to heal. Besides It followed me to three different houses and work and I didnt own any animals and had three different beds throughout and different furniture. I also doubt fleas and bed bugs would be biting me in the shower

  • Donna Jean

    I honestly do not know what is going on with my deep scratches mainly on my left cheek of my bum. Long straight scratches with a few crossing them. Some want to open up and bleed. What I wanted to share with this forum is help treating them. I apply neosporin that contains pain reliever on them and it protects them from infection plus treating the pain and stinging. Makes them feel much better and might help them heal faster. I’m not sure about that one yet. Good luck to all.

  • Liam Mcg

    Both of these happened on two different occasions after going out my room to investigate footsteps and noises on the landing and bathroom, things happen in my house often that no one can explain, with many witnesses I have no nails and both times had no top on something don’t like me ha I thought I would share…

  • jelia Braxton

    I have been getting deep scratches on my neck and back when i am sleep and don’t know where they are coming from cause they was not there when i went to sleep but when i woke up and was doing my makeup i noticed them. please help!

  • Stuart Neville

    I had a bad day Tuesday and my nails were food!! I have no nails and I couldn’t scratch myself if I wanted.. these are weird because they heal in an hour. You have to be fast to photo them.. has anyone else any idea what this is or how they happen.. There was a lot of weird stuff happen me as a kid like blankets being pulled off my bed and something touching my hand in my sleep and 1 time I couldn’t feel the windows or doors in my bedroom and it was just darkness and my mum came in to me screaming and crying.. I was wide awake when she came In. I don’t tell too many this because I sound nuts. I have a pic of last night’s scrapes here.

    Doesn’t scare me.. just a tad weird lol.. my house is like fort Knox..

  • Dineydi Herrera

    I don’t either, and I just got the same scratches yesterday, I don’t have nails cause I bite them, and the scratches are on my right side torso, they’re a set of three long straight line and on top there are two cross lines, they burn and itch, but I don’t know how I got them, I know I did not do that myself, but can’t figure it out. have you get anymore?

  • Theresa Chouinard

    I have always got 3 scratches above my waist, mostly on my upper chest and breast. I have noticed on 2 occasions after masturbation i receive the scratches the next day, just being completely open. Once I feel the burning sensation I know immediately I can go in the bathroom and see the scratches. I could be doing anything. I am always alone. Today I watched a documentary called A Haunting in Georgia and the scratches the father and daughter got look exactly like mine, though not as deep. My last incident about 2 months ago had 5 lines, clearly looked like from a hand. They go away after 3-4 weeks, not leaving scars. I can go months without having an ‘episode’. But have had them yearly for at least 8 years. Mine are always in a straight line. I have no idea what is happening.

  • Iiro Nuyttens

    I got these yesterday and today evening, while I was sitting on my computer. Yes, I have a cat, but it was nowhere near me, it was dowstairs. It’s very weird. I just suddenly felt pain on my arm and noticed scratches that had not been there before, and I’m sure of it.

  • Ham Tyler

    I get attacked on the back of my lower legs. Happens every 6m to a year. It’s an itching/burning sensation, never breaks the skin. Some scratches are deeper than others. The scratches fade away within 15min.-30min. Started back in my semi-haunted apartment and has followed me. Definitely paranormal. You’re not alone guys.

  • Jak_Flak

    Got these yesterday morning, kinda shook me up. Been experiencing this since my late 20’s but this was one of if not the worst case. I was up almost all Sunday night on my computer suffering from insomnia. I fell asleep at some point early morning, sun was up already. Felt the stinging sensation and looked at my arm and saw 3 long, distinct “cat scratches.” These incidents occur infrequently, last time they appeared on my forehead. I don’t jump to conclusions, and accept the most obvious explanation for most things. This is baffling to me. If I were an irrational person I might think someone or something were trying to get my attention. But to what end?? It makes me feel a little better talking about it openly I guess. I do not have a cat, my dogs claws are too big to do this. If it were just one I would say sure, one of the dogs scratched me. But 3? And why is it always 3? The picture is 24 hours old, and the scratches are still distinct. I feel tired and run down today and I just came home from vacation of all things. I should be rested and Happy but this is just upsetting.

  • Jak_Flak

    How long has it been happening to you? Have you investigated it at all? Mine don’t fade for days.

  • Mike Green

    i think i may have brought this upon my self. one night, before sleep, i was laying flat on my back while attempting to astral project, my body felt like it was vibrating, i knew i was almost out my body, so i just relaxed and let nature take its course. i soon became aware that i was not the only conscious being in the room, i felt a presence of energy, it was conscious and aware of itself, i began to try and communicate with it, i felt like something was preventing this being from making full contact with me. so i decided to allow any and all forms of consciousness into my “space” for the purpose on peaceful contact….. i basically sent a “direct text message” to all conscious beings in existence saying ” party at my place” …..
    of course by “text message” i dont mean literally a text…its more like a transmission that anyone can pick up on if they are receptive of it……..i knew i fucked up once i felt all kinds of negative energies, there was some positive ones, but mostly negative. i then started to feel my back burn and sting, the pain started deep in my back and worked its way to the surface of my back, the pain hit its peak at that point, i decided that i was not going to leave my body that night and that i should not go to sleep. i got up and looked in the mirror, there was 1 long red scratch going down my back. it looked like it was under my skin, like the surface of my skin was not broken. it came from the inside. this happened 2 weeks ago and this fucking scratch is still here, hasnt even faded. my doctor has no fucking clue as to how such a minor scratch has not healed one bit in weeks.

    lesson of the day: “dont start no shit wont be no shit”

  • Amanda Dimas

    This happened to me yesterday, middle of the afternoon in the middle of an empty parking lot/street (we parked on the curb and it happened as I was crossing the empty lot to the street.) All of a sudden I just felt a burning pain and then there it was. Bright red as if it was to open and bleed. It’s not the first time I get one, I’ve had one in my forehead once. With a before and after pic just 5 seconds apart. But this one stung. And it was as if I couldn’t look at my arm as it was stinging. Even my husband was surprised that it appeared out of no where.

  • EC Stone

    I have had problems with random scratches for almost ten years like many of those described. I believe the fine scratches that sometimes have a couple of tiny bumps along the line may be rodent or bird mite bites – they seem to be more frequent in the warmer months. They are usually on my forearms, calves or thighs. They are definitely not self-inflicted scratches. I keep my nails really short. The red lines I get that are parallel lines and somewhat indented – they look like pressure marks but aren’t – may be Lyme disease or Bartonella rash. They appear mostly on my inner forearms and upper cheeks and temples. I have learned the hard way not to discuss any of this with medical personnel. (Delusional parasitosis…) Sometimes I rub in a dab of sulfur cream or a tiny amount of permethrin along the lines for lack of any other approach. It sure would be nice to have a diagnosis and a cure! Best wishes to everyone.

  • ixodic

    That’s very odd, I bite my nails so scratching myself isn’t an option as well and I was alone. Oddly similar design to the scratches I received but mine didn’t fade fast – still visible a week later.

  • ixodic

    Same with the burning sensation and I bite my nails too so that was my serious confusion.. no one or nothing around me capable of causing it at the time. I can still see the marks a week later!

  • Phil Preston

    Hi all. Let me build the picture I was sitting on the sofa with my arm on the top cushion of the sofa. I didn’t have a jumper on. Odd this time of year but was really hot. I was talking to a friend and we got talking about my dog who was asleep next to me. But I was explaining that I had two many years ago (my current one and her sister) from puppies but had to get rid of one due to fighting last year I found out that she had passed away. Now this dog that passed was mine I chose her etc.
    Sitting on the sofa I had popped a little spot in the crevice of my arm not a huge thing but was bleeding slightly but arm was fine. While sitting there shortly after I felt this stinging all down my arm and thought what the he’ll is that. Looked at it. Without moving it from the place it had been and all of these scratches was there. Now I have a dog but she was asleep next to me and I have tropical fish (with out nails) my female friend was opposite me and she haddent done it.
    Anyone have any ideas. I am baffled my son has complained about scratches on legs when he’s got home from school but I put that down to him having a itch as its happened at school.

  • Sue Lea Wright

    Just before Christmas I had my phone come off a shelf next to my bed and smash a drinking glass that was on a stool also next to my bed, this also happened a few nights later with something else. A couple of weeks ago I was knelt on the sofa looking out the window waving my hubby off to work and I felt a burning and pain on my neck. I felt it straight away and noticed it was hot and felt raised I took a photo of my neck as I cudn’t see properly in the mirror and it was 3 scratches. Now my hair was tied up,I don’t were earrings and i bite my nails, and I definitely did not touch my neck at the time, and they weren’t there earlier. Last week I got the overwhelming smell of lilies and today the TV have being wierd on me. I posted the pics on FB and people told me to keep a diary of events
    the first pic is when it happened…,the second was a few hours later. ://

  • Glen Notaro

    On Monday was riding on the train just looking on my phone and then felt a burn on my arm and looked over and 3 scratches. I didn’t move nor did anyone pass me to make them.

  • Sean Bennett

    Scratches have happened to me many times. They use to draw blood and hurt alot.
    Many looked like freddy kreuger slashed me.

    I have witnessed them appear out of nowhere right before my eyes. Usually get a burning sensation and voila scratches.

    3 years ago it happened all the time to me and felt alot of darkness around during that period. I changed my lifestyle and welcomed the light back in to my life and the scrathces went away for sometime.

    Now it seems every now and again it happens. Nowhere as deep and painful though as they once were.The pics below are recent the arm scratch pic was taken right away and the head one was the day after noticing them. The last 3 days I have had 2 seperate scratches on my head. Then this moring 2 deep.ones on my arm which appeared as i was eating breakfast.the

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