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No, Bill Cooper Did NOT Predict 9/11

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No, Bill Cooper Did NOT Predict 9/11
Of all the conspiracy theories that lurk out in the fever swamps of the Internet, none is more curious than the 9/11 Truther movement.

The 9/11 Truthers believe that the greatest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor was the result of a conspiracy by the Bush administration to fake the atrocity in order to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as an assault on civil liberties.

What millions of people saw clearly on their television sets on September 11, 2001, did not actually happen the way it appeared to happen, according to the conspiracy theorists.

A 2005 article in Popular Mechanics (1), which was later expanded into book forum, thoroughly debunked the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Indeed, to believe such theories, one has to have a willful ignorance of physics, metallurgy, Middle East history, and the workings of American government, among other subjects.

Of course, because of the will to believe, no conspiracy theory can ever be entirely stamped out. A case in point is a post that went up a year ago on The Rundownlive (2) that suggested that conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper predicted 9/11 in a June 2001 shortwave broadcast and was in due course hunted down and killed in November of that year.

A Bit of Background

Cooper based his premise on a couple of facts. First, Osama bin Laden had been threatening to attack Israel and the United States for years. Second, he claimed that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were a front for the CIA, dating back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and were being used by the United States government to bring about a world government. T

he CIA had failed to find and terminate Bin Laden with extreme prejudice because it did not want to. In the meantime, a CNN camera crew managed to get an interview with the terrorist chieftain.

The broadcast from June 2001 was a long, rambling discourse that touched on the Gulf War and Saddam Hussein (another CIA creation) and boasted that he, Cooper, could easily take Bin Laden, given sufficient resources. Cooper suggested that the Bush administration was plotting to use Bin Laden to do a modern-day version of the Reichstag fire to justify the institution of a tyrannical “new world order.”

Private firearms would be confiscated. Political dissidents would be rounded up (3) and sent to concentration camps.

Cooper started out as a UFO conspiracy theorist, positing a government conspiracy similar to the one depicted in the TV show The X Files (4).

He later drifted into the militia movement, with the publication of Behold a Pale Horse. He suggested that the spread of HIV/AIDS was part of a government conspiracy to kill African Americans, Hispanics, and gays.

The Kennedy assassination, the Jews, Timothy McVeigh, and the Illuminati also figured in Cooper’s theories.

Cooper was charged with tax evasion in 1998. He managed to evade justice for over three years while still broadcasting his conspiracy theories.

He was killed in a shootout with sheriff’s deputies in Apache County, Arizona in November 2001. Of course, some conspiracy theorists believe that Cooper was killed as a part of a targeted assassination.

9-11 victim

9/11 Commission Report

The report of the 9/11 Commission (5) exhaustively examined the various intelligence failures leading up to the attacks.

Essentially the failure was caused, primarily, by a Clinton-era policy that prohibited intelligence agencies from communicating with law enforcement.

While information existed that something was up, no one person or group of people had every piece of intelligence that might have been brought together to ascertain the plot before it was consummated. The policy was quickly rescinded as part of the Patriot Act that passed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Cooper’s “prediction” can be ascribed to the principle of a stopped clock being right at least twice. That Al Qaeda wanted to do America harm was well known in the summer of 2001.

But no one had foreknowledge of the actual plot, and certainly it was not conducted with the cooperation of the United States government. There was a conspiracy, but it was one conceived and executed by Islamist terrorists and not Bush, Dick Cheney, and their oil company buddies.

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  • > The 9/11 Truthers believe that the greatest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor was the result of a conspiracy by the Bush administration

    Amen. How could they perfectly nail the clandestine, low-tech 9/11 YET horribly botch the “no resources spared” invasion of Iraq?

  • Galahad Threepwood

    Notice this writer doesn’t give a link to the Bill Cooper report -here’s one:

  • Galahad Threepwood

    Just do a search for Bill Cooper 9/11 on Youtube – it’s still there

  • se7ensnakes

    This is yet another stupid article written by denials. Bill Cooper said two things on June, 28th of 2001. 1) Some big terrorist false flag event
    2) and that Osama Bin Ladin

    These two things happened four months in that same year. He was accurate.

    Then the writter makes reference to a popular mechanic article!!!! of all things
    Why dont he refer to the architects and engineers that claim that something is wrong with the NIST report!!!!

  • Authors here are directed to only use and cite sources from respectable publications that are known for doing good research – and non of the claims that you mention can be found from any respectable/good sources.

  • traveler25

    Yes, Bill Cooper did predict 9/11, SMH

  • What’s your source?

  • Michael B

    Building 7 did nothing to further the case for war, so there was no government involvement, and regardless of what speed it fell at, there were no explosives. There was no need for an empty building to fall 8 hours after the attacks.

  • yaakov

    Um, when did the U.S. government use 9/11 to take away guns and our freedom???

  • Lonny MacDougall

    Just over two months prior to 9/11 Bill called out his certainty that a major event had to happen.

    Popular mechanics is an advertising driven “for profit” publication. Thousands of the top minds in science, ballistics, construction, emergency services, psychology, sociology, physics, metallurgy, Middle East history, and the workings of American government, from many countries have come together and disproven much of the 9/11 report. They make clear, rational arguments using easy to follow math and the peer reviewed results of replicable experiments. Too large a community of a very intelligent group to dismiss as nuts. Modern communications including the internet make discrediting a conspiracy theory much more difficult than it was in the past.

    Too many people got decent film of the event. too many people have access to the current scientific limitations of the events that supposedly brought down those buildings as defined by modern knowledge of physics and constraints therein that prohibit the events as described by the 9/11 commission from being a possibility. The people that perpetrated this atrocity have not won because they created the perfect crime, they’re winning because so many people are easily fooled and easily coerced. Foe millions, all it takes is a raised eyebrow from Jon Stewart and the opinions of formed with combined intellect of some of the smartest people on the planet are dismissed with a snarky giggle right before a cheese whiz commercial.

  • fel121

    I love how 9-11 was a failure by the Clinton administration 10 months after he left office, are Republicans ever responsible for anything while they are in office, BWAHAHAHA!!!

  • fel121

    They are working on it, let Drumpf get elected, you will see totalitarianism brought to life here in the good ole USofA.

  • Imho Imho

    Can you just use your own brain and do some research?

  • Imho Imho

    HAHA! Respectable sources! Name one respectable source, that’s the problem! Real journalism hasn’t existed for decades.

  • Martin

    Dont you think that the reason why the investigation was botched and clearly was not intended to investigate it proves beyond a doubt that the Administration was at the very least complicit.

  • Building 7 housed many important government offices and was located in the heart of the financial center of America, where the elites operated in. Why would it have been designed so poorly, especially in the United States, which boasts the best architectural designs? More likely, this building was designed with the best materials and foundation, and could only have been brought down in some controlled manner.

    NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), the government agency appointed to investigate the collapse of Building 7, admitted that Building 7 collapsed at free fall velocity, but could not explain it. Instead, they resorted to fraud in their report to try to prove the fire collapse theory, which was exposed by whistleblower Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratory (contracted by NIST to do testing). This is all fully documented on the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website:

  • OlivertheSchnauz

    He sure did predict 9/11 you moronic shill AND he WASN’T conspiracy theorist, HE HAD PROOF & FACTS of the GLOBALIST’ CONSPIRACY PLAN of a NWO. He was a CONSPIRACY PROVER not a theorist!

    Bill had a MASSIVE radio following and he shared with them in AUGUST 2001 after he saw a report that a nobody journalist was actually able to do an interview w/ BIN LADEN in some kind of remote cave BUT YET the so called powerful U.S. gov and military said that they haven’t been able to find BL since the FIRST TRADE center bombings in the 90s!!! Bill said when he saw that a nobody journalist all of a sudden “found BL” he knew right there that the freaking gov was up to something HUGE and that they were setting the stage for a FALSE FLAG HORRIBLE EVENT TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WKS/MTHS TO BLAME IT ON BL!!!! 9/11 thn happened!

    You want proof, go get it yourself like EVERYONE ELSE who truly wants to know REAL facts and not the crap you’re shoveling…because Bill’s radio broadcasts are EVERYWHERE ON YOUTUBE!!!

    BTW, it doesn’t take a 5th grader to comprehend that great, brave, God fearing and country loving people like Bill do NOT get murdered because of being a crazy conspiracy theorist or a kook, they are SADLY murdered for EXPOSING PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH which in this case is the EVIL ELITE’s CONSPIRACY of GLOBAL TAKEOVER!

  • ogger151

    The source is Bill Cooper or did you miss that. Not really a prediction more like an educated guess.

  • linked1

    This is a disinfo pile of bunk. Anyone with eyes to see and a modicum of common sense can consider the facts – not obscure or bizarre theories, but facts that are readily available to the world, and know that nothing we have been told about the 9/11 attacks could be remotely close to the truth.

  • David

    Bill Cooper was 100% correct! How dare you try to take something away from him that he proved to be true. He even died for this cause!

  • David

    Take this article down! It’s ridiculous or at least introduce a more balanced piece.

  • Its purpose is to balance out all the poorly researched nonsense found elsewhere on the web on topics such as this. It’s most certainly staying up.

  • After all these years, there still has not been evidence unearthed that supports his claims.

  • David

    Was there an attack? Did they blame it on Bin Laden? Too much evidence to name here and so many areas to start with. I am sure that if you are responding to my comment you have been researching this event for last 15 years and have reviewed tons of evidence pointing to a conspiracy.

  • There’s a difference between flimsy evidence and real evidence. Even folks that have been researching these topics for 30 years (actually, in some cases ESPECIALLY those people), seem to have a very hard time differentiating between the two.

  • Me

    Well said Oliverthe Schnauz !
    The 911 incident was an inside job and I know it even in Finland Europe, having considered the evidence and as social psychologist I well understand the importance of the means, motive and oppoturnity that only the Bush family and the other gov criminals had.

  • Me

    Poor Ryan. 911 really wasan Inside job if you do your work and use common sense only. Ultra poor cesna pilots cant fly JUMBO JETS like profesional Jumbo pilots with 10.000 hours flight experience. Do you agree or not ? =D

  • “The airplane that hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center was steeply banked as it hit; this is evident from the movie taken from Battery Park. Some people have stated that this shows the pilots were highly trained. That is ridiculous. It shows that the pilot had aimed the airplane badly, and was trying a last-minute desperation maneuver to hit the building. Unfortunately, the maneuver succeeded.”

  • Lenny Wood+

    Follow the money. Folks got rich on this ‘attack’. The Bushes are no heroes. Neither are the Clintons who have had an uncanny amount of friends die as they were preparing to testify about something related to them. Larry Silverstein should be jailed.

  • Michael B

    They never said it fell at freefall velocity, but even if they had, it wouldn’t matter. even if you want to believe the government was involved – which they weren’t – purposefully destroying an empty building does literally nothing to further the case for war, and if you don’t need to do it, you don’t do it. Simple. And it wasn’t designed poorly – it was hit with hundreds of tons of flaming skyscraper and burned for eight hours. That’s about all you could’ve asked of it.

  • Michael B

    Silverstein lost money, so yeah…..

  • Michael B

    Cooper’s “prediction” can be ascribed to the principle of a stopped clock being right at least twice. That Al Qaeda wanted to do America harm was well known in the summer of 2001.

  • Michael B

    If bin Laden had carried out the attack (he did), would there have been an attack? Could it have been blamed on bin Laden? Those facts do nothing to bolster his crazy opinion.

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