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Wikileaks Goes off the Deep End With Gulf of Aden Stargate Claims

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Wikileaks Goes off the Deep End With Gulf of Aden Stargate Claims
Wikileaks is the organization well known to have published a large number of classified documents on the Internet, some of them embarrassing to the governments from which they have been purloined, some of them deadly dangerous to national security and the lives of intelligence assets who have been exposed (1).

Wikileaks has been run by an Australian national and fugitive from justice named Julian Assange (2), currently hiding out in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

One of the most bizarre documents published by Wikileaks concerned an alleged report delivered to President Vladimir Putin by a man identified as Admiral Maksimov, at the time commander of the Russian Northern Fleet. The report, published in Global Intelligence Files, alleges that an “electromagnetic vortex” has opened up in the Gulf of Aden, near the Somali Coast.

Using the cover of fighting Somali pirates, the navies of a number of countries, including the United States, Russia, and China are gathered in the vicinity of the “vortex” to study its nature.

Global Intelligence Files claims that Wikileaks obtained the report from Stratfor (3), a well-known private intelligence group that consults for a number of corporations and governments.

Portal Created by Space Aliens?

Wild speculation exists concerning the “vortex” in an old piece published in the English-language version of Pravda (4).

Is it an interdimensional portal created by space aliens? Was it formed as a result of experiments conducted by the Large Hadron Collider, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or perhaps both at the same time?

Terms like “Stargate,” a reference to the long-running science fiction franchise that used to air on the SyFy Channel, are thrown about with wild abandon. The vortex is said to be causing global warming.

If the entire story seems fanciful, that is because it is. The published document is filled with innuendo and speculation. Even that character of “Admiral Maksimov” is not identified by his first name.

A reference exists in an English-language Russian Navy site (5) of an Admiral Nikolai Maksimov as commander of the Russian Northern Fleet, which generally operates in Arctic waters, though there is also a reference to a Northern Fleet destroyer, the Admiral Chabanenko, on detached duty escorting Russian merchant ships through the Gulf of Aden.

No references exist of any vortex in the Gulf of Aden outside of a number of conspiracy sites and Pravda, which started life as the house organ of the Soviet Communist Party. The Stratfor public site contains no references to a vortex in the Gulf of Aden. Thus, two theories suggest themselves.

stargate portal

Unsolved Mystery

The first theory is that some kind of natural phenomenon exists in the Gulf of Aden that has excited the attention of the world’s navies and, likely, the scientific community. Wild speculation about interdimensional portals, stargates, or something happening because of the Large Hadron Collider can be ascribed to overactive imaginations and the rumor mill that is the Internet.

The other theory is that the stories of the vortex is part of a disinformation campaign being conducted by the Russian FSB, the successor to the Soviet-era KGB. Buttressing this theory is an article recently published on a site called the XX Committee (6) that accuses Wikileaks of being a front for Russian intelligence. Precedents exist, dating to the height of the Cold War, of Russian covert operations of this kind using seemingly independent non-government organizations as front groups.

On the other hand, why on Earth would the FSB or an intelligence organization on the planet peddle such a story? It would seem to serve no purpose except to excite the curiosity of the conspiracy community.

Thus, the origin of the Gulf of Aden story and the truth behind it remains an unresolved mystery.

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  • malik

    ……sigh….the VAST MAJORITY of ‘top secret’ sites or sites geared towards the fringe, are mostly run by SKEPTICS!!

    Case in point; this article, entitled: ‘Wikileaks Goes off the Deep End With Gulf of Aden Stargate Claims’ by Mark Whittington, is written with motive to discredit.

    My question is: What is the point of creating a site to write about all of this stuff if you spend 99.9% of the article, TRASHING the very thing you are writing about??? What is the point, indeed????

    It reminds me of a funny game which my younger sister is, at times, fond of playing. She will be reading, writing, or…doing something. All of a sudden, she exclaims, at the top of her lungs, “Wow”!
    Anybody in close proximity to her, are then, OBVIOUSLY, intrigued as to why she made the big exclamation.
    As everyone waits with baited breath for her to produce a reason for her outburst, she calmly states, “…ohhh Nothing.”
    Now everyone is annoyed that they were taken in by her initial excitement. (The interest fades…more from DISGUST than anything)
    IT’S CALLED ‘CRYING WOLF’ AND I WOULD EXPECT THAT ‘PROFESSIONAL’ WRITERS WOULDN’T BE PRONE TO ENGAGE IN THIS CHILDISH BEHAVIOR…because you have people whom are genuinely interested and you return their taking the time to read the article, with obnoxious behavior.

    ‘Monster Quest’, when it aired, engaged in the same type of annoying behavior. They build the show up to be about a particular cryptid in the first few minutes and then commence discrediting the very subject matter for more than half the show.

    I could name countless other shows and sites that engage in like manner. I believe one show is called ‘Destination Truth’ which I have a particular hatred of — the main guy/adventurer or whatever he wants to call himself, is tongue-in-cheek, snarky, pretentious, and infamously sarcastic to the natives of the countries that he visits, to discover the ‘truth’ of creatures which the native populace have ‘purportedly’ witnessed. Again, the show builds upon this premise that THIS TIME, this team of…ahem…’investigators’ along with their (arrogant and annoying) leader, are FINALLY going to find evidence.
    BIG SURPRISE! They NEVER DO!! Essentially, the viewer is baited the whole way thru, till the show’s anti-climatic ‘let-down’.
    There is no bombshell at the end. No new information. Just a bunch of overly-paid dumb a–es WAISTING THE VIEWERS’ TIME.

    ‘Alien Autopsy’ of the 1990’s, falls under the same vein: 1.Build up expectations
    2.Now that you have their interest firmly in your grasp…commence DISCREDITING!

    Ultimately, these sites and shows, are run by paid disinfo agents. The tactics which they employ for the intent of tearing down the subject matter, is highly consistent throughout the decades with respect to the varying formats, which it is employed under: News sites, fringe sites, documentaries, television shows, ECT et al.

    None of us likes being led on. It’s WRONG in interpersonal relationships..and it’s wrong in journalism.

  • I’ve always believed the opposite actually. For a long time I was very fond of watching ghost hunting shows. What annoyed me about most of them was that the “ghost hunters” would get all excited about every little “orb” — aka dust particle — that cropped up in their photos. They’d freak out about batteries that “mysteriously” ran out of power faster than normal — in dank, cold environments. Suddenly, the show “Ghost Hunters” came along, and I’ll never forget in one episode in particular they had a member of the team – a female college student, well versed in the scientific method – who spent much of her time actually trying to explain the strange phenomenon she was witnessing. In one case her EMF meter went haywire in one particular room, in one particular area. Now — a “believer” would have explained to the TV audience who this MUST represent a ghost presence in the room. And maybe that’s what most believers are tuning in for and WANT to see. However this girl took the time to scan every inch of the room, and was finally able to reproduce the exact behavior every time she came near a particular electrical appliance — finally explaining that the spike was caused by normal electromagnetic radiation emitted by the device. The reason this approach is so much better is because it doesn’t simply try to appeal to the human need to believe. It doesn’t exaggerate or make up a cause or source of a phenomenon without any solid evidence to support it. No — instead this approach uses the scientific method to reveal — wait for it — the TRUTH. And ultimately, TRUTH is what we are after here. It may not always be the answer you’re looking for or the answer that you want, but the beauty of this approach is that it is the fastest path to the TRUTH that you can possibly take.

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