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Mormon Secret: A Business, a Parody or a Jab at the Church?

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Mormon Secret: A Business, a Parody or a Jab at the Church?
Few people can resist some sexy new underwear. A new set of underwear can increase our confidence in more ways than one. But how would you feel if instead of having a Stella McCartney or Victoria’s Secrets label the underwear was labelled as a ‘Mormon’ brand?

Such underwear is available and ready to be bought at a website known as Mormon’s Secret – hardly conducive with sexy, sensual-sounding underwear.

Mormonssecret.com sells a collection of Mormon underwear for both men and women (1). The site sells both tops and bottoms, which are available in a cotton and mesh fabric for men and a cotton/spandex blend for women.

The underwear is the same as the set of underwear Mormons are given to wear during their Endowment ceremony in the Mormon temples. As the Mormon Curtain explains (2), known as ‘garments’, Mormons are led to believe that the items have ‘magical properties’ and can save them from “bullets, fire and accidents.”

The site also describes how Mormons are not allowed to make their own garments and they must buy them from the Mormon Church.

Selling Products

According to the site’s “About” page, Mormon’s Secret is the first and only site in the world to sell real Mormon underwear, which it puts in brackets as (temple garments). The site prides itself on selling such garments to adults, regardless of their religion.

The About page is also keen to boast that for the first time in history, consumers can buy “magical temple garments” without having to join the Mormon church and, somewhat scathingly, giving up 10% of their income in tithes.

“Our goal is to make ‘magical’ underwear available to the masses for use as costume wear, fetish wear, or just your kinky, dress up needs,” states the site.

You might be asking how underwear could possibly be marketed as being Mormon. As the site explains, all of its garments are made using authentic Mormon patterns and heirloom stitching techniques. Traditional Masonic symbols are also hand-sewn onto each of the items.

The site is also keen to highlight the fact that even the garments it sells come packaged in a “satirical yet accurate description of the actual Mormon underwear initiation ritual that includes nudity biblical references, and magical expectations.”

The true objectives behind Mormon’s Secrets are made a little clearer by its founder Ann Jackson, who provides some information about the inspiration behind the site.

Ann Jackson informs visitors that she was raised in the Mormon Church and married as a teenager. Ms Jackson then goes on to say that she is happy to say that she is no longer married and is no longer a Mormon, proudly exclaiming that she is a “soccer mom and an entrepreneur” and “an Ex Mormon.”

salt lake temple

Jabs at Mormon Church

Casting further light that the site is clearly taking jabs at the Mormon Church, the words “Ex Mormon” are hyperlinked to another website, titled “I am an Ex Mormon.”

In what appears to be a celebration of anti-Mormonism, I am an ex Mormon.com shares a collection of stories and videos about those who courageously followed their “own path out of Mormonism” (3).

“We hope that their struggles and accomplishments will help others to have compassion and respect for those who have made this journey,” writes the site.

On Mormon’s Secrets there are a series of FAQs which also suggest that the venture is in fact a dig at the Mormon Church. For example, one of the questions is whether any of the profits go towards the Mormon Church, to which Ann Jackson answers “Heck no!”

When asked why one would wear Mormon underwear if they are not a Mormon, Jackson says for “comfort, humor, the belief in freedom of underwear, if you’re a costume designer for a Mormon mockumentary and if you used to be a Mormon, still love the underwear, but you’re no longer in contact with your supplier,” amongst several other reasons.

Interestingly, Ann Jackson failed to reply when we asked her to comment for this article. What on your thoughts on Mormonssecret.com – a business, parody or complete jab at the Mormon Church?

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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