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Seven Best Sites to Follow World War 3 News and Predictions

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Seven Best Sites to Follow World War 3 News and Predictions
For years, people have been predicting that WWIII is right around the corner.

If you’re looking for World War III news and predictions, then look no further than these seven websites.

A few are dedicated to matching up current events to end times prophecies, while others have a finger on the pulse of volatile world politics and one is dedicated to preparing militias to step up when the time comes (1).

7 Sites

#1 WorldNews

The WorldNews (WN) covers global content and boasts that it is “a global leader in online news, WN Network presents news from more than 800 reputable sources including mainstream providers BBC, CNN, Reuters, Washington Post, etc. to more regional and localized sources The Independent, The New York Times, delivering unparalleled coverage on a vast range of subjects” (2).

The website presents breaking news and the Guardian calls WN, “One of the most powerful search tools for news junkies on the internet…”

#2 EndTime Ministries

The EndTime Ministries’ tagline reads, “Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to Every Person on Earth…Because the Endtime is Now!” This non-profit Christian organization based out of Plano, Texas has 30 employees and worldwide volunteers. The organization through employees and volunteers set up group studies, translations of materials, holds conferences and other events in their ministry outreach efforts (3).

The organization has its own weekly radio and television shows as well as a subscription magazine. The website blog also has articles on current political and religious events, news and prophecies. It also has a specific section Prophecy in the News that examines current events and how they possibly relate to Bible end time prophecies (4).

#3 Prophecy News Report

Prophecy News Report is focused on current news and events that it believes fulfills the Bible prophecy of the second coming of Jesus. That includes the Reserve Currency, environmental disasters and other events deemed signposts of the end of times (5). Also available is a heading titled End Time Events that is an archive of related articles (6).

#4 Militia News

The Militia News isn’t a true World War III website like the EndTimes website, but it does present thought-provoking information and news for anyone seeking WW III telltale signs.

The website states that it has “no affiliation to any political party, race, creed, or religion.” The goal of the website is to inform, promote and train the militia. “We strive to provide news and information in assisting Americans with joining or forming their own organization dedicated to the principles and values as set forth within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States” (7).

uss america

#5 Huffington Post

Huffington Post covers an extensive range of subjects, but also lets you search and review all of the WW III type articles with a brief description about each story. These articles range from 2011 to present day (8). You can also do a word search for WW III and then sort through the articles based on relevance, newest or oldest (9).

#6 Watching America

WatchingAmerica states that it “reflects global opin­ion about the United States, helping Americans and non-Americans alike understand what the world thinks of current issues that involve the U.S. This is done by providing news and views about the United States published in other countries (10).”

Anyone who wishes to prepare themselves for an apocalyptical world or simply wishes to be prepared for any type of threatening situation can find information. There’s a section dedicated to Preparatory Training and Measures (11).

#7 Natural News

Natural News covers current events and according to the website “Natural News stories are frequently copied and posted by other, alternative news organizations.” The website boasts “Over 30,000 unique domains currently link in to Natural News, including thousands of university and government domains” (12).

The website covers a wide range of topics with frequent stories on current global events, such as Russian warplanes dropping ordnances on Syria in October 2015 and the Russian newspaper’s (Komsomolskaya Pravda) prediction of the US being drawn into WW III by the end of 2015.

As you can see, there are many ways to get news about WWIII and what might happen when the next world war breaks out.

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  • tikibam

    First of all, no one should get their current news from internet sources , unless they are informed in context and history of events being covered today., preferably in at least one other language. The current crop of cackling congress members are on C-spann reciting the same garbage of Russia meddling. This convenient distraction protects the crimes of Israel with their meddling in every election. It also shows how many people continue to protect Hillary and the horrendous crimes behind her policies that have killed tens of thousands of innocent people.

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